jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 8)


Hi guys I’m bak wid another episode.episode 8.yippee!!!!
btw thanks for commenting on d previous epi
Dadi(lovingly)-laado,see how auspicious u r for dis family,u came 2day wid a very big news wid grand grand child.
Karthik-but it was d hardwork of swalak,naaa???(stupid question)
Thank god only kavya heard him and elbowed him in stomach to make him silent and she also suppressed her laugh thinking of dadi’s reaction listening to it.dadi went from dere giving d frands sum space.
Kav-but u don’t lyk to go to temple,den???
Rachna-yes she doesn’t but also she cant see any1 sad,if she wud have refused then every1 wud have felt bad on dis special occasion specially swara!!
Kabir-lets fresh up then
And d girls went to rags room to freshen up wid boys including our kanav to shek’s rum.everybody came to hall changing clothes .
Dadi-where is dis laado,we will get late.
And rags enter in d same dress(hope u remember)
Dadi-laado,(shocked)wont u change ur dress,u’ll go in dis dres only!!!
Rags-dadi pls I m very tired ,now I wont go and change it,BTW wats d problem in dis???
Dadi-no,its fyn but for mandir wear sumthing decent…I mean Indian
Kav-dadi she don’t have any Indian dress wid her,she doesn’t lyk t owear it,she wears mine or rachu’s dress wen we request her hard to do so.
shek-ok then,I don’t wont any delay in going to temple,now as as every1 is in clothes na .
and everybody cums sanlak car –sanlakswa wid rach,karthik and kavya
in kabir’s car(he got car)-kabir,dadi,shek sumi and kanav.and our rags on scooty.
They were driving to temple wen at a traffic light sum1 dented rags scooty.she was now red in anger and stepped down her scooty .in cars-oh god wat will happen now!! Was said by every1 who knew wat she cud do.
Every1 else-swalaksan,dadi,sheksum were puzzled –y r dey saying lyk dis ,wat will happen and den dey saw a trailer of rags anger.
She approached d man who was standing dere guilty.
Rags- (angrily)cant u see don’t u have eyes????god y do u people cum on road if u don’t know how to ride???
The man came on his feet as he was really guilty and wid dis rags callmed down and went to her scooty.turned bak and said to d man-b careful now,if we met again I wont forgive u.
They reached d temple.pooja was performed by dadi and swalak for peace and gud lyf and to thank god.dey came out and decided to roam around for sumtym.and came near various stalls for food,clothes etc.dadi took swara wid her to buy sum baby clothes.(these elders na)now laksh was alone.kanav was wid his kabir dude and rachu maasi who were fulfilling his demands of ice cream,panipuri which rags has restricted him to eat,but 2day he bargained wid her wid help of his dude and maasi and rags had to bow down to his stubbornness.
Rags was walking alone analyzing d scenery around,a crowded market ,full of colours,sumwhere dere was family,and sumwhere luvbirds romancing in d park nearby.she was suddenly jolted wen a hand grabbed her wrist and took her to a tree nearby.(guess guess)
Its laksh……(yeah I too want her and sanky moments but dey will cum late,sorry guys)
Rags(turning to see his face)-wat r u doing???
Lak-sshhh(and kept his hand on her mouth)I was trying to talk to u from much tym….well leave dat ,I want to say that…….
Rags signaled him to remove his hand and he did so.rags understood his silence and intiated d talk.
Rags(in heavy voice)(sad wala heavy,ok,not d manly voice)-lak I understand wat u want to say,dat u have moved on…….(tears formed in her eyes)dat u have started luving swara………u don’t want any past thing to b revealed……….and trust me I m d happiest to see u….. ..and her together.really!!! and I promise I wont tell any1 anything.
Laksh also had tears in his eyes but both tried to remain strong,.to lighten d mood rags started talking .
Rags-and see my decision was right to make u both marry(proudly )
Lak(still sad) but ragini bcoz of me u had to stay away from ur family and kanav,he had to stay away from his nani’s care and pampering of maasi and……………….
Rags signaled him to stop.
Rags-pls laksh lyk u don’t want ur past standing at ur door,I too don’t want to relive dose moments of pain,helplessness and cowardness.
(so guys I wrote a little about dere past ,so guess it and tell me wat do u feel)
And she went from dere letting her tears flow which she hided from laksh as he too wud fall weak seeing her tears and feel guilty.she wiped her tears wen she heard voice of kavya shouting-help,how dare u??and den a sound of slap.she rushed to d place and saw kavya’s hand was in grasp of sum goon luking horrible guy .every1 gathered around and laksh too came to d scene.kavya shouted at the guy to leave her hand but he wont and tightened his grasp.kavya winced in pain or say irritation.and which was unexpected or say expected by sum happened.
Rags lifted her leg in straight 180 degree and kicked on d guys arms, wid which he fell on d roads and his frands who were sitting on bikes a little away came to d scene hearing dere frand’s cry.dey were 4 and rags was alone.rags told kavya to go behind ,kavya resisted but she showed kavya her red big eyes which were filled wid care for care and anger for,u know.till now sheksum,dadi,san,swa and rachbir came wid kanav.every1 was shocked to see her in full fighter mode.and her grp was worried for the goons who r going to lie on bed for a month or so wid fractured bones .
Action tym(sorry I cant explain clearly but tried to)
1 goon came to rags saying wid full ego-u beated my frand ,now see wat I’ll do wid u(and smirked evilly).he came to hold rags shoulder but our heroine or say our hero ragu gave him a powerful blow on his hand joint wid her elbow and d goon backed off holding his elbow and wincing and abusing and rags said-I hate egoistic men!!!(wid full attitude)
Another came to her and tried to snatch her scarf but she gave him a punch in his stomach wid which some water came out of his mouth.the 3rd one came while others were wincing in pain from her bak trying to grab her neck.she turned at nick of tym by sanky alerted voice.and kicked on his main part wid her legs and he rolled over d roads crying mumma.
The one who was d forst to get a blow of ragu stood up gathered courage ,came to herwid still disgust on his face ,seeing him her anger boiled and she kicked him on his lower legs bak part and he again kissed d earth .now seeing every1 lying down she was cool now and said –don’t ever dare to tease a girl specially my relatives or even acquaintance.
Meanwhile every1 who saw her had a perfect o shaped mouth,coz she break d orthodox thinking of abla nari and a man cud only save woman.slightly d crowd became less and only her family members were left wid her frands.dadis eyes seemed to cum out of sockets any moment.shek was quite happy to see her daughter lyk dis.sumi was proud of her ragu.swa was impressed by her fighter sissy and sanlak were standing dere lyk statues.the girl whom dey considered weak has turned a victorious rbel of d abla nari norms in a way.rags came to dem and got dem into reality.
Karthik-oh god got o see rags ka kali avatar again,after so many days.
Rags catched his ears and complained dat y he left kavya,he peaded her to leave his ear but she remained lyk dat,kavya interrupted her tashan by pleading her to leave him wid puppy eyes.
Rags-I left u but tell me where u went leaving her alone???
Kav-he didn’t went I escaped ,I didn’t wanted him to spy on me as to wat I m shopping and den call me a shopaholic.
Rag-dis tym I m forgiving u but remember nxt tym don’t ever dare to do dis
Kanav-mumma u jst fought lyk kackie chan,those punches,dat blow,woah……….i’ll tell my frands about it…………..and yes I m proud of u!!!(and hugged rags)
Swara-wow ragini,a fighter ,quite impressed will u teach me dis
Rach-no she hasn’t learnt it from any1 ,it came as a natural talent,u have to do sumthing to b safe in Mumbai,that’s y!!!
Swara-ok no problem but atleast tell me ur these heroic stories ok??
Rags-yes I will
Dadi-laado was it u??u foght lyk dis???
Kanav-badi nani yes it was mum,u have jst seen trailers but u get to c d whole film
Dadi-ok mere shaitan naati(grandson)
The goons were still lying on ground wen police came and took dem thanking ragini.
San-wow u gave dem a public punishment den a lawful punishment,gud idea
Rags-thank you
Precap-rags in mm
Guys enough for 2day.i m sorry if any1 cudnt understand d words due to my bad English but it happens ,I m improving.tell me guys did u liked d episode.ok now bye !!
Thank u for reading.keep commenting

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