jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 20, b) ragsan


Hey guys back wid part –b
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so lets start:
Tears were continuously flowing down swara’s cheeks making her more and more weak on her knees,wat if her apprehensions wud cum true wen she will confront them?wat if she wud be responsible sumwhere for everything that happened yrs. Back?did she forced her sis to go away form her luv and family,indirectly but still?she wiped her tears consoling herself that I wont presume anything ..and left to her room to face laksh.
Sanky’s world jst turned upside-down hearing that,the ground beneath his feet slipped away widout his knowledge ,his mind was boggled by the confusions,if raglak luved eo then y didn’t they married?y did rags left?and most importantly does she still love him?…….he too needed answers but with which right cud he ask her the ques.,………..he cud only wait for them to tell it themselves.
Swalak room
Laksh(luking at swara)-swara where u went?and y r u luking so dull?wat happened r u fyn?(he touched her forehead)
Swara(backing off)(weakly)-yes,I m fyn…………laksh do u want to tell me sumthing?
Laksh (avoiding eye-contact)-no swara,wat to tell u………….u think I m hiding sumthing ……………….no there’s nothing lyk that
Swara(broken)-ok,I have a surprise for u ,I will message u an address cum there,ok?
Laksh(excitedly)-wat surprise/……….for me………….yes but y?ummmmmmmmm leave that I will cum but yaa I hope u wont exhaust urself in that.
He kissed her forehead while swara closed her eyes trying to stop her tears .
Laksh-bye I have sum work in office but I will cum soon
And he left ,swara fell on the floor wid a thud wid null expressions,she didn’t wanted to think anything but prepare herself for a storm.
Sanky was passing from rags room wen he saw her sitting on the bed and thinking sumthing and weeping he wished to not let even a drop of tear in her eyes but now he is helpless and he cant even go to her and wipe them off,bringing a smile was a far thing.he jst let out a painful sigh and went to his room.
Swara messaged a place to rags to meet her and rags complied.

In evening at an decorated place:
It was near a lake ,the place was decorated with lilies,laksh’s fav. Wid 2 chairs in middle for a couple to sit.
And there she was standing imagining that how it wud have been if she wudnt have heard rag lak talking,they wud have cum on date,danced and feed eo jst like old days but now the reality was diff.
She was luking at the water which was too peaceful now but cud wreck a havoc if turned violent,she was trying to match her situation with it how her lyf was peaceful sum tym back and now……………
Rag lak reached there and luked at eo surprisingly and proceeded towards swara to get answers for their qs.rags was not getting a gud vibe from all this,but still she ignored it.
Swara turned wid a painful smile on her face and luked at rag lak .
She walked towards them and exclaimed-u both came,nyc
Laksh-swara I thought it was my surprise only but also rag’s ,I didn’t knew
Swara(sarcastically)-yaa I also thought it was our surprise but then it was imp. To include ragini
Ragini(holding her shoulder)-swara wat happened r u fyn?and wat will I do b/w u both?
Swara(removing her hand)-ragini u were never b/w us ,but I think I came b/w u 2
Ragini(puzzled)-wat………wat r u saying?
Laksh(worried)-swara wat happened ,y…….. r u talking lyk this?
Swara(ignoring their qs.)-laksh u remember the day of our wedding(laksh nods),that day wen ragini went away from our lives,wen u all went to search for her but…………..didnt found her,evry1 was broken but u,u were luking really lost,sad and reastless.i thought u r worried for me that’s y u r lyk this,(tears fromed in her eyes,thinking how blind cud I be that I cudnt analyze his feelings)then we went to mm, u remember the day of our suhagrat,wen u had coldly said that I need tym(laksh nods weakly),I was fyn wid it coz evry1 needed tym,I was in my own grief for sum days till ma came and showed me the same video of rags to take care of our families,I gathered strength to bring the family together so that we cud keep our promise to ragini,but u were so busy in ur own work ,in business that u forgot to show ur feelings or care about any1 else’s,I thought u will take sum tym to get over it as u wud be feeling guilty,……………(rag lak were trying to figure out wat she meant)I took all resposibilty of the house,became an ‘adarsh bahu’,everything turned bak to normal but u ,u didn’t,u became more into urself,cuming late at nyt,going early for office,I thought that I lost my lucky,who was full of life,who was in no mood to go to office,who cud make evry1 laugh which his presence but then ur presence we all cudnt feel.we talked in syllables,jst u nodded ur head in yes or no ,I tried hard to get u back but u scolded me and then I left it on tym to heal ur unknown wound,wid tym I figured it out that our love was lost sumwhere.then 1 day u had an accident on our 3rd anniversary of marriage,I cried a lot seeing u in bandages but u didn’t even showed that u felt even a lill pain,u were jst lyk a machine till the,emotionless……………..but then u were bedridden for 1 month,I got a chance to spend the much needed tym wid u,to talk wid u,in 1st u were reluctant by my cuming even close to u but u needed my help and our journey of love started then,I made u the irritating lucky back(a small smile formed on her lips remembering those moments),we became frands then best frands and then husband and wife,I got my lucky back,and I was in love wid u again, wid a more sensible,mature laksh but I feared for ur feelings but 1 day u arranged sumthing lyk this only(showing aeound)and proposed me …………….after 3 yrs. Of marriage I got my love and my husband,with that I was the most happy girl,I left all the lworries of past ,of ur cold behavoiur,I gave u tym so that u wud urself tell me about that phase but u …………….u didn’t ……………..

Rag lak were puzzled and lak face turned pale to think to wat will cum nxt.
Lak(stammering)-swara …….wat… is ..the need of all this now?
Swara(loudly)-its needed laksh,it is bcoz today wat I heard I cant ignore it jst lyk that……….
She took both of their hands and kept on her head ,saying-ptomise me that whatever I ask ,u will answer me,promise me
Ragini withdraws her hand wid shocked expressions while laksh luks on.
Swara continues(determined)-I heard wat u were talking ,and I want to know it
Ragini(trying to put a fake smile but faling miserably)-wat……..wat r u talking about(avoiding eye contact)we didn’t talked anything,nothing………..
Laksh(wid tears in his eyes)-no ragini,its high tym I think we shud tell her the truth(luking at swara) but its jst past,it doesn’t matters now
Ragini resists but laksh continues.
Laksh-yes u guessed ryt but I didn’t thought that it will cum out lyk this but still……………… u remember wen I refused to marry u and ragini came to convince me(swara nods)…………….(ragini frowns and a strange fear captures her heart with his every word)

Fb starts:
Laksh is roaming in the garden of mm biting his nails.
His pov—swara was doing all this,I cudnt believe it,but if she had done it in front of me also ,I wudnt have disapproved I know she is a modern girl and that’s wat I liked about her but y am I not affected by all this,the feeling that I had for her is no more,no attraction,no love …………..wat’s happening?yes I refused for the marriage not bcoz of all this but jst that I m not sure about my feelings,I was attracted to her free-spirited nature,modern thoughts,modern lifestyle………………but now it doesn’t affects me
Suddenly his fone rings and the caller’s name brings a smile on his face.
Laksh-yes ragini!!!!!!!!!!
Laksh-ok yaa u cum to mm,yes I m here only.
He cuts the call.
His pov again-ragini was sounding really worried,is she fyn,wat wud have happened,she might be stressed about swara,I think I shud share my feelings wid her…………………..but……….will she understand?she’s swara’s sis …….maybe she feel offended…………but y cant I share my feelings wid her,she is my best frand ,she will surely understand,I m really worried for her,wat if she feels bad?i wont b able to c her tears………….her eyes luk good only wid that shine of happiness,which is missing from quiet a days,her expressful eyes which say a lot have an unknown pain,I don’t know y but my heart pain to c her in tears,I want her to smile lyk always,which makes my heart flutter,………….but y I feel sum kind of jealousy wen she is with bhai and after knowing he was acting it all I was really furious how cud he play with my ragini……….wait my ragini?wen did that happen?i guess I m quiet possessive about her,……….her frandship………….its jst frandship
He hears the sound of anklet and turns around to found a stressed-out ragini walking towards him in her old look,the traditional one which he didn’t liked earlier but missed it wen she turned to dress lyk swara,he missed the innocent and shy ragini which was lost in that modern attire but now he cud feel her again but he isn’t realizing it now………………..but sumthing is odd,she is luking restless .
Laksh(smilingly)-hi ragini ,tell me wat u want to talk?
Ragini(confidently)-laksh pls change ur decision……..
Laksh-which decision………………..oh my marriage with swara?…………….i m sorry but I cant…………..
Ragini(cutting him off)-see laksh it was not her mistake,not at any tym and not at this tym
Laksh(trying to speak)-ragini i…….
Ragini-no laksh pls try to understand.u love her ,she loves u,how cud u jst abandon her before 1 day of marriage,she is broken(tears form in her eyes)and I cant c her lyk that pls………………(folding her hands)
Laksh(holding her hands)-ragini u don’t need to do this,see I m really sorry that I did that but I think we wont be together…………
Ragini-laksh if it is about her all this attitude since many days then ,let me clear it that if she wanted to do it she wud have done it and not said that she wasn’t in her senses,u know her,how she is,then y?
Laksh(feeling uneasy)-ragini pls try to understand I cant(holding her shouders)
Ragini(removing his hands)-ok still u don’t believe it ryt?then I will tell u the truth behind it,it wasn’t swara,it was me who forced her to do all this,I injected her with drugs to do all this so that u refuse for marriage(she closed her eyes preparing herself for his reaction)
Laksh hearing this stumbled and held himself at tym and luked at ragini shockingly and cud utter jst a word in disbelief-why?

Ragini closed her fist and told him everything,her involvement with sanky and everything .
Laksh cudnt believe his ears,his innocent ragini cud do all this.
Laksh(trembling voice)-why u did this?played with my feelings,swara’s feelings,
Ragini(broken)-yes I did all this,bcoz……………..i loved u………………….but now I have realized my mistake and I plead u pls don’t break ur relation wid swara jst bcoz of my mistakes.
Laksh was totally shaken,how cud she go on a path lyk this ,least expected from her jst to get his love.
Laksh-ragini do u still love me??????
Ragini(avoiding eye contact)-no I don’t,u r jst swara’s,I was fool to name my infatuation as love,I m sorry laksh ………….pls don’t punish my sister for this
Laksh felt hurt hearing her words but he didn’t knew the reason.
Ragini(luking at him)-will u marry swara?
Laksh nodes slowly to her in a yes while his heart doesn’t give permission to him.he doesn’t know if he will be able to spend his lyf with swara but not he cudnt refuse ragini,his 1 answer brought a smile on her face but he didn’t knew for whom he was doing all this,for swara or ragini ……….
Ragini thanked him with a smile but her heart knew that how she felt wen she saw her world scattering in front of her.
She left from there and laksh told evry1 his decision to marry swara,swara was informed all this and the wedding rituals took place.laskh was still in dilemma,his heart spoke sumthing which he cudnt hear.during the marriage he felt he is doing wrong but he convinced himself that its wat ragini wanted,for her happiness he was doing this and he still loves swara then he will start a new lyf with her.
The marriage was done and then they all saw the video where she said that she loved him.the fear of losing her made him at last realize his mistake of not understanding her feelings,her eyes screamed to him that she loves him but he got into the web of words and believed them,he reprimanded that he didn’t luked at her eyes once to see her feelings,didn’t heard his heart say it continuously that its beating for her.but now he wanted to bring her back and not care about anything,he will make them understand but his primary goal was to bring her back.evry1 went to search for her,his heart was beating loudly with the fear of losing her he ran to the station praying that he cud meet her,confess his new found feelings,tell her that he doesn’t find it wrong that she did all this but feel privileged that she did all this for him.and then he saw her sitting on a bench waiting for train,his tym stopped,he cud c her tears in the utter darkness also,the pain which she had on her face made his nerves go hysteric.he walked towards her slowly and reaching her ,he felt he got his paradise.
He touched her shoulder and she turned around ,their teary eyes met telling eo the pain that they were going through but then ragini diverted herself and asked him-wat u r doing here?
Laksh jst hugged her tight enuf to not let her go ,ragini was shocked by his gesture but then broke in his arms and burst into tears.after sumtym they came to reality and parted away.
Ragini(wiping her tears)-wat r u doing here,today is ur marriage na?y r u here?
Laksh-ragini I m sorry I didn’t realized ur love,pls return wid me,evrybody’s forgiven u,cum wid me(forwarding his hand)nobody will say anthing,evry1 is wating for u………….
Ragini(sternly)-laksh jst tell me did u married swara or not?
Laksh nods with teary eyes fearing her reactions.

Ragini-fyn but now I cant live there,I will die of guilt,maybe they have forgiven me but I cant forget wat all I did with u all,I need to repent for it,I wont be able to be the old ragini seeing u all moved on without even remembering anything,I will always be in the guilt ,it happened but it took a part of my soul with it,and I need to remove the darkness of my soul …………….pls let me go
She turns to leave as the train arrives but laksh holds her hand and turns her around,she turns with a jerk and lands on his chest ,she gets back and laksh through sign says-I love u(jst lyk he did in serial,jst love that scene)
Ragini gasps luking at him but then she consoles herself and says-its too late laksh.bohot der kardi apne
Laksh luks at her pleadingly but she says –u r now a married man,u have sum1’s lyf attached to u and u cant leave her jst lyk that
Laksh(giving a last try)-ragini its not too late we can still be together,swara will understand…………..pls…………
Ragini(controlling her sobs)-laksh marriage is not a play,it’s a relation of 7 births,I cant let u disrespect it,swara is now ur wife and u have to spent ur whole life with her
Laksh breaks down and falls on his knees.ragini consoles him and says-its for d betterment of evry1 pls forget everything that happened here,pls free me from this burden pls…………………………
Laksh luks at her and then says coldly-ok ragini if u want this only then fyn I free u,go where u want but remember I wont forget u………………………..
Ragini gets up and moves to the train to mumbai wid her luggage.
Laksh cries lyk a kid but then composes himself and leaves from there lyk a souless body.
*********flashback ends******
Swara hears all this and luks at ragini wid questioning eyes.
Swara moves towards ragini and says-y ,y u did all this,u sacrificed ur love for me,u loved him,he also loved u then y?
Laksh cuts her(in broken voice)-swara it was past now it doesn’t matter,I only love u …………
Swara(feeling guilty)-no laksh no I came in b/w u 2 ,u lived lyk a lifeless body for yrs jst bcoz of me,I became the reason for ur pain and my sister’s too…………
Ragiini(trying to console her)-no swara it isn’t lyk that,it was in our destiny
Swara runs from there trying to get away from this haunting past and moves towards the road.
Rag lak luk at eo painfully while a pair of eyes sees them with hurt was sanky,he heard everything that laksh narrated ,he reached there following ragini .
Rag lak runs towards swara shouting her name but she is jst weeping and think of the fb.her moments with laksh,she is moving wen a truck moves towards her while rag lak r on other side of road shocked to c the truck approaching.
Ragini freezes there and an fb is shown:
Kanav is sitting on a chair who is 2 yrs old,ragini cums to him and exclaims happily playing with his fingers-u know ur mumma is going to bring a gift for u .
Kanav claps listening to this and rags moved towards her fone hearing its ringtone.she picks up the fone and sum1 speaks –mam the car no. xxxxx is urs.ragini says yes and then the person says it met with an accident and the person inside is dead,u cum fastly to hospital .
Ragini drops the fone and falls down with a thud with a pale face.she gets up trembling and then takes kanav with her murmuring “no this cant happen”.
******fb ends******
Ragini shouts loudly swara!!!!!!!!!!!!
So guys how is it?i hope u didn’t got irritated with the fb of raglak and I gave a clear fb of ragini’s past ,so wat do u think about it ,do tell u think sumthing will happen to swara?
Lets see till then bye!!!!!!!!!!
sorry for soo late but exams r going on wat to do!!

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