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Part 21: Is it a dream or not?

Heyo Twistinians I’m back. So this part will be a sequence of all the couples at the same time. Get ready for some cute moments with a twist or maybe it isn’t one at all.

The next day the four couples woke up earlier to get ready for their marriage but they didn’t know that something is going to happen which will change their lives forever.

All four girls were wearing red wedding dress, all blouses were off shoulder with a combo of green and gold or blue and silver, they all looked stunning in their dresses but the guys couldn’t differenciate between the girls. The guys took a hand of one of the girls, they tried to say that their are engaged to their brothers but the guys didn’t pay any attention to the girls.
Then they sat down and the padit started to chant the wedding ritual, the girls were trying to save themselves but no use as the hold of the guys was strong. Soon the girls were married to someone else than the guy they love. So the couples were  Gauri-Aryaan(GaurYaan), Ishana-Shivaay(IshVaay), Saumya-Om(OmYa) and Anika-Rudra(AniRu). The guys looked happy while the girls were crying over their fate.
“No this can’t be happening!” The girls screamed at the same time.

Meanwhile the boys were screaming at the same time as the girls, alerting the elders, who came running to their rooms, while saying, that they should come to the living room

The scene in the living room between the elders and young adults
“What happened ShivIka, RuMya, IshYaan and RiKara?” Dadi asked and all of them replied back: “I had a nightmare where I got married to to someone else.”
“So who did you get married to Anika?” ASK asked.
“To Rudra!” Anika answered back.
“What about you all?” Tej asked, so all of them replied back at same time, while the elders smirked and said: “this is because you all are stressed and nervous about your marriage!”
“Really, so our brides won’t get exchanged?” The boys asked and all elders said one word and that was a yes. They all talked for a while, the elders aloud the couples to share a room as they are going to get married in a few hours.
End of the scene

The couples went upstairs to different rooms as the mansion was enormous everyone found a perfect room to be with their beloved ladies respectively with their beloved gents. ShivIka went sleep while hugging eachother as they were tired.

Meanwhile the other three couples were watching an horror movie as they couldn’t sleep. Rudra was scared whenever a scary part would come while Saumya was trying to calm him down. Gauri was scared of the movie, so she was constantly hugging Om, while IshYaan weren’t scared at all and they were actually enjoying the movie a lot. Soon they all fell asleep after the movie ended.

The copyright of this story belongs to me.

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