Jee Le zara…. Swaragini (ragsan) part 34

Hi guys how are you people?I hope doing day gets successful seeing you like this story this much.
“Mumma”kanav chimed happily hugging her when ragsan entered the house.”my baby missed me so much”ragini kneeled down kissing his cheek.kanav nodded and pulled them to the sofa holding their hands.”water”ragsan nodded in gratitude as kanav smiled giving them water.”mumma I have told rachna maasi to get orchids and tulips only….not marigold”kanav informed her.”baby you don’t need to take tension of all this.we are here…

you just enjoy your holidays”ragini made him sit on her lap cooing him.”but mumma I am just telling the choice.. I am not working”kanav innocently told.”oh so champ takes care of the smallest worries of mumma”sanskar held his hand patting it.kanav gave a bright smile to ragini who reciprocated it.”ok now I am leaving… I have some work”sanskar got up to leave giving a kiss to kanav and side hugging ragini.”bye”ragnav waved to him while rachna hit her head with her palm sulking.”kanav go to your Nani bacha”rachna asked him who nodded leaving.”ragini you are mad or what… you didn’t went out to leave him till his car….he looked so sad that you were not coming”rachna chided her while she just put her innocent look scratching her head.”he is not a kid that I leave him till outside…he won’t get lost”ragini spoke innocently while rachna gave her a horrified look.

“hey bhagwan please save my future jija ji…he will be tied to this emotionless girl…who does not even knows romance”rachna dramatically prayed looking up.ragini shook her head while the morning incident brought a huge smile on her face.”sanskar does not needs me to do that….he knows I love him.and when the need will occur I will do all these things and express my love in the most romantic way…”ragini said blushing.rachna smirked at her reply hitting her shoulder and they both giggled.
“wash your hands”ragini told kanav after they had dinner.kanav did so and everyone went to their rooms.ragini looked out of the window hearing some sounds and was shocked seeing sanskar standing outside with pebbles in his hands.ragini raised her eyebrows asking reason for his visit.sanskar smiled softly pointing finger at her.

ragini blushed seeing him and decided to go to him tip toeing but kanav who was not fast asleep looked at her rubbing his eyes.ragini smiled sheepishly as he asked where she was heading to at night.”I also want to come”kanav told cutely when ragini said she’s going out with his father.ragnav relation had been like this, kanav grew up too fastly realising he had no father but his innocence was not lost in the process.seeing his mother working day and night he realized what value perseverance hold in lives.ragini was one of them who forgot food and sleep in regard to work so kanav had to behave like his mother’s mother to keep her happy and healthy.their relationship wasn’t the one where only mother Pampers the kid as he is small but vice versa where she felt her childhood return whenever kanav took care of her, scolded her or understood her like no one else.they were more like buddies than mother and son which made their relationship more stronger and unique.

sanskar smiled as he saw ragini coming down with kanav.”so my date is going to be a family outing…. nice”kanav smiled as sanskar held him in his arms.the trio sat in the car with kanav in ragini’s lap beside sanskar on driver seat.”we are going for a long drive”sanskar stretched happily making ragnav giggle and they drove off to random places.”you know papa I am really excited to live with my whole family… mumma, you,dadi,dada,…. everyone and since I am the youngest everyone is pampering me from now only”kanav told enthusiastically making sanskar chuckle.they travelled on Hill top from where the whole Kolkata was visible with lights looking as stars.kanav looked on mesmerized with his eyes twinkling in joy.ragini blushed as sanskar held her hand securely in his with kanav looking out curiously.the wind touched their faces making them feel cold.ragini wrapped her arms around kanav to keep him warm.sanskar pouted but soon it turned to a smile as kanav held his hand tightly rubbing it to warm him.they travelled through the night with the night giving peace and tranquility.

“beach”kanav ran out as sanskar halted the car in front of sea shore.”kanav careful”ragini warned to which kanav screamed a yes.ragini was about to go when sanskar held her hand bringing her close to him as their fronts hit.”sanskar”ragini widened her eyes signalling towards kanav who was playing with water.”he won’t see us”ragini blushed as sanskar neared her.”mumma,papa come”kanav screamed jerking them and they moved to him.sanskar held ragini’s hand moving towards kanav.ragini smiled shyly tightening her hold on his hand.kanav pulled them to the sea splashing water on them.sanskar shook his head and moved to him playing with water.”you missed me”ragini came pushing sanskar in sanskar was too shocked by this he struggled for support and in a bid to be rescued he held ragini’s arm pulling her.

sanskar chuckled as he felt her soft figure merging with him.kanav shook his head coming out of water giving them some private time.”sanskar you”ragini complained pointing finger at him but sanskar entangled his finger with her keeping hand on her waist.”yes I am only yours”sanskar said diverting the topic and pulling her closer.ragini breathed on his cheeks sending goosebumps to him.sanskar felt the urge to pull her closer but seeing that it’s public area he unwillingly let go of her.

“sand castle”kanav screeched happily as ragsan went to him biting their lips thinking of the past moments.sanskar helped kanav to make the castle as ragini provided them with sand.”like this”ragini showed her hand to kanav and sanskar as they couldn’t make the castle.the father son duo pouted making ragini sigh who then moved to them shaping the sand.”now”ragini held kanav’s hand teaching him how to do it.sanskar supported his cheek with a hand admiring his cute lives.ragini looked at him and he also started helping them.”I promise to always keep my home like this… together…no wind or wave could shake our home..

I will protect it my whole life”ragini held sanav’s hands blinking her eyes.sanav came closer to her kissing her either cheeks making her smile in content.”and we will always be beside you in this”ragini felt blessed hearing them.”ok mumma I am going to collect shells”kanav hurried near the shore.”ragini”sanskar came back with a shawl covering her.ragini held his hand leaning to his chest.sanskar grinned as he brushed her hair feeling her warmth which took away all his coldness of life.”sanskar I feel really blessed that I got you…. what you did in temple I can’t just express it in mere words…if I could show you my heart it will tell how much of a deep place you have made in my heart…..I may not be a perfect wife but I am sure you are the dream husband of every girl…

you have given me all the promises a girl wants from her husband…. I don’t know if I can be your desired wife but I promise to try my best”ragini said emotionally.sanskar hummed tightening his hold on her.”ragini you are the best mother for kanav… best sister… best daughter and even if you don’t be a best wife it won’t affect our relationship…I am sure you will try your best to be one… and in the last only the efforts matter…. when we will get married I know everything will fall into it’s right place….. I won’t burden you with my expectations… I know you are yourself wise enough to handle every relationship… but remember one thing… don’t ever loose your identity to please others even if it’s me… I would be more hurt than you if you change…I have loved you with your flaws… and I possess the spirit to keep up my love even after these flaws…I love you ragini for you”sanskar looked into her brown doe shaped orbs with his hazel orbs reaching straight to her heart.ragini parted her lips to say something as a tear trickled down her eyes but she suddenly ran to kanav screaming his name.sanskar felt his heart stop as he saw kanav scream in worry and ragini kneeling down wincing in pain.”papa”kanav cried for help bringing sanskar out of his trance and he ran to them in flash’s speed.

“ragini”he held her in his lap as she cried holding her hand tightly.”a Scorpio was about to sting me but mumma threw it away with her bare hands and it stinged her”kanav sobbed looking at ragini who shook her head asking him to not cry.”kanav baby don’t cry…. I am fine”ragini wiped his tears with her other hand as he cried continuously.sanskar felt his vision blur with tears but he could not fall weak so he lifted her in his arms .”champ get in the car”sanskar put ragini’s seat belt as sweat beads appeared on his forehead in tension.

“doctor”sanskar asked for help as he held ragini whose hand had turned blue.ragini was continuously biting on her lip due to which her lips turned plump red, but she didn’t care about her pain as she wanted to hold her cry in agony lest sanskar and kanav will break down seeing her vulnerable state.”please see her….a Scorpio stung her”sanskar said worried as kanav looked on sobbing.”first we need to complete the formalities”doctor told them in a casual tone angering the father son duo for his carelessness.”don’t you see what she is going through…. her hand has turned blue… she is loosing consciousness and still instead of caring about a life you are running after formalities… you are a doctor…

it’s your duty to save life first not the law…. you start her treatment immediately or I will complain for the negligence on your part”as kanav spoke these heavy words the doctor along with ragsan looked at him with saucer sized this moment it seemed that he was not a kid but a grown up who realises the value of life,who can be aggressive and at the same time intellectual enough to show the consequences for the careless attitude of doctor.but ragini understood that it’s his worry that made him behave like an adult but she was also surprised seeing his behavior as she hadn’t thought kanav could turn this tense regarding her but it was only a mother’s love that made him talk like this.

“ok come madam”doctor spoke pressurized by the anger of kanav and glares from sanskar maheshwari along with the crowd that came around on hearing a child.”mumma”kanav touched the door as he was not allowed to go inside.”champ don’t cry… your mumma is strong”sanskar hugged him rubbing his back to soothe his pain.the doctor came out with ragini walking behind holding her stung hand.”sir I gave her the antidote… there will be swallowing and pain for some time and I recommend you to not let her use that hand for any heavy work”doctor advised cautiously.ragini came to kanav as he hugged her smiling.sanskar nodded to the doctor and looked at ragnav.”doctor uncle…

I am sorry…I know you are elder to me and above that a doctor… I am sorry for talking the way I did… but I was too furious seeing mumma in pain and my worry took a toll on me”kanav held his ears apologising.”it’s ok beta… I am sure your mother is the best as you did what the best son do”doctor patted his cheeks going away.”mumma I am sorry I talked like that…. I know you must have felt bad but I also know that you felt proud of me… so just forget it and give me a hug”kanav extended his hands as ragini’s frown turned upside down with his talks.sanskar held kanav up in his arms so that ragini’s hand is not strained.ragini kissed kanav’s cheeks as sanskar held him close.

the trio had a family hug merging their heads smiling despite all stress, pain and hurdles.
so I guess this is the last chappy.hmmm what to do now….
wait wait I am not ending it but yaa till this there were lovey dovey moments next will be a….. you guys guess….

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