jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 9) ragsan


Hi guys I m here again wid episode 9
All reach baadi.
Laksh-swara now lets go home ,we have to give dis gud news to d family too.
Swara(sadly)-but laksh I don’t want to go,ragini came 2day only,I want to talk to her.pls can I stay here
Dadi-no,u have to go to mm or wat will dey think???u r d bahu of dat house too.and u’ll have to fulfill ur responsibilities towards dat home .

Swara-but dadi rags came after such long tym and moreover I didn’t talked to her properly
Sanskar-if dats d matter then invite rags to mm ,she will stay wid u and also meet every1 dere.
Swara-gr8 idea sanskar!!!! Okay so rags we will have our night out at mm
Rag-swara wo ……….actually I cant stay dere for whole night ,u know I cant sleep in new places and moreover I am now habitual to stay wid them all (rachbirkavkar)
Kabir-ragini u go we don’t have any problem

Rachna-but kabir if she doesn’t want den let it be na ,y forcing her?
Laksh-ok I have a solution,u come for dinner wid all ur frands ,ok jst dinner
Kar-wat food at ur house,yes y not,I’ll get to eat marwadi fud,jst luv it
Kav-hold on u bhukkad we r’nt going anywhere(to kar),wo laksh actually we will stay at our flat as we have to do a lot of preparation for tommorrow’s deal….so it wont be possible,sorry
Sanskar-u all cant cum but atleast rags can,pls ragini badi maa will b very happy to see u (pleading to her)
Ragini-uhhhh okay den

Kanav-mumma I will go too(xcitedly)
Rag-but baby………. (hesistating)
Kanav- no mumma no excuses its final,y will u have all d fun???
Sanskar-ok champ u too cum wid us(gives hi-fi to kanav)kanav complies.(swasanlak left and kanav too went out of d house)
Ragini-ok dadi I m going ,will see u soon
Sumi-wat??? U wont stay here????but y??did we did anything wrong??did we hurted u???
Rags(calming her)-chill maa,as kav said I will stay wid my frands at flat only not here
Shekhar-but y ,cant u stay here ,wid ur family???
Rag-dad dey r my family too and its not about my staying at dis house ,its jst dat d way I m now cant b changed,I have became independent and staying here i will somehow feel dependent and helpless and it will still remind me of my mistakes(calmly)……………… dat’s y I don’t feel lyk staying here ????i need sum tym…………….(yes her frands know everything about her)
Sumi-beta I know u need sum tym dats y I will let u stay where u want but remember cum to visit us every day.ok???
Rags nods and leaves for d flat wid her frands and freshens up
At flat(7:00 pm)
Rags got ready unwilling to go to mm.she shouts for kanav to get ready fast as he was still bathing.she came and stands in balcony.she admires the stars increasing the beauty of the serene and calm dark sky which soothes ur soul and takes away all worries.
Rags pov- 2day I met my whole family which I thought I wont be able to,dey had forgiven me so easily,wow I think dat’s wat family is,but now onwards I’ll have to b careful .i cant let any1 know about kanav,I’ll have to send him to Mumbai soon.i don’t want to involve him in all this.
her chains of thoughts were broken by kabir who was standing beside her and she luked at him.
Rags-wat happened????(she was lost sumwhere)

Kabir-nothing jst dat r’nt u angry dat we got kanav here wid out ur permission ???
Rags-kabir y do u need permission ,he is ur’s sum thing too,u have seen him growing in front of ur eyes,u have = right on him as me.and yes I was angry but It had been better u brought him ,he was able to meet his family,……………………and now too I m angry ,he has school and u got him here ,HMMM????(playfully)
Kabir-rags I m jst astonished dat how u handle everything gracefully???
Rags-y not after all I m in kabir’s influence
Kabir-oh cum on………..well leave dat tell me r u ready to go to mm??face him again??(he knew dat she has worries which she wont share herself so he started d topic)
Rags-(her smile fade away but still she managed ) taking a deep sigh-YES,I’ll face him and he wont even know wats going to happen to him

Kabir-I expected only dis from u but atleast talk to him once ,solve d issue
Rags-NOOOO,d tym to talk has gone ,wat he had done wid me and kanav I cant forget it (a flash of a burning car is shown)and a tear escapes her eyes.
Kabir-ok rags if u feel so but I suggest u luk the issue again thouroughly and all I know is dat I believe u and will be always be wid u ,whatever u do,ok???(wiped her tears)
Rags(sidehugging him)-ok bhai…….. I know dat u will always be at my side wenever I need u
Kanav’s voice cums from inside and rags rushes inside to make him kanav is ready wearing a blue t-shirt nd black jeans.swara called her to remind her of d dinner.and told her dat she will send her driver to dere flat to pick dem up.rags waits for d car and gets into it wid kanav and waved bye to rachbir and kavya and our poor karthik who was feeling really sad as he will avoid a gud treat.

At mm
Rags enter d house wid kanav where kanav exclaimed wat a big house mumma!!!!rags smiled at his statement.
She went inside holding his hand thinking dat she has to sumhow keep her baby away from ‘him’.she stood at d doorstep where each maheshwari came except sanky who was in his room and greeted her wid warm smiles and blessings,she luked around to see everything and den noticed sanky cuming downstairs and dere eyes met.she was luking no less than a beauty in her white chiffon top wid black long skirt in short he was mesmerized to see rags was feeling uncomfortable but didn’t let it show on her face and luked at him wid same intensity but but but different feelings.sujatha saw kanav and thought so is he rags son(yes swalak told everything dat happened in baadi).

Ap-cum beta ragin I cum inside ,how r u ???
Rags- I m fyn maa……sorry aunty
Ap- its ok u can call me maa.and rags smiled.
Pari-ragini u have became so modern (luking at her from top to bottom)
Sujatha-chori tu itni fit faat kaise h ek bacche ki maa banana ke baad bhi???
Rags felt a bit uncomfortable but answered-wo aunty ji actually I had lots of physical work so it helps me to stay fit.

Adarsh-oh dis boy is so cute ,(pulling his cheeks)wats ur name???
Kanav(little irritated )-kanav
Dp- will u all talk here only ,cum ragini ,cum inside
And every1 went inside.they talked for sumtym wid our rags including d forgiveness and all thing.and edn moved to dining table to have fud.rags was sitting besides kanav at 1 side and at other swara where sanky was supposed to sit but she pulled swara to sit dere making an excuse dat she wants to eat wid swara.the servants served fud and every1 started eating.
Kanav-hmmmm…d fud’s luking tasty ,mumma feed me na (hesitatingly)
Rags-baby no need to hesitate dey r ur people only (she bit her tongue)I mean lyk ur family so cum have it (and put 1 morsel in his mouth)now me(and kanav does d same)
Uttara-rags bhab…sorry di wat’s all dis??(curiosly)
Rags-wo actually wenever he’s wid me we sart our fud lyk dis only
Swara-wow ragini will I also experience d same glow which u had on ur face while feeding ur child.
Rags-yes swara ,now eat u have to stay healthy
After sum tym-

Kanav-mumma no!!!!(every1 luks on shocked and stops eating)
Rags-baby wat happened ???
Kanav-jst keep d spoon aside,see u were going to eat the sabji wid mushroom ,o know na u r allegetic to it,den y (showing anger)
Rags-oh I m soory really I didn’t knew it had mushroom
Kanav-hmmm its ok but be careful
And kanav and rag keep the sabji aside from dere respective plates.

Swara-sorry rags I didnt knew u had allergy……………..
Rags-its ok we weren’t even able to spend dat much tym and even dadi didn’t made anything wid mushroom so how wud u know????
Sujatha-but I don’t understand a thing dat y kanav kept his sabji aside???
Before rags cud speak kanav spoke-wo aunty actually I really lyk it but since mum cant have it den how cud i???
Sujata-awwww..i know even sankar lyks mushroom a lot.
Kanav-wow dude we have manythings in common.
Rags frowned at dis but continued eating her lunch
Dey finished dere lunch and swarag talked for sumtym .after sumtym rags insisted to leave so swara offered her d car but d driver wasn’t dere ,she asked her to stay in mm but she didn’t wanted so she said dat she will go by herself.sanky who saw all dis came to dem/
San-hey ladies any problem
Swara-yes sanky see na I m telling her to stay here as d driver isn’t here to take her but she doesn’t even listens to me !!

Rags-understand na swara I cant stay here
Kanav was yawning b/w dre discussions.
Sanky ok so ragini if u don’t want to stay here den let me take u ,is it fyn??
Rags-ahhhhh……….no ……………actually.ahhhhh
Kanav(sleepy tone)-ohho mumma lets go na wid him I m really tired pls mumma,pls
Swara being assured of her sis’s safety left to her rum bidding her gud nyt and ragsanav left for dre flat.
Rags sat wid sanky at front seat wid kanav on her lap feeling xtremely uncomfortable.
Rags didn’t bothered to break d silence and patted on kanav’s back while he was trying to sleep all tired wid the flight and den action and dinner last.
Sanky-ahhhh……..i see u luv kanav a lot ,y not he is so cute

Rags-(had to reply cant ignore him)-yes after all I m her mother no matter if he is cute or not but my luv wud have remained same for him(lil coldly)
Sanky-I didn’t meant dat(feeling he did a mistake)
Kanav suddenly exclaimed turning fully energized –ICECREAM and sanky put a break.
Rags-no kanav u ate a lot 2day now no more

Kanav luks at her wid puppy eyes while she remains stiff telling him not to try such tricks.and seeing no response he turned to sanky to help him out and sanky’s heart melt and he said rags to let him eat.
Rags-but(she stopped thinking dat it will stretch d tym wid him and she was in no mood to be wid him at all so at last she complied)..ok
Dey went to icecream stall where dey ordered dere fav flavor and ate it wen dey were cuming bak dey were stopped by an old lady who asked for sum money and sanky gave it .on this d lady happily blessed dem –may ur family ,ur wife and child stay lyk dis forever,ever happily and together.

Precap-kanav to go bak mumai and ragsan moment

So guys wat do u think???i have seen dat many of u think dat lak is kanav’s father but lets c ,u will get to know as d story proceeds and thanks for liking d action ,I didn’t thought u will even understand it but u did,well thank you so much.
Thank you for reading dis too and ya pls comment ,I hope I’ll cum soon.

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