jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 2)

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so starting with episode 2

marriage rituals r completed .pandit ask swalak to take blessings from elders.they take blessings from everyone.and after that they are taken to stage and shekars asks every1 to have food.
(food the most imp thing in a marriage for which we mainly attend the marriages .right guys)
And every1 proceeds to the food counter .
Shekar ,sumi and dadi were standing close .
Shekar-sumi where is ragini she had headache na but atleast now she shud come down
Sumi-ok shekhar I will call her and ask her to have food
Dadi-I m going to serve swara and laksh the food

Sumi went inside the house and then to swarag’s room .she didn’t found rags anywhere.she searched the whole house but rags was nowhere to be found.then she returned to swarags room to see her if she was in the washroom.she wasn’t again.she was leaving the room but then she saw something and get shocked.
She comes downstairs weeping but wiped off the tears so that no one gets to know.
(till then most of the guests had left coz they had have food)
Sumi came near shekar and told sumthing.shekar was shocked but then composed himself and went to the stage.
Shek.-thanks evey1 for attending the marriage and blessing our children ,now u all can leave.
The maheshwari looked at him with a ???.
He signaled every1 to come inside .
Then every1 went to rags room and there they saw a laptop was opened with a video message .
Shekhar opened the video .it is a message by rags.
Ragini is shown sitting in her room .her eyes were red as if she cried a lot.
Ragini says –papa,dadi maa,ma,swara I m leaving u all. I m sorry but I cant stay here seeing u all unknown to my truth.with the guilt that is killing me bcoz of which I cant even meet ur eyes.
(in a broken voice)I was with sanskar in all his plannings. I was the 1 who gave drugs to swara everytime. Yes …………yes I did all this to my own sister (she let out a painful smile)I even don’t know if I deserve to be called her sister (she starts sobbing)I did all this to get laksh whom I loved or I thought so.
Wen I got to know tat I m going to marry I thought I will get a companion a true 1 ,a frand who will understand me ,with whom I can share my feelings,my joy ,my grief,.he will just not order me but listen to me too .the 1 who will value me .but it all got shattred.
I couldn’t let sumthing which was mine first get away from me. I know now there is no value of my words bu t I m sorry .(still sobbing) but now there is no use of this forgiveness. As I have decide my punishment , a way to repent for my deeds that’s why I m leaving u all.i don’t have that much courage to look into ur eyes and tell all this.i wont be able to bear the hatred in ur eyes where I have just seen luv,care,affection………….i cant see any1 pointing a finger on my dadi ma’s upbringing.shame of having me as a daughter in papa’s eyes.i don’t want to listen from ma ,swara that I had behaved like a step daughter or sis does.I don’t want to malign my familys name .i wont be able to see u all hating me (she wiped her tears ,with a determined look)
………..thats why I m leaving.but I promise I will come back sumday when I will gather courage to face u all and u all would have forgiven me.i promise .but pls don’t try to find me till then .pls…………..
Swara till then take care of our family and the maheshwaris.
Laksh pls tc of my swara pls.(she sobs for sumtime)

if possible pls forgive me (to all folding her hands)
video ends .
every1 in the room was shocked as how cud rags do this but mostly that she left her house due to this.
Every1 had tears in their eyes .it came as a big shock to the gadodias specially .sanskar was now feling to die coz sumwhere he was the reason behind all this happening.
Swara stood up and looked at shekar with tears continuously flowing down her cheeks.
Swara(in a broken voice)-baba how cud she do this????!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………… …..cud …..she
How cud she leave me ??????? my sis was going through all this and I didn’t even paid a heed to know her pain.she did all this just bcoz I loved laksh .
Shekhar hugged her.she sobs.
Baba she left her swara alone .she broke her promise to be with me for lifetime .she broke the swaragini she …………I became so selfish that I wasn’t even able to realize her much pain she wud have to go through ????how much she wud have to bear??????????she did all this just bcoz of me!!!!
She buries her face in shek’s chest and sobs .
Sumi caresses her hair and says
Sumi –no swara u r not responsible,I m ,coz being a mother I cudnt see her greif ,her pain,I proved today that I m a step mother to ragini,………………I got so endulged in my own daghter’s happiness that I cudnt see anything,if janki ji wud have been here she wud have realized it in 1st instance looking at ragini ‘s she didn’t failed as a daughter……………..but I did as a mother ………………….i failed as a mother
With this she breaksdown and falls on floor crying woefully.
Laksh comes to her and held her shoulders .sumi looks at him.
Laksh-ma,pls don’t cry,why r u thinking urself to be ragini ‘s culprit ,whatever happened was destined to be ,there’s no ones mistake .if u will breakdown like this and blame urself then ragini will feel more guilty .pls stop crying.
With this he made her stand up
(awwww wat a cute moment b/w mil and sil)
Shekhar looked at her and swara and said –now no more tears for ragini’s sake
Then came a voice-ma,swara,papa,dadi maa
(yes it is our rag’s voice)
They saw towards the lappy again and there was a message in which rags was looking quite deternmined with no single drop of tear.
Message-pls. don’t held urself responsible for this situation .wat I did was all my will .the situation was wrong not us .pls don’t blame urself for whatever is happening around.

The message ended.
Then dadi in a harsh tone
Dadi-why r u all crying it was all her mistake then why r u feeling guilty .she is the 1 who tried to destroy ur lives then why this crying for a girl who don’t even care about us .
Swara(in broken voice)-dadi how cud u ??????
Dadi-wat wrong did I said and y r u taking her side ,did u forgot she gave u drugs,tried to break ur alliance,say have u forgiven her?????????will u be able too????and now she ran away like a coward!!!!!!!
(guys I didn’t wanted to make dadi say all this but sum1 had to see the other side naaa)
Swara-yes dadi I forgave her
Dadi-sorry u did but I don’t have a big heart like urs that can forgive 1 easily ,specially who broke my trust
Laksh(holding swara’s hand)-dadi she did a mistake but she is repenting for that too,she left her family which was her life and moreover u sday she wanted to separate us right but she only convinced me to trust swara,
Every1 shocked
Laksh-yes shedid all this
And he tells everything
Laksh-then dadi how cud she separate us and even she realized her mistake
And u say na guilt is the best punishment.
Sanskar who heard all this now was super shocked that she sacrificed her love .he doubted her cud he think that a girl like ragini with values wud do such thing to break any1’s trust and sadden her family.he was fron head to toe guilt –stricken.
Dadi realized her mistake and turned towards shek and said-go bring my laado bak ,yes u heard me rite ,now go fast .
All men present their decided to search her.
Rp-but where do we start from
Suj-we shud inform police
Rp-no they wont take report be4 24 hrs.
Dp- we shud search railway station,airport and bus stand
Adarsh-yes lets go
Dp-I’ll go with adarsh ,rp wid sanky and shek with laksh.ok
All- yes
Now lets go
Rp and sanky-bus stand dp and adarsh-airpot
And shek and lak-railway
They go to their said destination

At railway station
A girl was sitting on a bench crying continiosly with all her family flashes going in her mind.
(she’s rags)
Rp and sanky don’t find her ,same with dp.
Now sheklak reached rs (railway station)
They asked the tt for train info and tt does so .
tt- only 4 trains go at this time
to Bhopal-patfom-1
to Mumbai-plt.-7
to suratplt-10
to delhi plt- 3
sheklak go to the plt.
Lak to 7 and 10 and shek to 1 and 3
Lak reaches on plt 7 and sees a girl.
The end of chappy 2 .

Precap-a leap of 5 yrs. And many twists

Hey guys do tell how’s the epi. Shock for twist ,why leap,wat was the need but hold on coz it is the only reason y I started this ff .u will get many surprises and shocks mostly coz I have sumthing.
So stay tuned .bye guys.sorry for typos i wrote so abruptly but i was excited thats why and i cudnt make u wait longer .i will upload a promo soon.

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