Jee Le zara…. Swaragini (ragsan) part 37

hi guys so I should hurry up.
And this is for Nive as she asked especially for ragsan so it has just ragsan.

ragsan looked at each other breaking their intense liplock.ragini looked at him with heat rising up her cheeks.sanskar felt his cheeks turn scarlet with the heat he experienced just now.they smiled sweetly and calmed themselves breathing softly.
“sanskar where are you taking me?”ragini twisted her lips in annoyance to his silence.”you remember you promised dadi to drop me home before sunrise”.
sanskar gave her a mischievous smile as he stopped the car.ragini furrowed her brows stepping out.she looked at him puzzled as he beamed looking at…..”baraat?whose baraat is this?”ragini asked to which he pulled her towards the people dancing crazily to the tune of dhol.”I don’t know…. just enjoy…dance… be a part of happiness”sanskar whispered in her ears as they reached the baraat who were too engaged to notice their entrance.sanskar started grooving with the energy near enthralling him.ragini stood like a statue not able to decide what to do, to dance in a stranger’s wedding or just leave but seeing sanskar loosing himself in enjoying the dance she also raised her hand and started dancing.sanskar hit her on the shoulder as she giggled seeing people dancing not so… graciously but enjoying every bit.”having fun, love?”sanskar whisper shouted to her above the voice of dhol.ragini winked at him and broke into laughter seeing his shocked expression at her boldness as an elderly couple scrutinized them.
“ragini we should go with the baraat let’s have food I am hungry”sanskar exclaimed his adrenaline at rush even after dancing.ragini chortled at his different behavior but she was also having the fun of her life so it didn’t bother her much why sanskar was being too hyper active.
sanskar felt that still the prior incident are nagging her conscience so he switched to his this side which he had buried deep down after his life’s process of getting her to divert her mind he felt the sense of adventure he had missed.the thrill, excitement and carefree attitude which was returning back to him.ragini did open the doors in his heart which he has locked deep down.he didn’t got tired of saying it that “she is a blessing in his life”and he will keep dedicating himself to her, not stopping at any point after achieving certain end.
“sanskar dance was fine but food? do you think we should do it?”ragini bit her lip standing in front of wedding venue.sanskar shook his head and pulled her in not listening to her protest”but we have worn simple clothes, what if someone recognises us?”.”we will run away”sanskar snickered seeing her jaw dropped.”I didn’t knew my sanskari sanskar can be so devious”ragini smirked and whispered to him”but I love him so much” earning a blush from him.ragini felt giddy seeing his flushed face as stared in his eyes.sanskar blushed more and ragini broke in a mirthful laugh awestruck by his reaction.”come ragini let’s eat”he pulled her to the buffet not meeting her eyes, ragini knew he was trying to hide his blush still and groaned as her cheeks hurt smiling ear to ear.
“sanskar I am eating ,at this time in night,it’s 3 how could you expect me to eat a full plate?”ragini admonished him lightly as sanskar persuaded her to have more food.he pouted at her resulting in his cheeks turning pink again but partially due to ragini pulling his cheeks and due to the fact that her touch made him feel butterflies in his stomach.
“ice cream”ragini clapped like a child seeing the stall as sanskar lost himself yet again…in the twinkle of her eyes and her child like innocence.she pulled him this time, surprisingly, and they stood in front of the stall with cups in hand.”competition?”ragini raised her eyebrows as she saw sanskar smirked and finishing his cup fastly.sanskar nodded with a widened smirk with ragini mirroring his expression.not breaking eye contact they ate so many cups that the people around stared at them incredulously.their intense eyelock was broken by kids cheering”didi”,”bhaiya”around them and they looked at each other wide eyed but didn’t budged from competing.”I give up”ragini lifted her hands blowing air as her teeth froze eating so much ice cream.sanskar gave a wide smile to his ‘supporters’ as he ate the last bite.he smirked at ragini who looked at him with pity for the effect of eating so many cups of ice cream.soon his smirk was replaced by a grimace as the numbness due to coldness of ice cream went away and the pain hit him full force.”my teeth, my head”sanskar screeched holding his head in one hand and jaw in another.ragini managed to chuckle between her pain at his misery earning a glare like look from a miserable sanskar who was so engrossed in pain that can’t muster up a fierce glare.”it was your idea”they pointed finger at each other when their pain subsided a bit.their eyes met and seeing each other’s misery they melt and held each other’s head with one hand and jaw with another.”is it paining a lot?”both asked and shook heads simultaneously.smiling at each other they went from there hand in hand.
“chai”ragini smiled widely pointing to a tea stall at the corner of road.sanskar stopped the car and they sat down at a bench ordering tea.”I had the best night of my life”ragini squeezed his hand looking at the sky and leaning towards him.sanskar smiled softly rubbing her hand and breathing in her scent.the cups were handed to them as they drank the tea in silence feeling content with only the presence of their solace, their could a person turn your solace? can you depend on other to take away your pain? they didn’t know the answer to this but knew for sure that in each other’s presence they could fight the biggest problems with ease, face their fears with indomitable strength.
“let’s go”sanskar held her hand moving to the car.they drove in silence and stopped outside baadi.”I am worried for today… I mean tonight, I have anticipated this day…. when you will be with me… when I can take you away from the world and say that you are mine with no barrier to disturb us… when I won’t need to leave you somewhere else…. but I am anxious,I feel scared what if I can’t keep you happy…”ragini cut sanskar with a kiss on his lips that made him forget all for the moment.she kissed him fiercely showing her rights on him and sanskar cooperated and kissed her back with a desperation to resolve all his problems in that kiss.”you are the best person I ever have come across and even if you do a mistake…I will be there to support you… we will mend it together…I promise”ragini broke the kiss and said these lines holding his face in her hands.she gave him a light peck and left to her home.turning around she blinked at him assuringly.sanskar nodded lightly and drove from there.

this episode personally for me was heartwarming.yes I have given their moments earlier but you know this things, going out in night, dancing in unknown’s baraat, eating in such setting and then a tea before sunrise in silence, this are some of the things I want to do might not with a partner but maybe a friend or even alone.this didn’t consisted the heavy dialogues but just moments like normal people have which made it more close to my heart.
I hope you didn’t ran away reading the rubbish I wrote, such a pessimist I am*huff*. so I want to thank all of you.i feel so terrible not being able to reply you individually but I am just so caught up in everything… let’s get to main topic, there was a time when I thought I should not write,I doubted if anybody would even read, come to this page after our show went off air.but you people surprised me, you are always there to encourage people with your words, nothing expect sweets can make me happy but your words do, and this is a big thing coming from a foodie like me. you guys are the most amazing people I have ever come across. your patience is remarkable. I am glad that I get to have your love.thank you so much guys. you all are amazing and I love all of you.
too much I wrote.i should go before telly updates stops it from uploading.
one final thing any requests of scenes you want to see in this ff or any os made or anything feel free to comment I would love to write what you want.
ok ok I am going.bye lovelies.

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