Jeena hai sirf tere liye Part 17: The engagement!

Part 17: The engagement!

Hella my dear Twistinians today is the engagement of all our khidkitodh couples❤️

So all of them woke up early as they needed to get ready for the engagement. As soon as they were ready they went downstairs where the family, guest ans the media was waiting for them.

So the engagement started everyone of them exchanged the rings except for the married couple, who were just enjoying the engagement a lot. PiHil were making the elders laugh, while entertaining them with some pictures of the all the couples. So after the engagement was done O’Bros wanted to spend some time with their princesses. So when no one was looking theey went to their respective partners and took them to a room.

ShivIka’s scene
“Leave me Shivaay!” Anika yelled at Shivaay, while he was pulling her towards him!”
“No, I won’t!” He said sweetly.
“Why?” She asked him and he answered back: “because I want to spend some quality time with my neautiful lady!”
“Oh really Mr. Unromatic Singh Oberoi!”
“Yes, Mrs. Khidkitodh Singh Oberoi!” He said.
“Aww!” She said.
“What do you mean by Aww?” He asked her and she replied back while hitting her forehead with one of her hands: “idiot, I was awwing you, but you didn’t realize it!”
“Sorry Jaanu!” He said seriously, then she started to laugh like a maniac and said: “I was just joking!”
“Oh, now you are gone Anika!” He said with an fake anger.
“Catch me if you can Shivaay!” She said, while she was running. She was still running, but Shivaay didn’t move an inch and caught a hold of her, while pulling her towards and he kissed her passionatly. They were so lost in eacthoer that they didn’t notice Dadi coming towards them.
End of their scene

Meanwhile RiKara’s scene
“Om what are you doing?” Gauri asked him.
“Nothing!” He replied back to her.
“Liar!” She said and he said: “I’m not an liar and I hate lying!”
“Oh really, so why are we here Mr. Jatadhari Hippie Singh Oberoi?”
“Because I wanted to spend some time with you!” He naughtilly said.
“This naughtiness doesn’t suit you, but it suits Rudra the most!” She said and he sadly asked her: “Really?”
“Yes my bebu!” She replied back, they were engrossed in teasing eachother that they didn’t notice Tej coming towards them.
End of their scene

RuMya’s scene
They were calling eachother: “Cry baby and Sumo!”
“You are unberable!” Saumya said and he replied back: “no, you are!”
“But I love you!” Both said at the same time, then they started laughing. Soon an idea struck our intelligent Rudy and he started hitting her with a pillow. Then she started to hit him with a pillow too, so they had a small pillow fight, some teasing, laughing and talking, but they didn’t notice that KSK was nearby.
End of the scene

IshYaan + ArShi + PriVeer + SwetNak and ChanBhir’s scene
So these couple ended up in the same room, so they all looked at eachother with shocked expressions.
“What are you doing here?” Arnav asked the others and all the men replied back: “we wanted to spend some time with our ladies!”
“Same here!” Arnav said making Khushi blush a lot. They all were talking about random things, so they didn’t notice that the elders were nearby.
End of their scene

This story belongs to me, if you try to copy paste it I will break your fingers??

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  1. Fenil

    Sam palangtod Chappy.
    Sorry janu Shivaay ne bola bahut hasi aayi…Dadi.
    Arguing RiKara…Tej.
    Pillow fight RuMya…KSK.
    IshYaan PriVeer ArShi ChaBir in same room…hahaha
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot bhaiyu??

    Dear AMkideewani
    ShivIka Scene And Conv? ShivIka Moment? RiKara Conv? Gauri Tease Om?? RuMya Conv And Their Cute Fight? Now All Couple Is Gone? Elders Surely Take Their Good Class?? It’s Cute Part??????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a ton dear????

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

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    It’s awesome, dear…

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