jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 4)


hello again frands .I m back to give u nxt episode.
Thank u for ur comments and this tym I replied u all personally.before that the previous links:

episode 4
recap-ragini talk on phone
caller-ya I know u r very strong
caller-but will u b this much strong wen u will face them???????
Ragini-u know na how I am then y ??????????
Caller-ok baba ok,I wont say anything now but remember be careful ,I will also reach there soon.
Ragini- ok bye
And they hang up.

Maheshwari mansion
In room a boy is sleeping and touches the side of his bed and says where r u swara???????
(yes he is laksh)
Laksh-ohho ,I again forgot she went to baadi ,laksh improve ur habit ,or u will soon turn into an amnesia patient
He then gets up from bed and move towards bathroom.
After sumtym he comes out and stands in front of mirror.he thinks how these 5 yrs have passed.
Thinking-swara now u have became an imp. Part of me and my family’s lyf.the way u handeled everything after ragini went I m jst amazed.u have turned into a totally adarsh Marwari bahu holding all household responsibilities.this house now seems to be dull with ur presence.but I understand that u have to take care of maa,papa and dadi at baadi too.and as I promised I will always b wid u in every step of our lyf.i know how much u crave to even hear ur sis’s voice and everyday I too pray that she cums bak.
I have hided this thing from the whole family .i hope this doesn’t cums in front of all or I will loose swara.the guilt that has engulfed me from a long tym ………..y m I not able to get over it ??????
And his eyes becomes moist.
Sanky’s room

He is watching sum files and analyzing them.he then watches his watch and says 2 hrs for the mehra’s meeting.i have to take the maheshwari company on top and this is very imp. For that.
(wid this u have got to know that now sanky is a workaholic and he works so that in 1 way he can repent for his mistakes.)
Ragini cumes in front of baadi and says with determination –step 1 for my mission.
She enters inside and sum ladies r standing their.they see her and comment
Lady1-see wat kind of clothes she is wearing (makes a disgusting face)
Lady2-2day’s generation has lost all its values(sighs)
And now ragini’s anger was at its peak.she clenched her fists and moved towards them.
Rags-hi aunty ,how r u ????(fake smile)
The ladies wid a questioning look ??????????
Rags-u don’t know me ?????(sadly)ohhhhhhhhhh.

Rudely—then y r u passing comment on me as if I will b ur dil and give me this value lecture and all.
Or rnt u happy in ur lyf.hmmmmmmmmmm????????thats y peaking into others lyf and passing these cheap comments lyk the guys passing on girls on roads.
The ladys were shocked as to how an outsider came and insulted them but they remained quiet as itni bezati ho chuki thi ab bolte toh pata nahi rags kya bol deti.
(so u see rags ka zaban ladane wala avatar wid elders of her own baadi)
MEANWHILE inside gadodia house
Swara sang an aarti and gave to every1 wid a smile on her face .
They sit for breakfast.and dadi asks if lak is cuming .swara nodes her head in a yes.
Dadi says- y m I feeling that sumthing will happen today
Dada-ohho, parvati jst concentrate on ur food ,u toh always feel lyk this
Dadi makes a face and turns to her food.

There is a knock on the door and swara goes to open the door and is awestruck to see her sis ,her rags in front of her .at 1st she wasn’t able to recognize her but now she did.
And jst uttered 1 word –ragini!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every1 inside heard that and came running jst to see rags standing there in a modern avatar wid a confused smile on her face .

The end
Precap-sanlak meet wid rags

So guys sorry for this bad update .i hope I m not boring u all.if it is so then do tell me.till then keep smiling and take care .

Credit to: sargam

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