Jeena hai sirf tere liye Part 16: Punishment on my mind!

Part 16: Punishment on my mind!

A warm welcome my dear Twistians to a new part of this story, everyone has their own punishment on their minds or do they have something else on their minds? This chapter is dedicated to raksha104 and to BlissLv

Shivaay’s pov
“Oh god I have to drink his Saira Bhanu, bada walla raita pheil gaya!” Anika said to herself and I was laughing at her, so she said to me: “I will laugh at you after listening to your horrible singing skills!”

“Panika!” I said with a fake anger and she said: “hey don’t you dare spoil my khidkitodh beautiful name Bhagad bila!”
“Hey, you are spoiling my name and I just said the truth as you always throw water on my handsome face!” I said.
“Hahaha, you and handsome!” She laughed at me. I went towards her, took her hand and puled her towards me, causing us to fall down onto the bed, she was on top of me and I was still holding her hand, I came near to her face and lovingly kissed her beautiful pink lips and they tasted like cherry’s, because of her lipbalm.
“Ahem!” “Ahem!” My three sisters were standing at the door with closed eyes making us both blush like idiots.

“Are you finished romancing bhabhi?” An irritated Chandni asked me and I replied back: “I wasn’t romancing that chudhail.” “Splash!” She threw a full jar of water on my face and I heard my sisters laughing at me, I looked at them and smirked as I actually had a plan for my punishment, I know dadi will stop these punishments straight away, if I do that. So we all went to eat our breakfast and Anika had to drink my Espresso, I already miss it as it’s my first love. Anika was making faces, while she was drinking it, I couldn’t stop myself and started to laugh at her weird expressions, she looked at me like she was ready to murder me, but everyone was laughing at her, because she looked funny, while
End of her pov

The punishments’ scene
All were doing their punishments wrongly except for Shivaay. He started to sing Banjaara ko ghar, Raabta, Tere hone laga hoon and Tujhko jo paya with his aweful voice. Then he changed to the song Shape of you, but he wasn’t singing but only moving his mouth, no notice it except for when the song changed to Ban ke titli dil uda. Dadi angrilly looked at Shivaay, while he gulped his Saliva down. “Everyone will come to my room right now!” Dadi shouted scaring the others, except for Shivaay as he knew, what dadi will do now.
End of the scene

Dadi’s anger on everyone scene
Everyone went to Dadi’s room and she fake angrilly said: “you all are good for nothing, really you all are useless!”
“Dadi what did we do?” Rudra asked her and she answered back, shocking RuMya: “when no one was looking at you, you made your and Saumya’s protein drink, then both of you drank it!”
Dadi started to tell the stories of everyone: “Anika always threw away the Espresso’s whenever no one looked at her!”

“RiKara couldn’t stay away from eachother, so they used to meet eachother in the garden!”
“IshYaan, didn’t do their work properly, so they were in contact with eachother trough bluetooth!”
“In the beginning Shivaay was singing and then he stopped and only opened his mouth, but no voice came out of it!”
“Khushi was secretly eating her jelebi’s and Arnav was secretly using his What the!”
“So I have decided to get rid of the punishment, but I’m warning you guys, if somethingh like that happens the next time I will throw you guys out of the house!” Dafi dangerously said and the elders agreed with her.
“You can go back to your rooms and make the arrangements for the engagement, which will be held tomorrow.” Dadi said and the everyone went to their rooms to do their arrangements like dadi told them to do it.
End of the scene

The copyright of this story belongs to me only?

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