Jeena hai sirf tere liye Part 19: Mehendi racha ke rakhne!

Part 19: Mehendi racha ke rakhne!

Hey Twistinians I’m back with this story and I will go with a flow, so it can end whenever it’s the right time.

Dedicated to my lovely sis SejalAli0 as she desserves it and she is my partner in crime of writting Mujhko Barsaat bana lo!

It was night everyone was sleeping peacefully except for ShivIka as they were thinking about eachother and they desparetely wanted to meet eachother. So both of them were checking, if KSK respectively ASK were sleeping, when they saw that they were in a deep sleep, they sneaked out of the room to meet eachother in the gardan.

ShivIka’s scene in the garden
“Anika, I missed you so much!” Shivaay said, while he was looking at her with a lot of love.
“I missed you too Shivaay!” She said, while she looked at him.
“Anika, I’m the happiest man alive, because I have the most beautiful woman in my life and I want to spend my entire life with you. He said romantically to his darling wife, who was blushing a lot as the words came out his mouth.
“I love the beauty of you as it’s so special, it isn’t only from the outside, but from the inside as well and it is so enchanting that anyone can fall for you.” He said with imense love, soon they both were so lost in the moment, that they didn’t realize that they were kissing with a lot intensity and passion, he was holding her by her waist, while she was holding the collar of his shirt. Soon they broke apart and Anika said: “Shivaay we have to go to our rooms, before my parents realize that we both are missing.”
“Okay, lets go!” He said, then they slowly went through a door of an hidden corridor, they reached to their rooms without anyone hearing their footsteps, then they laid down and sleep had over taken them.
End of their scene

The next day everyone woke up, some stylists came to dress up the girls for their mehendi function and then for the haldi function at night as well.

Anika’s hair was curled, they made a messy bun out of it and pinned some pins with white flowers into her hair. She looked very beautiful as the hairstyle suits her.

They braided Ishana’s hair into fistail with some glittery pins in her hair, she looked very pretty just like an angel.

Gauri’s hair was left open as they had curled it, some of the hair was brought in the front and some were left on her back. She looked outstanding, every guy would fall for her.

Saumya’s hair tied in an updo, which suited her a lot, she was blushing a lot as she knew that Rudra will fall flat, when he will see her.

Then Khushi came with Chandni and Swetlana to bring all the brides to be down, while some of the guests were stunned to see all 4 beauties and the others were gossiping about the grooms and brides as well as about their family.

The mehendi ceremony begann both hands of Gauri were getting done at first with traditional indian design as she wanted her hands to be done like that and on one finger the name of Omkara was written very beautifully.

The second bride to get the mehendi done was Saumya as she already knew, what she wanted as the design for both of her hands. The design was flowery and in the middle of one of her hand was written Rudra, because it was a little bit small and he won’t find it that easily.

Then it was Anika’s turn, because she wanted an heart in the middle of right hand in that heart, it was written I love you my billu ji urf Shivaay and the rest of her hands had flowery patterns on it.

At last but not at least it was Ishana’s turn. She wanted an unusual style, because she wanted hers to be diffferent than the others, near her fingers, there was a flying bird and in that bird the name of Aryaan was written.

Soon the cremony ended and in the afternoon they all had their haldi rasam with a lot…..

The copyright of this story belongs to me?

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