Jeena hai sirf tere liye Part 13: Shopping romance!

Part 13: Shoping romance

Heya Twistinians I’m sorry for being late with this story, really sorry was busy in college and had an idea for a new story!

The next day everyone woke up early as the women wanted to go for out for shopping the poor men had to go with them to hold their bags. They went to the mall as it was nearby.

Shivika’s scene
“Shivaay I love this shop, let’s go in there!” “Whatever my Jhansi ki rani wants!” “What did you say?” She angrilly asked him as she heard what he said. “Nothing baby!” He said scaredly. 2 hours, 3 hours and 4 hours, but unfortunatly for Shivaay as he has to wait for Anika, he was looking around for dress and he found one for the engagement, for the mehendi, for the haldi, for the sangeet and for the wedding. He went to Anika and gave her a pile of dresses.





And finally the wedding dress–428
“Wow you look so beautiful!” Shivaay said, while he came closer to her as he was mesmerized seeing her in the wedding dress, she went backwards, until she couldn’t and he took the opportunity and kissed her cheek.
End of their scene

ArShi’s scene
They were chilling as Khush had already decided what she is going to wear at the weddings. They were enjoying her fav Jelebies, he was feeding her lovingly. She accidently bit his finger and he shouted in pain. “Owww!” “I’m sorry my dullu!” She said lovingly, he looked at her and was lost in her lovely eyes.
End of their scene

At the same time Sahil and his girlfried Pihu were enjoying their ice creams and watching the romance between the couples ShiVika and ArShi.


RiKara’s scene
“Gauri I found some dresses for you!” Omkara said. “Then give them to me Om!” “Only if you accept a condition of mine!” “What condition!” “You have to kiss me on my lips!” “Okay I will do it!” As she had a naughty thought, he closed his eyes, she came closer, took the dresses of him and kissed his cheek.




Wedding dress–239?ici=MORE_LIKE_THESE_mo&icn_term=recommend_09_17_2017#forward
He was lost in her beauty as she looked so stunning. “I would love to marry you right now!” He said, making her blush.
End of their scene

At the same time IshYaan’s scene
They were fighting as well as flirting with eachother, while they were looking for clothes as Ishana is very fussy about the clothes selection.

Engagement dress–9?ici=MORE_LIKE_THESE_mo&icn_term=recommend_09_17_2017#forward

Mehendi dress–56

Haldi dress

Sangeet dress–6347#forward

Wedding dress–391?ici=MORE_LIKE_THESE_mo&icn_term=recommend_09_17_2017#forward
“Beautiful!” That’s the only word that came out of Aryaan’s mouth!”
End of their scene

And at last but not at least RuMya’s scene
They were busy in shopping and he was helping her into selecting the dresses as she likes his choice a lot, so she went to try them on.

Engagement dress–2/designs/orange-embroidered-net-semi-stitched-lehenga-with-dupatta-lehenga-choli–5?ici=MORE_LIKE_THESE_mo&icn_term=recommend_09_17_2017

Mehendi dress–2/designs/orange-embroidered-net-semi-stitched-lehenga-choli-with-dupatta-lehenga-choli–2?ici=MORE_LIKE_THESE_mo&icn_term=recommend_09_17_2017

Haldi dress–2?ici=MORE_LIKE_THESE_mo&icn_term=recommend_09_17_2017q

Sangeet dress

Wedding dress–538?ici=MORE_LIKE_THESE_mo&icn_term=recommend_09_17_2017#forward
“You look so hot my princess!” He said while he looked at her lovingly. “Rudra, if you will keep staring at me like this, we will do something wrong before our marriage!” She shyly said.
End of their scene

All the couples plus the elders met in the restaurant Bombay palace, they were having a great time with a lot of flirting, blushing and being shy infront of the elders except for Sahil and his Pihu, they were flirting openly making everyone shocked and their mouths were wide open.

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