jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 3)


Hi guys tysm for commenting in previous means a lot to me .so starting wid story.
5 years leap
Sun rises bringing a new morning in evey1’s lyf.but they don’t know that it will bring back her.she will come back to her family not to be pampered by them but to take revenge ,revenge from sum1 who hurted her badly,broke her into pieces wen she started living her life she is back.

In baadi
Swaragini’s room
A girl is sleeping .the alarm clocks and she wakes up and goes to bathroom.
After 30 minutes she comes out and moves towards mirror to wear her accessories.then her rosy lips are shown followed by her deep sea like eyes which want to say a lot but r’nt able to.
Then her face is shown .she is our cuty swara.she puts her sindoor and mangalsutra and smiles looking at her mangalsutra.
(guys don’t worry she doesn’t stay in baadi ,u will know the story wen scrolled down.)

Swara-gud morning ragini
No reply****
Swara-aree today also u wont wish me morning ,y r u still angry on me,see I hold my ears now forgive me pls,ur sweet sis ,
No reply****
She turns around and sees rags photo and gets teary eyed.
Swara-ragini 5 yrs have passed but u didn’t returned.these 5 yrs u know how we lived ,without the glow of the house ,ur smile ,ur sweet voice during aarti wid which every1’s day started.see I mfulfilling my promise .i take care of both the families.i come here for 1 week in every month so that dadi ,dad and mom doesn’t feel ur absence much..
Ragini was our luv wasn’t that strong that cud bring u back to us.were our relations that hollow that u don’t want to cum bak.u took 5 yrs now how much more???????
Wiping her tears
Ok so u wont answer then I also wont talk to u wen u will cum back.afterall I m ur sis,if u r stubborn then I m too.
Then came a voice from back
Voice-seriously u wont talk to me. Really I came after so many yrs and u wont talk to me ..ok ………I m going bak and she turns to leave.(wid cute puppy dog eyes )
(she is rag’s)
Swara(stood up and ran towards her)
Rags turned
Swara-wait ragini ,I m sorry for all that ,how is it possible that I wont talk to u,huh??
Cum give me a hugand she took her hand in hers but before she cud hug rags .rags disappeared.
Swara was standing there shocked and broke into tears.
Swara-again rags u deceived ur sis,yeh aankh micholi ka khel kab tak chalega ,kyat um mere pass kabhi nahi aaogi.kya hum swaragini dobara nahi ban payenge.pata nahi kaha ho tum.par pls jaldi aa jao ab aur nahi sambhal sakti main akele ye sab,mujhe meri behen chahiye meri takat ,meri prerna.pls wherever u r comeback.

A girl is shown coming out of airport.
She is wearing blue denim jeans wid hot pink crop top showing her perfectly carved belly and a scarf around her neck wid matching jewelry.
She waves her hand for a taxi.
Taxi stops near her and he gets into it.
She receives a call .
Caller-have u reached safely there??
Girl-yes of course I have .dont worry no one will ever dare to mess wid ragini gadodia.and moreover it my city ,I m not new here.i will handle myself.
(yes our rags in this modern avatar .oh I cud imagine how gud she wud be luking)

The end .
Precap-rags entry in gm.

So sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for this late and short update but I m all messed up wid skul work and this is all wat came out in jst one go .but don’t worry the nxt will bring some new shades of our stay tuned.
Guys do drop ur suggestions in the comments box.
p.s.-if anybody knows her pls her her to cum bak. The writer of u will find ur soulmate.pls if u r reading it somehow pls update nxt.i m dieing to read it.pls.

Credit to: sargam

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