jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 21) ragsan

So guys I m back with another episode.thanks for ur comments in previous one and yes sanskaar is only the father of kanav not laksh ,ur confusion will get cleared with the revelation of ragini’s past and the revelation is gonna happen soon,yes u heard it right soon maybe after 2 or 3 episodes or before that so stay tuned………..
,lets start:

Rag lak try to go there but a truck cums in their path.after it passes they move towards her while rags slip in b/w,laksh luks at her but rags shouts wincing in pain “go”.laksh run towards swara and rags gets up stumbling a bit due to pain and goes towards them.she sees laksh hugging swara and sanky standing there.she approaches them and stands there taking a sigh of relief seeing swara alright but then it changes to a glare while laksh is still hugging her tight and murmuring sumthing or other.
Sanky(looking down)-woah I saw her on road walking aimlessly and a truck cuming towards her so I pulled her………….i was going on meeting and saw laksh’s car………..
Rags looking at his face finds sumthing odd but then mutters a thank you heartfully.sanskar gives a lill smile while laksh is scolding swara.
Laksh(miffed wid her)-swara u shud have taken care of urslef,u r not a kid ,u r going to be a mother atlest think about the small life growing in u(in tears),u didn’t even thought about me,…………wat wud have happened to me after u……………(he wiped his tears wen swara forwards her hand to touch him),no y wud u care,u 1st act impulsively and then think wat’s happening,……………….we were talking calmly ryt?then y all……this…..?

Swara(in tears)-laksh I was…………I wasn’t able to digest this fact that I snatched ur first love……….ur love…….from u,I ………I wasn’t ……..ur choice………u were tied in a forceful relation………..i didn’t even
Before she cud say further ragini turned her and started her quota of scoldings.
Rags(angrily)-ek hi maala kyon jape jar hi ho swara,I m saying,laksh is saying we loved eo in past,IN PAST,but now he only loves u,u didn’t do any crime by marrying him nor by loving him,it was our decision,in this one had to suffer then y not me,(taking her hands in her palm)u remember wenever I felt lonely and cried for my maa,u were always there to console me,support me ,taking away all my pains by ur soothing words,and wen in college I was about to be ragged ,u came to my rescue ,after that u were locked in the store rum for 2 whole day and I didn’t even had slightest of knowledge about it(cupping swara’s face),then u were my shield so y cant I incur any pain before it touches u,u were jst lyk my mother,and as a sister u fulfilled ur duties then y cant u give me chance to show my love for u,my gratitude for u,how much i have done for u is less only compared to ur deeds ,we r swaragini,aur kisi dukh ko tumhe chune se pehle mujhse hoge guzarna hoga,main tumhari dhal hu ……..jaise ki tum meri ho ………….and now I don’t regret doing it,(wiping swara’s tears)u know bcoz of this all only,I got kanav,my life in Mumbai,a new life ,I started living there……………and now if u say even a word further then I will leave u again………..

Swara hugs her tightly and says-no u wont go anywhere,I wont let u…………..
Sanlak smile at them and swarag break their hug wiping eo’s tears.
Rags(winking at swara)-ok now lets go home
Swalak nods but rags stops them saying-“arre I don’t want to be a kabab mein haddi in ur romance and neither sanskar(she luks at sanky while he seems lost)…………so u go to ur date and we r going home(she slightly pushes swara towards laksh and laksh hugs her )
Swalak r blushing while rags is smiling luking at them whereas sanky is lost in deep thoughts.
Rags-lets go sanky!!!!!
Sanky nods and starts walking not even once luking at rags ,he halts his step wen rags shout from behind”u unworthy ,u call urself frand,cum help me to walk,cant u see I m injured”
Sanskar runs to her and gestures to lift her but rags takes his hand as support and exclaims”haddi nhi tooti hai bas chot lgi hai”

They start walking towards the car and rags was blabbering sumthing while sanky luks at her and says”koi itna dukh she kar bhi pyar kaise baat sakta hai,how cud u be so selfless ragini,u sacrificed ur love for ur sis even after knowing he loved u,………..i fear wud I be able to love u with that much intensity that u love evry1,I wud be glad if I cud even have 1% of ur qualities,my love has increased after seeing ur this side and I admire u more now”
Rags(noticing him)-where r u lost ?………..oh u must be thinking wat were we talking,ryt?
Sanky nods smilingly at her.she blabbers the truth while sanky notices only her expressions,her eyebrows moving up-down lyk waves,her eyes rolling or shrinking and her lips twisting making her more adorable for him.wen she found him unaffected she asks-u wont ask me anything……….ok atleast give sum reaction………
But sanky jst smiles and hits her head and makes her sit in car and moves to other side while rags is puzzled by his behavior,he brings first aid kit for her and starts tieing it around her wound while she luks at him affectionately wen sanky closed his eyes applying dettol on the wound and feeling pain as if he is hurt himself.he opens his eyes after the dressing is done and finds rags staring at him lovingly,he blushes lowering his eyes but soon is brought to reality by rags ordering sound”r we going to spend the nyt here?”sanky cums in reality and starts driving the car.rags in mind thinks-wat was i doing?

Ragini)making a pout)-atleast give a reaction……..
Sanky(luking straight)-woah actually …….i …….i came here not bcoz of meeting but……..i …..heard u talk wid laksh at home………so I followed u till here……….to know the truth………
And he luks at rags wid corner of his eyes who is astonished to know this.
Sanskar(clearing throat)-ahhhhhh now u say sumthing…..(smiles sheepishly)
Rags(beating on his hand )-u jagga jasoos,u were following us and see how clearly u say a lie ,I was also trapped in it,(dramatically)socha nahi tha itna simple,naïve ok khadoos bhi(sanky glared at her) aise samajhdari aur chalaki ke kaam kar sakta h…………(she chuckled luking his puppy face but then straightened herself)ok ,on a serious note y were u following me,u shud have asked by urself…..(raised her eyebrow)

Sanky(rubbing his head wid one hand)-how wud I have asked u……….i mean with wat right?……u know ……..interefreing in sum1’s lyf(remembering her outburst in the marriage)
Rags(wid little smile)-ok I know I was quite rude to u that tym but now we r frands we can talk anything……….widout any hesitation……and mr. from where thse right talks came from?in frandship jot era hai wo mera hai jo mera who tera…………(and she screeched happily luking at a smiling sanky)acha now do u have any qs.?
Sanky(serious voice)-no ragini no questions but I jst want to know were u able to leave laksh so easily ,didn’t ur heart pained to go away from all of us,didn’t u had a second thought that u shud stay back,carry on ur lyf ,get ur love………
Rags(letting out a heavy sigh)-yes sanskaar ………..i wanted to do all this but then I had to leave for evry1’s betterment and my pain was grave yes I know but to see my sister broken in front of me ,I cant do wud have pained more to know that I m d reason of her sadness,sanskaar mohabat karna hamare bas mein nhi hota par us mohabat se dur chale jana hamare bas mein hota hai so I did that(ADHM’s lines,wat a words ryt?)

(in mind)-sum1 gave me the strength to bear all this happily,the soothing pain that I got took all my pains away from me and gave me the happiness of life……..(she had tears in eyes remembering that sum1)
Sanky(to lighten the situation)-oh madam ,not cut paste the line of movies on me ,ok,think sum original ……….and this rondu(cry-baby) avatar doesnt suit u,so cum on give me my fierce ragini back ,fast
Ragini smiles lightly and orders him-now drive fast!!!
Sanky-yes that’s the ragini I like
Ragini blushes to this and he bites his tongue thinking wat he said.
They reached home.
Laksh takes swara to the spot and luks around complementing swara for her choice making her blush while he is enjoying her blush.he brings her to the table ,stretches chair for her,and makes her sit.
Laksh(luking at her romantically)-so wat r the plans?
Swara(lost in him)-wat plans?

Laksh(admiring her)-my buddhu biwi ,ur plans for this date,u organized it ryt?
Swara nods and they have the food kept on table sharing brief eye-locks blushing hard,they were behaving as newly married couples who now only realized their feelings for eo.laksh extends his hand for dance to her and she accepts it gracefully.tere sang yara plays in bg.
They dance lost in eo,talking heart to heart ,feeling eo’s presence and importace in their lives.swara hugs him while laksh encircles his shoulders around her waist and slowly moving to the dance beats.the warmth of their embrace is providing them a feeling of completeness and security which one cant find in any other’s arms.laksh breaks the hug and luks at swara’s crying face,swara wipes her tears quickly while laksh bends down and forwards a ring to her as if proposing her.

Laksh-u know I was a really spoilt brat,I didn’t had any goal in my life(chuckled remembering his old days)then I met a girl with whom my marriage got fixed but I got attracted to her sister and then I fell in love with that girl whom I rejected.but she left me(making puppy face)and then the fairy came to my life,made my life meaningful,handled my resposibilites as a son as is an excellent dil,my life partner,I ignored her for 3 yrs,I left living my life and tuned a machine but she……..she never lost hope in me,she hold onto me,bringing me back,making me fall in love with her ,teaching me the true meaning of love and then my life turned colourful again,tumne mujhe jeena sikhaya swara,tum meri zindagi ho aur main nhi chhta ki meri zindagi mujhse khafa ho ya udas ho so I want my life to keep smiling ,can I have the pleasure to see her precious smile (swara smiles through her tears)ya that’s my life,…………u know swara I thought I wont be able to love again but u came as a cold breeze taking away all my worries and filling love around me,so mrs. Swara laksh maheshwari will u accept my proposal again,pls,u taught me to live life now I m saying u,jee le zara,mera hath tham lo aur mujhe poora kar do,jaise tumne meri zindagi mein rang bhare hai I also want to return u ur love in same way so now leave all these tensions behinds and accept this ring(forwarding his hand)……………… my legs r paining(he cries holding his legs).

Swara makes him stand and laksh wipes her tears with his thumb and signals her not to cry.swara forwards her hand to wear the ring and laksh makes her wear it with full passion and then they hug tightly,close to eo’s heart which beats jst for each other.
Ragini(sitting on dining table enjoying her chips)-arre sanky y r u roaming around lyk a lost puppy?
Sanky(caressing his tummy)-yaa u only care about ur hunger,see me I m also hungry………pls maje sumthing for me na…………

Rags(stopped munching her chips)-(dramatically)-wat?u r asking a zakhmi abla nari to cook for u in this condition(showing her injured leg with a sad pout)
Sanky(hitting his head with hand)-main bhi kahan bhains kea age been baja raha hoon,chal beta sanky aapna jugad khud kar,dost dost na rha(dramatic tone)………
Before he cud sing further rags came running to him stumbling and hit his back saying”do I look bains to u,m I moti,u calling me fat,sanky how dare u?”with this she started chasing him around the house forgetting her pain behind our bechara pratadit sanskaar who was running less and screaming more.rags missed hitting him few tyms and got tired so to trap him she stumbles and acted as if falling backwards.sanky came running to her and opened his arms to catch her but rags straightened herself ,grabbed his hand and twisted to his back while sanky winced in pain.
Rags-so tell me wat were u saying?

Sanky-no..i was not saying anything,leave na ragini its paining ahhhhhh
Rags-I didn’t even hold ur hand properly and u r dieing here ,oh god chui mui(touch me not type)
Sanky(sarcastically)-if I have a sunny doel lyk frand who beats boys then sum1 has to fill the space of the heroine ryt?……….(winking)waise I m feeling quite romantic in ur hold…
Rags left his hand and he turned around luking at her winking while she huffed in anger.
Rags (sitting on sofa cross-legged)-that’s not fair u know how to melt me?
Sanky(holding his waist)-no madam ,I jst know how to instigate u and ur ego does it all…..
Rags(blowing air to the hair cuming on her face)-now I m in no mood to fight ,cum sit and stop ur bakwaas……
Sanky(sitting beside her)-ragini may I ask sumthing?(rags nodded)(winking again)y r u so authoritative?

A fb is shown
Person-cum on ragu u r in wedding planning business u shud not plead to ur workers,be authoritative,order them or else they wont work
Ragu(pouting sadly)-but is it important?
Person(cupping rags face)-ragu in this world a woman is taken for granted only,if we don’t be strict ,people will crush us and move on ,so to make people aware of our presence and woth u have to use this all
Ragu(smiling)-ok madam now u see how I will becum strong that people will fear to defy me.
She giggled and hugged the person.
Fb ends

Ragu(composing herself)-woah sum1 gave me a valuable lesson and after that I took it quite seriously(chuckled thinking of it)
Sanky(admiring her)-oh but u know it suits u,u luk gud in this avatar of urs ,bossy ,arrogant but ya caring too……
Rags(praising him)-u also luk gud in this joyful spirit not that khado…….i mean the serious type……..
Sanky(dreamily)-hmmm our lyf changed so much,our relation,how it started?we were crime partners.jst came together to fulfill our own selfish needs.but we didn’t even knew y we r doing it,I never became a true frand of urs at that tym,I knew everything about u but never told u about me,y I came here………
Rags(cutting him)-now no need to think of old bad memories,jst live in present and live it to fullest,cum on now smile
Sanky smiles which brought a smile on her face too.they now started watching a horror movie sitting on the floor clutching to the pillows kept near to see such intense horror scenes,the situation was also fearfully,they had closed the lights and air was blowing outside moving the curtains which gave the look of sum1 moving tip-toeing,they were completely lost in the movie when came a ‘bhoooooo’ from their back jerking them fully.

Rags held sanky’s shoulder tightly and they both closed their eyes in fear and let out a scream “ahhhhhhh”.they opened their eyes hearing laughing sounds from behind and looked at eo tensedly but then their fear flew away luking into eo’s eyes,they were completely lost in eo but for brief tym ,noe their focus was to take class of the pranksters.they got up and turned around only to find swalak laughing lyk maniacs seeing their pale faces holding onto eo.ragsan were really delighted to see their siblings genuinely happy after so many days and ran to them and took them into a bear hug,swarag and sanlak ,the perfect siblings.swalak were puzzled y ragsan hugged them but then who cares for the reason they too complied and hugged them back still chuckling for past moment.
Swara(still hugging rags)-wat happened ragu?i thought u wud chase me all around the house after this….
Rags(softly)-no……….let me enjoy this moment ,every1 is happy and I m in no mood to becum a hitler………jst cherish the moments.
Swara caressed rags hairs while rags lets out a sigh remembering sumthing.

Fb starts:
Person:ragu wat happened y r u crying?
Ragu hiding her face:no I m not…….
Person:cum on baby I know u in and out so tell me wat happened?………..hmmmmmmm ghar ki yaad aa gayi
Ragini nods and burst into tears.person hugs her and says caressing her back:don’t worry baby,I m here only……..relax,ssshhh I m also ur family naaa ,and crying doesn’t suit u,u look happy smiling only………
Ragini breaks the hug and looks into the person’s eyes:I m really blessed to have u,u don’t let me feel the absence of any1…………and whatever I m today its bcoz of u……….i don’t know how will I repay u for ur…….
Preson(cutting her in b/w)-ssshhhhhh koi apno ko thank u bolta hai kya?and stop ur senti talks………pagli mujhe bhi rulaegi…….(smiles a little)
Ragini smiles and the person caressed her face.
Fb ends

Sanky(hugging laksh)(dramatically)-I didn’t knew d prank we played on others in childhood ,u will do that with ur own bro.
Laksh-I m so happy to get u back bro,my sanky and with that our childhood has returned so we can play pranks on others…
They break hug and the 4 sit to watch the movie in middle swarag and besides swara laksh and sanskaar gets sitted beside ragini.
Sanlak get bored with the movie and look at each other and winking get up from there while swarag r busy in watching the movie.

Sanlak in kitchen:
Sanskaar(making sad pout)-u know lucky ragini didn’t even gave me sumthing to eat,I m feeling hungry…….
Laksh(pulling his cheeks)-aww my brother cum we will search sumtihng(searches the cupboard)
Sanskaar(cupping own face)-waise I was thinking who to play prank on
Laksh(turning around)-u remember how papa gave us punishments jst bcoz of our pranks
Sanky(smiling)-we used to do that much ki sabki naak mein dum ho jata tha……..
Laksh-I missed those days and u too
Sanky-me too
They hugged and breaking the hug ,laksh said-no lets get to work(winking at sanky)
Sanky(with mischievous smile)-here we cum swaragini………………….
They give hi-fi to eo and then laugh silently thinking of their plan.

End of this chappy………

I hope this was a long and light chappy.i was able to bring a smile on ur faces I hope so…………..i gave fbs of rags past in this ,so wat do u think?
Hope u lyk it and do tell me through your comments,sorry fro being soooooooooooo irregular guys .

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