Jeena hai sirf tere liye Part 20: Haldi ki swagat!

Part 20: Haldi ki swagat!

Hola Twistinians are you ready for the new part of this story?

Do listen to this song up there??whilst reading this part as it is so mind blowing?

Soon the haldi ceremony started for the four couples, at first they started with RiKara and ShivIka as they knew, how these two couples are desparate to spend some romantic time with eachother. At first dadi went to both bride grooms, while she applied the haldi paste on them, then she went to both brides and applied the same paste from the groooms on them, so on it continued, untill the last person came, did the same thing and then these four people were allowed to leave the place.

At first ShivIka’s scene
“Anika, I want you right now!” Shivaay said, while he was checking out his own wife and she was smirking, because she knew, what her husband wanted and she will give it to him after pulling his leg for a while.
“But I don’t want you Shivaay!” She said, whilst she shocked her husband to the core.
“What?” He asked her, while making Rudra’s cry baby face.
“You are just like your brother a cry baby!” Anika said.
“Haww, I won’t talk to you Anika!” He sadly said and Anika hugged him from behind, while making his clothes full of haldi from behind, because she was hugging him very tightly and she said, before she passionately kissed him: “I love you Shivaay, please never ever leave me!”
After they broke the kiss, he said lovingly and before hugging her from behind: “I will never ever leave you Anika, because I can’t live a day without you as you’re my heartbeat and I your soul, we may be two bodies but we are one soul, which is connected to our bodies.”
She had tears of happiness of her eyes and he kissed all tears away and he said to her: “it breaks my heart, when my jaan is crying!”
“I’m not crying Shivaay, because these are the tears of joy, because you love me a lot more than I can think of!” Then both of them went to their rooms to get a shower.
End of their scene

secondly RiKara’s scene
“Teri adhaoon ne mujhe gajal kar diya, maan karta hai tujhe dekhte reh jaoon(Your attitude makes me flat, I wish that I could just look at you).”  Omkara said to an angry Gauri and she said: “You are such an flirt Mr. Jatadhari Hippie!”
“Oho meri Dabaang Jaan, I love you so much!” He said lovingly, after he captured her lips for a while and they were having an deep eyelook.
“Omkara this kiss was so out of the world, I loved it a lot!”
“Aww, baby, we can do this right now!” He said with full of naughtiness.
“Chi, you are a pervert, we can kiss eachother after marriage but not like this, hey shankaar ji please forgive us for our mistake!” She said.
“Paagli!” He smilingly said and then both of them went to their rooms to wash of the haldi.
End of their scene

meanwhile the haldi of IshYaan and RuMya
These two couples were getting “tortured” by their families, they were wishing that the ceremony will finish as soon as possible, which actually did happen and they ran, which was hilarious for the family members.
“They are so despo for their world of romance!” Arnav said and Sahil naughtily replied back: “No, papa, I think that you’re desperate to romance my mom!”
“What the!” Arnav said, before he was running after his naughty son but the love guru of all the couples.
End of the scene

Thirdly RuMya’s scene
They went to the kitchen and started to make their protein shake, which they will drink after they have worked out in the personal gym.
“I love you Saums!” Rudra said out of the box and Saumya looked at him like why the hell did you say that.
“What’s wrong with you Rudra?” She asked him and he answered back: “I can’t wait for our marriage my sweetheart, I just would love to hug you  right now, but I won’t because, we both are full of haldi!” Rudra said without a break.
“It’s okay Ruds, we can hug eachother as much as we want after our marriage!” She said and he asked: “sacchi?”
“Mucchi!” She said laughingly, because of his cuteness.
“Yippie!” He said before they went to their rooms, to wash off the haldi.
End of their scene

At last but not at least IshYaan’s scene
“Aryaan soon you will be mine!” Ishana said happily and he answered back: “and you will be mine, my posessive princess!”
“Am I really your princess?” She asked him, while she was making confused faces, then he pulled her closer while holding her closer and then he naughtily said, before kissing her sweetly on her cheek: “nope, you are the mother of my soon-to-be-princess!”
“Besharam insaan(pervert).” She said, while she was softly punching his chest.
“Sirf tere liye(only for you).” He said, after kissing her forehead.
“I love you my Mr. Arrogant!” She said, before she smashed her lips onto his.
After they broke their kiss, they went to their rooms to take a shower.
End of their scene


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