jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 22) ragsan

Hey guys I m back with another chappy of my ff.reading ur comments I was flying in air,wow it felt soooooo gr8,thank u so much all of u,u r my inspiration to write more and more,thanks for reading my ff and being with me all the tym,whatever I say it wud be less in front of ur lovely comments.wenever I read them ,it fills me with a positive energy and I keep smiling all the day long.
So let’s start:

Laksh(with trembling voice)-swara…………..
They were moving from kitchen to hall with weak steps and kept their hands on their stomach on which they had put ketchup to show it as blood.they had already thrown utensils on ground for the frightening effect but our heroines didn’t even came to kitchen to see wat was our heroes had to make a move.
Sanlak reached till the sofa and finding no reaction moved towards where they were sitted.but they found no one.they luked at eo tensedly but then called out swarag’s name.they found no response and grew suspicious of where they went.
Sanky(scratching his head tensed)-laksh open the lights till then,our plan toh spoiled now lets search for the girls
Laksh nods and moves towards switches.he clicks the light switch but light doesn’t come.
Sanky-wat happened?

Laksh(shrugging his shoulders)-don’t know lights rnt opening……..
Sanskar also pushes the switch but nothing happens.they were talking to eo about swarag’s disappearance then the light ,there comes the wind blowing fiercly giving them chills.they checked in rooms but didn’t find any1.they moved towards the main door but it was as if jammed.
It was supported by song in bg-gumnaan hai koi…………..the situation had turned to a horror movie set with no lights,wind voice,scary music in bg and our heroines sorry our trembling heroes trapped in b/w.
They held onto eo’s hand and gulped the saliva down their throat,they saw something from the window glass(glass is translucent),a yellow light moving in straight line .they were sweating profusely and looked sharply at the light.the light was cuming from candle and the candle was in hand of a lady in white saree.suddenly the light disappeared living them in dark.
Sanlak tried giving a nervous chuckle but cudnt help it.
Laksh(stammering)-its ok………..nothing there,jst a lady carrying candle………yaaaaaaaaaa
Sanky(fumbling)-ya ya,y will I fear a normal lady,……………….
Laksh(closing his eyes)-sanky shud I say the truth, actually I m very scared…………
Sanky almost cried and nodded hiss head.

They turned around and find a shadow in b/w their shadows.sanky looked back but found no one.they gulped in fear.
Some1 keeps a cold like ice hand on their shoulder jerking them.they jump on their places but the voice cums”don’t get scared I m here “.they turn around to find the person but see no one there.
Both luk at eo like talking through eyes.they stand still and closed their eyes muttering hanuman chalisa.
“bhoot pisach nikat nhi aave………….”
Laksh opens his eyes to check the scenario and finds the light back and swarag absorbed in watching the movie.he shakes sanky and tells him to open his eyes.sanky does so and they luk at swara then at eo apprehensively.
Swarag get up from their place after switching off the tv and moves towards sanlak.
Swa-arre u were in kitchen na how u got here?
Rag(pointing to their shirts)-wats this?
Sanky(nervously)-woah ketchup,it got spilled……………
Swarag(in unison)-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sanlak r lost in their thoughts-was it dream?but 2 people having same dream?it felt so real…………..
Swara clasps her finger in front of them and brings them to reality.
Rag(keeping her elbow on swara’s shoulder)-where r u lost?lagta hai khuli aankhon se koi bura sapna dekh liya………….(she smirked and winked to swara which our poor heores failed to notice.)
Swara(controlling her grin)-yes tell na what r u thinking?
Sanky-no nothing………….just
Rag burst into laughter and swara eyed her angrily.sanlak were confused by this and looked at eo questioningly.
Swara(keeping hands on her waist)-ragini so bad
Rags(still laughing)-swara pls………….jst see their faces,they r so scared now don’t pull their legs…………….
Sanky(confused)-wat teasing?
Ragini(taking a deep breath)-ok I will tell, u both weren’t dreaming it all……………….actually it was all our plan……… scare u…..
San(innocently)-but y?
Ragini(teasing him)-aww mera bhola bacha doesn’t know anything.
Sanskar flushes and bends his head.laksh is looking at swara shocked by her act.
Laksh(widening his eyes)-swara u too were involved…………..i didn’t expect this from u…………
Swara(crossing her arms)-oh so I shud expect u to play prank on me (pointing to ketchup’s stain)and I shud be a silent victim
San(rolling his eyes)-but how do u know?
Rag(hitting his head lightly)-we heard it buddhu…………..
Swara(praising herself)-and after that u know wat happened……………

Laksh(sniffing)-it was ur plan to do it……… god I didn’t knew I had such chaloo chiz around me………
Rag(interrupting them)-u think swaragini make a plan and it fails… that isn’t in us,u remember swara how we played pranks on badi people during our college days
Swara nods and says-its gud I had kept it safe in my cupboard ,the candle and white sari,the shadow doll and the icy hands………(she giggles and sanlak pout sadly)
Swara(holding laksh’s collar)-and dare u make such plans to take my breath away and then see wat I will do……….
Laksh pleaded through his eyes and swara left him dusting his collar.
Their stomach growled and they looked at eo with puppy eyes.
Rag(twisting her lips)-ok lets make sumthing……….
All of their eyes shined and they moved to kitchen happily.
Rag(looking in cupboards)-wat u wanna eat swara?
Swara(keeping finger on her cheek)-sumthing spicy…………very spicy…………..hmmm pasta
Rag smiled towards her and starts cutting veggies.
Laksh(keeping hand around sanky’s neck)-see bro we don’t even matter in their lives,only swara’s choice…..

Swara who was seeing ragini turned towards them and gave the best sarcastic smile and said-u also get pregnant and then u will be kept like queen ok?
Laksh(pouting sadly) –not fair
Swara(copying his expressions)-aww its fair (strictly)and BTW who is ragini’s sis,me or u?
Swara(brushing his hair)-so now sit quietly and let her do her work
He nods and sanlak start talking.
Sanky(luking around)-how much tym naa laksh we didn’t entered kitchen like this …….
Laksh also sits on slab beside him and says-yes
Sanky(smiling)-u remember how we used to fight with rolling pin and other utensils……
Laksh(remembering old days)-and making them our swords and helmets
Sanky turns towards him and they both smirk.soon they started fighting with the rolling pin and spatula making sounds like in a war.
Swara and ragini who were busy in making food turned to them and were astonished to see them like this.swara was enjoying all this but rags got furious and shouted-go jst go from here,u idiots is kitchen a place to play……………

Sanlak stopped and looked at her like innocent kids.
Rags(huffing)-ok fyn ,u can stay here but don’t play ,jst sit there quitely.
Rags got busy in making pasta and swara said to her-ragini wen my kid will be born naa then our kids will also play like this……………
Rags smiles towards her and nods.swara gets pickle bottle and starts eating the pickle enjoying it fully.sanlak who were siting sadly get amused to see her eating a thing with so interest.
Laksh(moving towards her)-wat ru eating……….
Laksh(hesitatingly)-can I have 1?
Swara forwards the whole bottle and laksh takes 2 pickles from it,giving 1 to sanky.ragini suppress her smile.the sour pickle touched their tongues and they started jumping ,swara giggled luking at them.
San(twisting his lips)-yuck so sour,
Laksh(making faces)-how cud u eat it?
Sanskar(taking his tongue out)-yuck……………….
Swara cums to them and handles each a water bottle.ragini huffs in anger and says holding her head-y u 3 r behaving like kids?

Swalaksan(in unison)-bcoz u r behaving lyk a mother(pouted after this)
Ragini sighs saying-they wont change and turns to gas stove.swalaksan giggled and gave eo hi-fi’s.
Ragini prepares the pasta and moves to dining table with it .all 3 moves after her smelling the aroma of it and sit lyk obedient childs flashing their teeths with most innocent luks.ragini serves them and they start eating.
Swara-wow its too spicy……..
Laksh-really gud
Sanskar-I think I have ate this before……… (he thinks sumthing and stops)
Ragini smiles at him weakly and bites her tongue inside.
They sit on sofa and swara asks ragini to do her champee.ragini complies and massages her hairs.sanlak r sitting on opposite seats and luking at their lady loves lovingly.
San(in mind)-u again reminded me of kavita ragini,u know she was also like this ……
They all retired to their beds bidding gudnyt to eo.

Preacap-sanky remembers kavita and his love story and ragini goes to Mumbai and a new entry

Ok guys finished with episode22 ,feeling really happy that I have completed 20 episodes,yippeeeeeee,and thanks for making my TU journey so beautiful,all of u,even my silent reader,if I have………..

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