jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 6)

guys thank you so much for ur lovely comments.dey jst made my now episode 6.
Ragini was holding the door and looked at sanskar and straightened herself.still sanky was luking at her with unbelievable expressions.ragini noticed it and clapped her fingers in front of his face wid which he came to reality.ragini forwarded her hands to say hi but sanky was lost in his own world thinking that she has returned.d girl who left jst coz of me is bak I will be free of d burden of guilt that I have in my heart.(guys I hope u remember he consider himself responsible for ragini’s disappearance).
Now it was heights for rags as she was here giving attention to a man who isn’t even reacting.d girl for whom d boys cud even die,jst for her single smile.but before her anger increased swara came and sanky was saved.she asked sanky to pour his heart out and lighten his heart that he has locked for 5 yrs.sanky replies in a nod and turns 2wards rags and ask in a broken voice wid his head down-I m sorry….ragini.i didn’t knew that my 1 mistake will change ur whole lyf.u left ur family coz of me.i know its late but still u u cud forgive me…………….
Rags speaks-oh hello!!!!!!its wasn’t alone ur mistake only ok,I was also involved in it.i wasn’t a small child who any1 wud order and I did .i did it all wid my own will, so y r u sorry?no need of all dis.(smiles)

Sanky lifts his head and look into rags eyes and ask through eyes only-really u forgave me,and she nods by blinking her eyes.and sanky gives a bright genuine smile.shekhar and shomi cum from kitchen and get angry seeing san there.
Shek(angrily)-wat is dis boy doing here?????tell him to leave now
Everybody turns 2wards him .he moves forward and says again tell him to leave NOW.sanky forwards his step to leave but swara holds his hand to stop him and turns 2wards shek.
Swara-baba y???if rags can forgive him den y cant u????if u cud forgive rags den y cant sanky?pls don’t spoil d relations.wat will u get wid this hatred and aggression.pls…….(in her cute voice)
Shek-ok if u r saying den I wont say him anything.but remember don’t ever compare him wid rags.
Sanlak were asked to take a seat and have snacks .dey did so.

Lak pov: everything’s going normal but till wen.????she’s looking fyn but wat if she tells anything to swara???i have realized my mistake now so I have to talk about this to rags before its too late.
San pov-aahhhh……2day a burden got away.i m feeling very light to see her fit and fyn in front of me chirping around d room.but sumthing’s changed in her.she aint the old ragini who used to be an introvert,shy .
Meanwhile rags got a call
Caller –hello ragini mam I have got ur scooty here at ur home.
Rags-home?ut I m not dere now,how u got dere???mr gupta
Gupta-mam u stay in kaali baadi right??
Gupta-mam I m here only ,u pls cum fast I have sum imp. Work
Rags-ok I m coming and she moves 2wards door confused.
Rags to herself-who gave him dis address???
Swara asks her where is she going and she tells.swalaksan get up to accompany her.
Dey cum outside and rags meet gupta and takes the keys from him.and thanks him.he luks a lil scared.she tries to ask him but he leaves hurriedly.
Lak- he was weird
Sanlak nod and rags got into thinking .she says loudly –now cum lets go inside.
Swasanlak r confused but follow her inside baadi.then she halts her steps in d corridorand shouts
Rag-now u will cum ot or I m going inside where u’ll have no entry.
Swasanlak r completely puzzeled.dey think she has lost her mind and is talking absurd.rags luk at dem and turns her eyes to search for sum1 but no 1 cumes.she thinks of sumthing and den smirks.she says-oh I m sorry lets go inside and starts walking and acts to slip.and shouts in pain-aaaaahhhhh.
Sum figures appear dere as soon as dey heard her voice and ran to her asking –r u ok rags,wat happened,dod it hurt,u shud walk carefully.rags gets up all fyn and catches ear of 2 boys and says-it mst have been ur plan.right???

Boy1-arre ragu mata leave us na (pleading)
Boy2 –it was all his plan,y r u punishing me???leave na
Rags-u don’t call me that (to boy 1)and u(boy 2)yes I know u weren’t involved in dis but u supported him den handle its consequences.and where r my 2 chipkalis??
Listening d words 2 guls forwarded 2wards dem and said
Gul1-hhhhhooo,ragu how cud u call us lyk that ???so bad(turned her face)
Gul2 was jst smiling and said-we didn’t do anything(innocently)and swasanlak were hell confused.
Rags-so u didn’t do anything hmmm?u came here wisout informing me,u were going to play holi wid me (pointing to d water guns dey had)now tell me u didn’t do anything???
All- ok who can win over her,and dey folded dere hands in a namaskar and said-we r sorry ragu mata
Hearing dis rags started running behind dem and said-dot u dare call me dat-I hate u all,kabir where r u???karthik cum in front of me and den see.kavya u have spoiled a lot,and rachna I didn’t expected dis from u(while running)
She stops after lot of running and huffs.and others too cum beside her and stand relaxing and den they all luk at eo andburst out laughing.swasanlak now know dat rags knew dem.
Swa-hi every1 may I m rags sis
All-hello swara
Swara-but I didn’t tell u all my name
Rachna-yes u didn’t but ragini did.and she smiles at rags and swara.
Rags-we guys will always emain kids
Kar.- yes we are indeed.
Kabir-yes see it proves it(pointing towards his water gun)
Kar makes a face
Rach-hey don’t tease d small kid
Kav-sorry rags we wanted to give u a surprise
Rags- ok but kabir even u didn’t told me that u all r cuming,even wen I talked to u on fone(remember d airport call)before kab cud say anything kar jumped in b/w.
Kar-coz we didn’t let him to
Rags-aww.koi nahi bacha I forgive u
And all laugh

Sum1 hugs rags from bak and rags face shine lyk a 1000 watt bulb.she touches d hands and says BABY!!!!!!!
Intro of characters
Boy1/karthik-a fun loving guy ,loves annoying ragini but luvs her =ly.bro of kavya.(of the serial only)
Boy2/kabir-a serious guy ,doesn’t show his feeling to every1.lyk a bro to rags.luvs rachna(for sapne suhane ladakpan ke)
Gul1/kavya-an innocent,funny gul,sis of kar.treats rags as her sis(of serial only)
Gul2/rachna-a simple,innocent,shy girl,understands every1 and really close to rags.luvs kabir(of sslk)

So guys enogh for 2day.i didn’t thought I wud right so fast .sorry for short update.and stay tuned to know whose baby??
Thanks for reading and commenting and if any silent reader den them too.

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