jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 5)


Hi guys I mback again .thank u so much for ur comments guys ,it inspires me a lot.
So moving to nxt episode
Ragini pov:
Arggh………………these ladies wat they thought of themselves???????????i taught them a right they wont dare to say anything to any1 for sum days and she smirked.
Wid this she marched towards her house and saw the door and taking a deep breath she knocked on the door.
Rags pov:
Oh god I will see them after a long tym.wud they b the same.have they forgiven me or forgot will they react to see me.wat will I say?????????

She was in her own trance wen the door opened breaking her chain of thoughts and she looked up to find swara standing there wid eyes welled up and here our rags was dieing of nervousness.but she consoled herself.
Till then all other members too came in her view wid ever1 looking at her wid tears in their eyes.but rags was jst staring them noticing how they wud have changed and questions ran in her mind
Rags pov:
Swara opened the door right ??? she hasn’t changed a bit except her suhaag ki nishaniyan.wait……….if she is married then y is she staying here.????????????and all the family members I m seeing them after soooooooooooo many yrs but I think they have the same feelings towards me.

The situation was like as if a staring competition is going on b/w every1.they were rooted to their places and jst luking at rags.rags was feeling a little uncomfortable so to break d silence she said hesitatingly a hey to every1 wid her million dollar smile yhat cud melt any1’s heart which at this moment cudnt appear so it looked lyk a forced one.
Rags pov:
I said them a hey to bring them to reality and the nxt thing I experienced was a huge body on was swara.she literally jumped over me.i wud have fallen wid swara on top of me if I hadn’t have practice of weight lifting and gym too helped.swara was jst hugging me and didn’t said anything and here I was dieing of suffocation and her load.i mst say she has put up quiet weight in these yrs.i looked at every1 wid pleading eyes to get me realeased of the hug but no ……….they were jst staring at us wid tears of happiness.i understand she met me after a long tym but is this a way to treat sum1 .urrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh. enough I have to do sumthing or I will die .
Ragini- swara (lovingly)pls. now get down ,see I’ll be here only naaa. Or do u want to break ur sis’s bones and make me bed-ridden.
Wid this swara got down on earth and rags took a sigh of relief .
Now nxt was dadi then maa and analyzing the danger that was moving towards her ,her dadi to take into a teddy hug.she shouted nooooooooooooo.

Wid this dadi halted her steps and everybody luked at her wid?????????????
She said-i….i m cuming to u ,y r u stressing urselves and she moved towards dadi.
Dadi hugged her as expected and rags as she promised was trying her best to resist her emotions from coming out but how much cud u resist the luv,care ,warmth that ur family gives u.the same happened wid rags and then she also hugged her bak willingly and reminisced her old family moments wid tears forming in her eyes.she was greeted by every1 in the same way .
Rags(hesistatingly)-so have u all forgave me ??????
Dadi-laado we had forgiven u at that very moment.(caressing rags face)
And now comes the rapid fire round where every1 made a circle around rags and started firing qs on her.where have u been??where did u stay,see how thin u have got.y didn’t u called us and how u changed this much?????

These ques were fired at her lyk missiles wid the members pulling her towards them everytym as if she is a lifeless body .she was turning to her right then left wid sudden jerk.
Rags pov:
Oh god wat r they doing ??????will they really break my bones
Wid this she shouted –stop!!!!!!!!!!!(and gives every1 a deadly glare)………..wat do u think u r doing(scolding )I jst came from a hectic flight and u guys didn’t even asked me food.
Everybody had their head down as if rags was a teacher wid them as students who didn’t completed their h.w.
Seeing them lyk this rags laighs a bit and to lighten the mood she asks in a childhish tone-wud any1 give me food .i m dieing of hunger
Nobody responded.
Ragini-oh god I think no1 cares for me (dramatically)okkkkkk.(sadly)and sits grabbing a chair and waits for their response.
Every1 looks up and realisewat she said and rush her to the dining table.
Sumi-ragu 2day I’ll feed u wid my hands.
Rags nodded wid teary eyes and sumi feeded her and tells how is d situation of their families.(maheshwaris including).meanwhile dadi took swara to a corner and told her that refuse laksh to cum to baadi and pick rags will b sad .but our rags heard it .
She got into thinking-no I wont let this all affect swara or any1’s lyf.and she turned to her dadi-
Rags-dadi wat r u saying ????
Dadi-no ……………..nothing
Rags-I heard call laksh and tell him to cum here ,I want to meet him
Swara-r u sure???????
Rags every1 is sitting beside her and making her eat wid their hands .
Shekhar-wait I’ll bring milkcake for u ,I’ll jst make it(happily)
Sharmishtha-arre ……….my daughter has came after a long tym and she will eat ur cake(taunting him).no ways she will eat my handmade rasgullas.(giving him a look)
Shekhar0no mine
Shar-no mine
All were jst luking at dem lovingly dat how dey were fighting lyk a newly married couple.
Shek-we’ll ask ragini then .and shomi nodded.
Rags-wat sweet and me.!!!!!!!!!!no actually …………I don’t lyk sweets now.
Wid this dere faces became rags cudnt see any1 sad so she said-ok…………….i will eat both of ur dishes but 1st cook them na………

Shek &shomi-(happily)yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rags- no no not now after sumtym now I m full(and smiles)
Now dadi starts feeding her and says-laado see how thin u r now ,now u came na I’ll feed u ghee,makhan everyday.
Rags-oh dadima ,dis is 2day’s fashion,u know size 0.and moreover if I eat this much I will die coz now I don’t have that appetite to eat such heavy food.
Dadi-ssssshhh….y r u talking about death since u came????(angrily)
Rags-dadi chill. Its jst that if I remind myself that then I live my lyf to the fullest ,widout any tension or worry
Dadi(caring tone)-u have changed a lot in these 5 yrs .but I think u needed dis change and I m happy for u.
Rags nodded.Here laksh gets ready to go to baadi and gets a call from swara
Swara-laksh I have a surprise for u (chirpingly)
Laksh- wat swara(casually)

Swara-ohho,cum to baadi and see it ……………….and ya bring sanky too
Lak-swara,u know na he doesn’t lyk going to baadi and also ma papa don’t want to see him.
Swara-chill baby!!!!!!!!!!!2day dey wont say anything,jst bring him and cum soon.
And she disconnects d call.laksh gets into thinkingthat y is she sounding so happy 2day .i hope everything’s fyn.he then pursues sanky to go to baadi wid 1st san refuses but after much persuasion he agrees.and dey drive off to baadi.
Here rags is sitting on sofa and talking about casual stuffs wid every1.sanlak reach baadi.sanskar gts a call so he says him dat –u go I m jst cuming.laksh nods and heads to baadi.
Laksh bangs d gadodia door and swara opens it wid a bright smile on her face.they look at each other for sumtym and have a eyelock.the eyelock is broken by rags voice.
Rags-who came swara???(heading towards the door)

And now they see each other and freeze.their faces r pale.
Rags monologue: behave normal,behave normal,behave normal.
Lak monologue: ragini here ,oh god if sumthing happens then ,no I have to talk to her.
Wid this thy took a deep breath and returned to reality.and forwarded to shake hands.swara was nervous as to how rags will react but no worries nothing happened.
Lak-ragini u ………here ……how r u??long tym no see(hesitatingly)
Rags-yaa I thought to cum back……….u know bak to pavellion(and smiles awkwardly)
Dadi-arre laksh u came cum sit shomi bring snacks for him.
And they headed towards rags got a call.

Caller-wen u r fixing d meeting ?
Rags- I have reached here I will cum 2morrow.
And dey were discussing sum stuffs.rags was moving backward towards door and here sanky was entering d house.on stair rags leg slipped and she was about to all.
But a pair of hands catch her at nick of tym and she opens her eyes to see her savoiur for now.dey luk into each others eyes and r lost completely in their own world.
(guys don’t be too dreamy and hold ur horses coz dis aint happening)(lets see wat happens in real.)
Yes she slipped but she didn’t waited for her hero to cum and rescue her.sanskar opened his arms to save her but our rags is quiet smart.she holded the door handle at nick of tym and saved herself from falling.(she don’t lyk to b dependent on others)
San rag(under their breath)-ragini……………..sanskar reapactively.

Precap- rags badmash company.

Sorry guys for being too late.thanks for reading to previous episodes:

Credit to: sargam

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