Jeena hai sirf tere liye Part 15: Dhamaka Punishments!

Part 15: Dhamaka Punishments!

Lets enjoy the next part, shall we my Twistinians. This chapter is dedicated to Dhruvika_Naik

The scene starts with the elders angrilly staring at their young couples
“Ahem!” “Ahem!” The elders interrupted the romance of the young ones, the couples blushed and they shyly looked down. “Oh my mata, what’s wrong with you guys, do you want to be parents before marriage?” Pinky “angrilly” asked all the couples except for ArShi, PriVeer, SwetNak and ChanBhir, making them all shocked and their mouths were wide open. “Pinky is right!” Dadi said. “My cool dadi, what are you saying?” Rudra asked her, while he made his well known cry baby face trying to make them all say aww, but his plan failed as dadi’s “anger” grew till it was at the peak. “What about punishing all of them?” TejVi, KSK and ASK asked dadi, making all the youngsters gulp. “That’s a good idea!” Dadi said evilly.
End of the scene

ArShi’s punishment announcement by KSK
“So I have decided that Arnav can’t say “what the” for a whole week.” “What the!” Arnav said, so KSK changed it and said: “now you can’t say it for a whole month!” Arnav wanted to say it again, but KSK interrupted him and said: “if you say it again, you can say alvida to it forever!”
“So now to my dear daughter-in-law Khushi, you can’t eat Jelebis for a whole week!” “But papa ji!” “No but vuts and now I’m extending your punisment for a whole month!” “And you aren’t aloud to say that you are the Jelebi Bhai of this house!” He said shocking everyone except for the elders.
“Thank god dad, you said that or she would annoy us all with her Jelebi bhai or Sheila ki jaawani song.” Arnav said happily and as a return gift he received a deadglare from Khushi.
End of the punishment announcement

ShiVika’s punishment announcement by Dadi
“So lets start with you Shivaay, you are not aloud to step into the kitchen and cook and drink your Espresso for a whole week, but your pinishment starts now, you have sing any Bollywood song for the coming week and I know that you have awefull voice, so the rest has to cover their ears!” Dadi said, while Shivaay was sadly pouting.
“Hahahha dadi you rock!” Anika said, because she had forgotten that she is going to be punished as well.
“So now to you Anika, your punishment will be you have to drink Espresso for a whole week and cook food for us all!”
“What dadi, I can’t drink his Saira Bhanu!” “Anika, it’s Espresso and not Saira Bhanu!” Shivaay corrected her and she replied back: “yeah, yeah it’s the same!” “No, it’s not!” “Shut up Stone Singh Oberoi!” She said. “You should shut up Panika!” “Hey, don’t ruin my name!” “Shut up both of you!” dadi said.
End of the punishment announcement

SwetNak, PriVeer and ChanBhir’s punishment announcement by Tej
“You six won’t get punished as you all are innoncent and it is surely Rudra’s idea to do these kind of stupidity!” Tej said, making these six happy, because it will be fun to see these all doing their tasks.
End of the announcement

IshYaan’s punishment announcement by ASK
“At first I will start with you Ishana as I’m very dissappointed with you, so you have to change your job with Aryaan for two months, that means no designing of clothes for you young lady!” ASK said, with an angry voice, while innerly she was dancing and IshYaan were shocked to the core.
“Aryaan beta, you will be designing clothes for now on till two months after that you will be a businesman again and Ishana will be a fashion designer.” “Okay mom!” Ishana sadly said
End of the announcement

RiKara’s punisment announcement by Jhanvi
“You both are restricted to meet eachother, until you guys get engagemet, have your sangeet and get married.” Jhanvi said in a strict tone. RiKara’s face was pale, because of the 440 volt of shock, that they have received. “Okay!” Both sadly said.
End of the announcement

Now at last but not at least RuMya’s punishment announcement by ShInky
“You both aren’t aloud to drink your protein shakes for two weeks as well as going to the gym, because you both will help in the housework!” Shakti said. “That will be you excercise from
Now on!” Pinky said evilly.
“What the/Fhat the wuck!” RuMya shouted at the same time and everyone was laughing at Mr. And Mrs. Protein Shake.
End of the announcement

From the next part their punishments will start, lets see, who can deal with it successfully.

The copyright of this story belongs to me

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