Jee Le zara…. Swaragini (ragsan)part 30

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“you are again lost….I know you will only say ‘marriage tension’ like other 29 times when I asked you… what happened… tell me atleast what’s nagging you”rachna asked a lost ragini worried umpteenth time.”nothing”ragini tried composed in her approach but rachna sighed raising her hands in surrender.”come on we are in flight,we will reach Kolkata soon, day after tomorrow is your engagement… come on if anything is bothering you tell me”rachna insisted for the last time.
everyone was sitting with grave expression, kanav looked at everyone confused.”why are we sitting silently like we are planning some conspiracy”kanav said irritated by the spooky silence while swara on laptop chuckled saying”I think the same”. the maheshwaris and they were video chatting along the gadodias.”so pandit ji said there is wedding date in next 15days or after 1year so we have to decide”Annapurna said seriously while sujatha smiled excited saying”so jeeji we will do their marriage in these 15 days kanav’s study also won’t be affected due to winter break… and engagement muhurat is also really auspicious”to which kanav hugged his dad happily.ragsan felt really nervous seeing everything happening really fast.
ragini bit her nails thinking”does sanskar loves me?aunty also said it… when I see his eyes I can feel his pure feelings but do I deserve him?am I worthy of him?”. sanskar felt joyous hearing the wedding date but something striked his mind”I feel ethereal even hearing that they will stay with me what will happen when they actually live with me…I will get mad with happiness but something is amiss….oh…I didn’t confessed my love to her… but what will she think…arrggh let her think whatever she wants I am just going to propose her before marriage… but how and when?!”.
the next day they took flight for Kolkata.
“why are you biting your nails… boys bravely confess their love come on man confess it”Karthik patted sanskar’s hand smiling brightly who in turn widened his eyes hearing him.”everyone knows they can see your love, don’t be shocked”Karthik said casually while sanskar schooled his expression.
“rachna I am worried… will he accept me…I mean I don’t think I deserve his ragini gave in to rachna’s plea to get some peace of mind.rachna looked at her horrified but composed saying” are you stupid? how could you think like this… you of course deserve him… actually he is lucky to get you… come on you realize that he loves you then why are you making stupid excuses to run away from your love”. ragini sighed speaking in deep voice”I fear… what if…I loose him… what if this love blinds me…. again.. what if I loose him just like I have been unlucky last time…. what if this love destroys our happy life.. what if”, rachna cut her keeping hand on her hand supporting her who was at verge of tears.rachna pacified her” ragini we face many what ifs in our lives but we can not know it if we don’t take a step ahead…we can’t live in this fear and stagnate our lives… just because of this fear you can’t let him go… this situation is not like the last time.. this is sanskar…. whenever I see him I can see the promise and commitment in his eyes.. to stay beside you forever”. ragini looked at her innocently while rachna nodded continuing”you don’t need to hide your feelings because of your fear… just hold his hand and I assure you he won’t let you down… you have also fallen in love… don’t be scared for anything.. just accept it and say him about how you feel”. ragini nodded at her understanding her point, she kept her head on rachna’s shoulder who caressed her hair lovingly while ragini felt relief rush through her getting advice from her.
“I will tell her in the engagement”sanskar smirked thinking getting down from the plane.
“mumma we have to do a lot of shopping, it’s just one day left”kanav squeaked happily while ragsan chuckled.
all reached baadi where the lady gang was ready for shopping.”sanskar beta you also have to come with us for shopping”Annapurna said while sanskar nodded.kanav was being stuffed food by all his relatives.”papa”he asked for help pouting sadly while sanskar lifted him running around rescuing him from others who followed him excited.ragini came freshening up and looked at the scene sweetly shocked.
the house was a blunder but filled with joy and laughter.”caught you”pari and swara stood before sankanav while Annapurna and Sumi behind them.sankanav smiled awkwardly and sanskar pulled ragini in front of them for rescue.ragini looked at everyone dangerously who gave her a pleading look but she didn’t budged making everyone pout sadly and go away.sankanav hugged ragini seeing no one beside,”you are the best mumma”kanav chuckled while sanskar lost himself in her sweet fragrance.
“mumma this”kanav forwarded her a peach colored lehenga while sanskar smiled brightly showing his likeliness.ragini looked at both of them excitedly while others looked at them with a teasing look.”ragini finally you got a lehenga which matches your boys choice”kavya teased ragini smirking at sanskar who blushed profusely.
“this one”ragsan exclaimed at same time showing different clothes to kanav who held his head seeing their contrasting choices.”kanav will wear this” both flared their noses like bulls ready to fight while swara said admiring them”awww even your fight shows love” making ragsan turn silent while ragini tucked her hair behind her hears and sanskar caressed his neck blushing.”how’s this one?”kanav held a sherwani in front of both who smiled nodding.”you will look so cute in it”ragini pulled kanav’s cheeks while sanskar shook his head saying”no not cute but handsome”. ragini gave him a glare which he returned back and both turned around smirking.
” smiling so much”rachna teased ragini.”I realized it rachna…I love him.. yes I love him… when we were also felt so cute…yes I love him”ragini twirled around on the roof taking rachna along with her who giggled looking at her.”but when will he propose? should I do it?”ragini asked nervously smiling.rachna pulled her chin saying”my fierce tigeress could turn into such a scared cat I didn’t thought… but it’s love dear that turns your life… wait for tomorrow if he doesn’t proposes tomorrow then you propose him”. ragini smiled side hugging her while she felt joyous thinking of tomorrow.

“kanav you are looking really handsome”sanskar said when gadodias reached mm for engagement.he tried to take a sneak peek at ragini but kavya and rachna had her covered to tease him.”don’t worry papa intezaar ka phal meetha hota hai”kanav pulled his cheeks seeing him desperate.”badmash”sanskar tickled hugging him.
sanskar was sitted on his seat on stage when ragini descended down the stairs looking like an angel in her peach lehenga (diya’s engagement look which I think I don’t need to explain). sanskar was looking at her continuously sense less , mesmerized by her sweet smile which reached her eyes, ragini blushed feeling his gaze on her while sanskar smirked seeing his effect on her even from far.”close your mouth or flies will enter”kanav teased him closing his mother and got down from his lap to give hand to ragini to get on stage with her heavy attire.ragini smiled at kanav who took her to stage giving a proud look to everyone who adored him.”you look beautiful”sanskar mustered his courage to say this to her who bent her head down goffily smiling.
“now it’s dance time for groom and bride”kanav exclaimed clapping being the host.ragsan looked at each other shy but kanav pulled their hands pouting.
sapna Jahan plays in the background
sanskar kept hand on her waist sending shivers down her spine while he himself felt butterflies in pit of his stomach.they looked at each other silently while their eyes talked a million things.he saw a warmth in her eyes today and felt more in love with her.ragini looked at his love filled eyes emotionally with tears brimming her eyes.sanskar shook his head in no and smiled at her asking her to smile who smiled at him.they were lost in each other while everyone looked at them awestruck by this heavenly couple’s chemistry.
“ouch…my sandals broke”ragini said holding his shoulder more tightly.sanskar lifted her by waist twirling her and didn’t let her feet touch the ground.ragini felt overwhelmed by emotions seeing his concern for her.sanskar took her in his embrace and cooed her.the music stopped and the hall burst out with thunder of claps.sanskar smiled at her and took her to the stage in his embrace sitting her on the sofa.kanav hugged sanskar saying”I am really happy that you care mumma so much…I will say maasi to get another pair of sandals for mumma”.he moved towards ragini caressing her cheeks “mumma don’t get too emotional with these small gestures because papa will give you all happiness so you can’t cry all the time”.
“ragini I…I..”sanskar whispered to her but kavya interrupted them while both ragsan cursed her for her timing.she went away after clicking picture with them while sanskar got to his confession again while ragini blushed profusely.”ragini I want to say that i”sanskar was disturbed by sujatha who came with rings on the stage smiling brightly.”now they will make each other wear the rings”kanav exclaimed excited.ragsan got up looking sad that he didn’t confessed.sanskar held her gently indicating he will keep her with utmost care while ragini blinked her eyes taking which sanskar slid the ring in her finger,it signified that he will always keep her choice first and foremost.ragini smiled through her glassy eyes looking at her finger while sanskar blinked asking her not to cry.ragini took the ring with her heart in her throat accepting the new relationship and promising to fulfil it.ragini trembled in nervousness but sanskar kept his hand on hers supporting her who looked at him confident feeling his support.ragini finally slid the ring in his finger while both admired the perfectly fitted rings in their hands and their entwined hands made for each other.
the function ended but sanskar wasn’t able to confess his love disappointing ragini and himself.ragini went giving a sad look to sanskar who held kanav taking him to the car.”papa I am so happy you and mumma got engaged”kanav kissed his cheek and went from there while sanskar waved till their car disappeared.sanskar pouted sadly while ragini thought something determined.
“come out”a voice disturbed his sleep and he went down where the whole family moved outside looking at each other confused.laksh and adarsh held bats fearing a goon outside.maheshwaris reached out and were shocked seeing the scene.

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