Jeena hai sirf tere liye Part 12

Part 12

Heya my sweet Twistinians are you ready for the next part?

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So RuMya and IshYaan have confessed their feelings as well as RiKara. Our cupid Sahil was the happiest person in the whole universe.

The whole family’s scene
They were fighting with eachother with water and flour, both of them looked like ghosts, but the family was enjoying watching them, so they were eating popcorn, sweets and were drinking ginger ale. They were loving it to the core and were laughing like hell. “It’s your fault Anika!” “No, it’s your fault Mr. SSO!” “No, it’s yours!” “No!” “Yes!” “No!” “Stop it yes and no ki dukaan!” Sahil shouted at them both. They looked up and saw the whole family laughing at them, they both got embaressed. Anika was trying to clean up the mess that they have created, she was sweeping the floor, but before that she slipped, she was going to fall, at the nick of time Shivaay saved her, she opened her eyes and they had an deep eyelook. “Are you alright?” He asked her with full of concern and she answered back: “yes, I am thanks!” Their faces were getting closer, everyone closed their eyes, Arshi closed Sahil’s eyes, until Rudra came between them and they kissed his cheeks. “Fhat the wuck Rudy!” “Don’t you guys have a room to romance?” Rudra asked making them even more embaressed, the family laughed at them whole heartedly. “I have decided to get ShivIka, IshYaan, RuMya and RiKara married!” Dadi announced, all the couples were shocked as well as happy. “That’s a good idea!” KSK said. “So we should get the date fixed asap.” Jhanvi said. “I will call our family pandit!” Arnav said. ShivIka went upstairs to wash out the flour on their hair, face and clothes.
End of the scene

Omkara’s pov
“Dadi can I design the wedding invitation cards?” “Yeah sure, your designs are always unique and beautiful.” Dadi said. “Oh my mata, we have to go shopping!” Pinky said. “No!” All the males said. All the females said double loudly then the males: “yes!” “Tomorrow at 9am, we will gou to shop clothes.” Dadi said. We guys weren’t to happy at all, but what to do.
End of his pov

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