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so moving to episode 7

Rags face which was glowing till now turned pale and she closed her eyes thinking
Rags(in mind)-no no no dis cant happen,he is not here ,its jst my dream,but if he is here then …………,no,dis isn’t happening.i will open my eyes and see it will be jst my imagination.
Wid dis she consoled herself and gathered courage opening her eyes.she opened her eyes and found no 1 holding her waist nor sum 1 in her vision.wid dis she took a sigh of relief and smiled at every1 who luked at her curious,worried to assure dem.but but……….
She turned her vision downwards and saw him,her baby,kanav.yes it was his name.her expressions were lyk her oldest crime is caught red-handed wid her eyes ready to cum out of socket.but she controlled herself.and admired her kanav’s cute baby face dat relieved her of all worries.her cute angel was standing in front of her luking a little upset and more of angry.

She bent down to cum to him and asked-wat happened baby???
Kanav turned his face otherside and rags made a puppy face.on dis rachna giggled and commented-LYK MOTHER LYK SON (yes guys he is rags son,ok I know u r shocked and eager or u r thinking wat logic is dis girl placing,so wait have patience I’ll tell u as d story proceeds)
Rags deliberately ignoring rachs comment turned to d side kanav had his face and holded her ears and said-luk I m sorry,pls forgive me,wont u ???can u see ur mum sad???(in her cute and innocent voice)
Wid dis came a blow or say earthquake to swalaksan.many qs. Started running in dere mind-he is rags son,how cud dis b possible,is she married,but she doesn’t seem to b?wat all has happened wid her??
Dis has totally shook d earth beneath sum1(guess it)
Rags was making a sad crying face but kanav came and hugged her immediately.the duo smiled.
Kanav-mumma,how cud u do dis wid ur own son??
Rags-wat I did???
Kanav-oh my innocent mother,I know all ur tricks ,y did u do dis emotional atyachar on me too??u do it on every1 ,atleast leave me!!
Rags bitted her tongue and searched for an answer.

Rags-wo actually u r so clever na dats y I know u wont agree easily and also u cant see ur mum sad if its fake too den how cud u not forgive me.
Kabir-nobody can win in talking wid rags
Karthik smiled and said –yes but she has a competition here,her son
Kanav-ok enough of ur emotional excuse now promise me u wont go anywhere widout telling me.and he forwarded his hand.rags thought for a while and wid dis anger developed in kanav’s eyes dat she is still thinking.wen rags noticed dis wid out a 2nd thought she kept her hand on his and exclaimed –PROMISE!!!

Rachna who was standing close to swara said-our rags is so strong,fearless but even she is nothing in front of our chote nawab.and smiled seeing their bond.swara kept her all thoughts aside and assumed rags will tell her later on about all dis.kanav came running to dem shouting maasi in joy and swara thought he came to her but he went towards rachna and hugged her and rachna too took him in her lap .swara felt bad as it was her right to b called maasi by her sis’s child.lak came to her and holded her hand may be assuring her dat everything’s fyn.
Kanav-maasi ur plan worked,I took d promise from mum.
Rachna-yes chote nawab and she saluted him.and kanav complied.
Rags came to dem and eyed rachna angrily as to how cud she do dis.and rachna got scared .
(u know na if rags turns angry nothing can control her but chill its her fake anger and moreover she doesn’t let her family affected by her anger.)
Kanav said to divert d topic-mumma,I m hungry,come on u came to ur house after 5 yrs and u wont even introduce me(makes a puppy face)

Rags-ok…………….cum lets go inside (passing an awkward smile to swasanlak)
She told dem to go inside indicating gadodia house and said –I’ll cum in a minute.and her frands wid her son got into d house wid out even thinking once.
Swaragsanlak were standing dere in utter silence.nobody knew wat to say,wat to ask,till now every1 had qs but now no 1spoke ,so again rags broke d silence declaring-I will tell u later about it all.and dey started moving towards dere house .dey heard voice of shekshar screaming-chor,chor ,chor ,they stole our!!!
Wid dis came d voice of karthik screaming in a funny manner-ahhhhh,save ,god I doubted 1st if its rags house.but now I m 100% sure,her parents r d same,voilent.

Swaragsanlak reached dere and burst into laugh seeing the scene .sum water scattered around and d 4 idiots were screaming.rags shouted –STOPPPPPPPPPP!!!
Wid dis everything stopped and she continued-wat happened luking at d condition of karthik who was luking lyk a bheegha bila,her baby who hiding behing a curtain was enjoying all dis and the other3 were sitting lyk statue on d table wid juice on each 1’s head.
Dadi-laado,see dis thieves entered our house in noon only and ate all the stuff made by ur ma,baba and me for u.

Rags luked at sheksum who were feeling sad and then at her helpless frands who now only became victim of her dadi’s wrath and now were luking lyk mental who ran from a hospital especially karthik.
Dadi again lifted the broom to hit karthik but he ran in full speed and hid himself behind rags mumbling in fear-rags save me ,pls I don’t want to die so soon,ur dadi is a real hitler,pls save me.
Dadi was approaching dem wen rags spoke-dadi ma pls dey r my frands ,how cud u behave lyk dis wid dem??
Shek-wat dey r ur frands???
Sumi-sorry but d way they ate d food dey were luking lyk hungry beggars who ran from a jail specially dis 1 (pointing 2wards kar)
Kar felt embaressed and rachbirkav laughed.
Rags too smiled but now wasn’t a tym to laugh,it was to save kar
Rags-who maa actually he is a big foodie so wenever he sees fud he cant control himself.
(under her breath)I think d concept of fud was made only for him
Kar-I heard it
Rags gud for u,hope u will improve ur habit
Kar –nope,not at all,jo insane badal jaye who kartik nahi
Kav-guys wat r u talking??
Sheksum and dadi-sorry…………we didn’t knew u were rags frands otherwise we wud have been prepared
Kar-no,no aunty only this much khatirdari was so gud ,hamara pet bhar gaya
Sanky luked around and said-where is kanav???
He came from behind d pillar and exclaimed-main yaha hun!!!!
Sheksumdadi were puzzeled and luked 2wards swara.she assured dem through eyes that everything’s fyn.meanwhile rags rushed to kanav and asked –wat is dis,y were u hiding??
Kanav-actually I thought nani will attack me too jst lyk kar dude.and luked 2wards a messed up karthik and smiled a little.

Rags-yes he is my son(confidently)
Dadi-but ragini u didn’t told us……..
Kanav(cutting dem)-oh ho nani aur dadi nani how wud u know about me ,I didn’t came even once here or talked to u .but since now I m here I will become ur favourite in jst 10 sec.(overconfidently)
Every1 was amazed at his behavior and the sudden revealations and happenings.a girl (rags) who didn’t even knew to raise her eyes in front of others ,who didn’t mingled wid people easily and was scared to talk to boys is now completely transformed.her behavior,dressing,attitude everything’s changed.and moreover she has a child now who was 2 steps forwards then his mum.his upbringing has been quite different from d way in which rags was brought up.he was clever,sharp and innocent at d same tym.

Rags-kanav u stay here wid rachkav ,I’ll jst cum.
Kanav nodded.rags signaled her family members to cum inside.every1 followed.she before any1 spoke declared- dat yes I m a mother,and I don’t want to speak about my lyf now.i hope I wont be asked anything further.or I’ll b forced to leave dis place.
Shek-but rag…….
Dadi-no…no shekhar(worried)laado fyn we wont say anything but jst don’t leave us again.
(u know na a mother who got her child after much tym wont risk to loose her again.)
Rag-ok..but I cant live here,I have a house,I mean my frands and due to work I’ll have to stay dere only.but I promise I’ll meet u everyday.

And every1 came out.and they started having family tym wen shek asked kabir about dere professions.
Kabir-uncle we r event organizers ,wedding,functions,business meets etc.
Rachna-yes we r d best in Mumbai and even in sum other places.(excitedly)
Kav-and u know all dis is handled by our rags who is a super woman.(admiring rags courage)
Kar-(dramatic way)yes she came lyk an angel to our lyfs and changed it completely.1st we were unknown strangers ,u can say diamonds scattered around but she lyk a merchant got us together and formed our company which also gave us our small family.hugging rachkav.
Sanky-oh so ragini is an entrepreneur dere,
Kav-yes our ‘KARA’wudnt have been possible wid out her.
Kabir-yes kara,our company’s name ,ka for karthik,kabir,kavya nad ra for rags and rachna.
Shek-I m really glad dat my daughter has established herself and is independent(wid tears)
(I hope kara is not a bad name)
Meanwhile 2 people were staring eo continouisly .and dey were raglak.
Laksh(in mind)

Rags u came after 5 yrs but still u have the same feelings.u even have a son about whom u didn’t tell anybody.pls talk to me once .pls
Rags in mind
Laksh u have became responsible .i can see u luv swara a lot.thank god .my decision was right.but I m sorry I hurted u in d process.i have forgot u but I cant forget d luv which is still in my heart FOR YOU.
Dere thoughts were broken by dadi shouting swara!!!
Swara has fainted was was lying on d floor.lak hurried to her and lifted her to d room.every1 panicked and doc came .after checking swara doc told dat she’s pregnant.lak hugged sanky but was still in shock thinking-now I will have to talk to her asap .i cant let anything wrong happen and luked towards rags who was smiling.
Kanav-mumma,now I will get a sis or bro to play wid(2days kids dey know everything)
Rags-yes !!!
Dadi-2day is a very big day for us.cum lets go to temple to thank god.
Every1 nodded.

Precap-ragini ka action
Kanav(played by shivansh kotia)- a 5 or 4 yr child ,cute ,innocent but clever naughty too.he understands everything.Cant tolerate a drop of tear in is mother’s eyes.rags has told him about her family to him but not d reason behind her leaving and cuming bak.

Guys I know I wrote rubbish in 2days episode but was not at all feeling lyk writing but still.well leave that tell me how r u finding d story ????pls answer yaar.and a big sorry for dis late update.

i hope I wont disappoint u all.i m really scare for dat.
Thanks for reading d story every1 and our telly updates for uploading it wid out any disturbance.hope the TU page is fyn now.(i had sum problem to access d website)
See u soon.!!!!

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