jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 19) ragsan


Hey guys back with episode 19.thanks for ur comments,they keep boosting me to write more.
So lets start:

It was morning,
Ragini got ready in her simple lowers and a t-shirt to prepare the last decorations of sangeet +mehendi helding on same day.
Ragini(luking in mirror)-this sanky seemed to b so shy but he only kept us awake last whole nyt and made us laugh badly ,(smiling),but now bcoz of him only I m late(angrily)

She rushes out of her room wen rachna stops her saying she has to talk sumthing imp to her.rachrag go in rag’s room and rags sit on the bed while rachna stands near window and starts speaking-ragini y this sudden change towards sanky?jst coz he is innocent?u changed ur attitude in 1 day?wont he doubt u?wont he think how cum a girl who jst screamed on me came the same day and forwarded a frandship hand??(she saw rags scolding sanky)?jst to repent ur mistake of misunderstanding him u r faking frandship?jst bcoz of ur guilt?y ?wat if he gets to know all this?he will be shattered ragu.he will be broken lyk u were yrs back,do u want him to go through the same pain ?jst go and tell him the truth.but don’t play wid his feelings and heart.bcoz I cant see my ragu(coming towards her )breaking sum1,as I know she will be more shattered than the person.(holding her cheek)tell him before its too late.
Rags stand up wid tears in her eyes thinking of the said consequence.

Rags-yes rachu 1st I thought that I will do franship wid him jst to mend my mistake but then seeing him happy(holding rach’s elbow),u all happy,I also made him my frand from heart,I m not faking my frandship(shaking her head)I do care for his feelings rachu.and I wont hurt him now,not at all,but I cant tell him the truth of these 5 yrs,he will be broken,1st I will punish the culprit and then only tell him in my way so that he understands and I promise(keeping hand in her palm)that I will stand besides him at that moment,I wont let him break,he wont be shattered.i wont let him to.

Rachna smiles and hugs her thinking that-I pray that ur frandship remains lyk this and nothing breaks it,but ragu wat about sanky,the love that I saw in his eyes,was it sumthing else,m I misunderstanding him??if it is the case then he will be more broken to know everything but I hope till then u also becum his support system and no 1 cud separate u,u also need sum1 and I guess now u will get him.i hope u stay happy and realize ur love soon.

They get apart and goes down and get indulged in the preparations.
Rag-ohho so much of work,and sum workers had to run away now only.wat to do??(she scratches her head)idea!!!sanskar,he only said naa he will help me now be ready mr. maheshwari to help ur frand.(she smirks and luks around)where is he?i didn’t saw him from morning,wait he is still sleeping,wow hum sabki neend kharab karke tu soega beta,aisa toh nhi ho sakta(she smirks)and starts walking.
She reaches near a room and goes in widout knocking.
Sanky cums out of bathrum wid jst a towel around and is smiling thinking about recent incidents.

Both ragsan see eo and wave a hi smiling widely as if ‘barso ke beechde aaj mile hai’ that too in same room but then thay realize their positions and rags turn and sanky moves near the window and tries to cover himself wid the curtain.
Ragini(wid her back towards him )-wat yar u didn’t bathed till now?its 11 .and now I m seeing u in towel only.
Sanky(miffed a lill)-so wat?my lyf my rules.and tell me 1 thing cant u knock on door before cuming in my room,aise hi kisi ke kamre mein thodi ghus jaate hain.
Rag(shocked)-(but cutely)hawww we became frands yesterday only but u don’t even know the frandship rules.
San(puzzled)-wat franship rules?
Rag(singing funnily)-jo tera hai who mera hai………………… ur room also belongs to me,I can cum anywhere,anytym in my frands’ place.
San(taunting her)-wow,u were so angry at me jst yesterday and now u r talking as if we r chaddi buddies.y r u so bossy,in anger too and in franship too(pouting sadly)
Rags(covering up)-so it was ur mistake only,I don’t get angry on small things,and ya get that mister if I hate sum1 as enemy then they r in my hit list and if love sum1 then I wont leave them at any moment.

Hearing word love from her mouth he started flying in air and thought to tease her.
Sanky(fake shocked)-wat love?u?me?
Listening this rags turned and saw sanky facing the window in still same position.she went towards him angrily stamping her foot on floor and hit his head lightly leaving behind all her ‘sharmo-haya’.
Sanky turned rubbing the back of his head and stared at her wid a wat did I do look wid cute puppy face.

Rags(removing her eyes from checking uot his body to the ground)(still confidently)-u r standing here lyk dumb.i thought u wud be changing clothes,shud I help u in that(sarcastically)but u pagal ladka,get ready fast and cum down,u have sum work to do.
She starts to leave while sanky was turning tomato red due to her closeness and her comments.she halts her steps and nervously says-I was talking about frandship wala love,family kind,not that romantic sense …………………and runs away while sanky shouts form behind-I know I was jst joking
Sanky falls on bed brushing his hairs and says-this girl,how cud sum1 be pal mein shola pal mein shabnam.(and remembers her face)
He gets ready and heads downstairs where rags is luking tensed regarding preparations on tym.sanky cums to her .

Sanky(wid a smile)-chill ragini ,we will do it on tym,now tell me wat I have to do?
Rags(lill worried)-sanskar dekho na,we have less tym but the stage aint redy yet,help me to put the flowers and lightings.
San-I will but on 1 condition(rags luked at him puzzled),smile,get relieved and then everything will be lyk u want it to.(rags smiles and they head to work)
Rags is directing him to place the lights there,here,”y r u so slow?””cant u do it lill fast””be careful ,no hurry,we will do it on tym” making sanky roam on her fingers and getting frustrated but still he was happy that rags was wid him only.while rags was still ordering him worrying for the function.then after 3 hrs. the stage was adorned beautifully wid flowers and the lightings.she sat near a table and then noticed sanky besides her in sweat luking really tired closing his eyes.rags hearda groaning sound and turned to sanky glaring him-u didn’t have bf till now!!!!cum have it or ppl will say she is treating her worker cruelly.
Sanky gave a sheepish smile and rags took his hand making him stand up and both had lunch.
They again headed to work wen after the same order giving session,sanky folded his hands in front of her and said-pls stop me nxt tym if I try to do this kind of stupidity,m I helping u or u have employed me as labour?this much work on this nanhi si jaan(making puppy face showing his fingers lyk chutki,I hope u understand)
Rags(glaring him)-so wat was the need to be hero,I will help u in anything(imitating him),now where is that attitude??jst u did sum work and now r tired,wat will do do wid this body(showing his muscles),jst flatter girls,no hardwork,nothing………tch……….tch…tch…………(sanky got into thoughts while rags smirked a lill)
Sanky(wid sad face)-ok I will do whatever u want,madam ragini
Ragini grins widely and they work for sum tym.

Later they r standing wid 2gether and rags has a flower basket in her hand while both r arguing on sumthing.
San(luking towards sumwhere)-we shud put them there(pointing finger towards a place)
Rags(angrily)-y rnt u understanding it will luk gud dere.(signaling sumwhere)
San-no there
Rag-sanky pls I m tired don’t argue,we shud put it there.
Suddenly sum1 came from her behind and screamed”booh”,by which rags got stunned and the flower basket flew in the air leading to a flower shower on our ragsan and the basket fell on the person.
Ragsan were having an intense eyelock ,they were lost in eo while the flowers were increasing the beauty of this blissful moment.they realized their state and came to reality smiling a lill awkwardly at eo.sanky noticed sum flower petals in her hair and signaled her to remove it.she didn’t understood and asked sanky to do it.sanky hesitatingly forwarded his hand to remove them and his hand touched her face making shiver ran down through both of them.rags had her eyes closed and sanky was admiring her innocent face.

They both cum to normal hearing an angry man saying”will sumbody help me or I have to stay ly k this?”.ragsan turn around and see a man in formals struggling wid the basket.ragini moves towards him and lifts the basket revealing the face of the man.
Ragini’s face turns bright seeing him and he is standing crossing his arms and smiling.sanky is confused by their reactions.
Ragini hits the man on his shoulder lightly saying “karan”.so he is karan,her best frand ,played by karan tacker.
Karan(rubbing his shoulder)-ouch ragu that hurts
Rags hug him and he too complies.
Rags breaks the hug and bombards him wid her qs,
Rags(in 1 go)-u came here,really?how?u didn’t even informed me!!i tried calling u many tyms but y didn’t u picked up my calls?were u so busy?u shud have told me,I wud have cum to pick u,y didn’t u called me?y r u smiling idiot speak sumthing…………
Karan was smiling at her while sanky felt a lill sad seeing her attention diverted to her best frand.
Karan(stopping her)-I will tell u everything but wait how much u speak.wont u introduce me to this man.(pointing to san)
Rags-oh yaaa,cum
Rag(to sankar)-meet my new frand,sanskaar and this is karan my best frand………..
Sankar shook hands and smiled at eo.swalak too came there.
Lak(luking around)-wat’s happening here?
Rag(smiling a lill)-I was jst introducing my frand to sanskaar.
Swara(to karan)-well she wont introduce me(naughtily),but I will say,myself,swara,elder sis of ragini and he is my husnabd,laksh.
Karan smiles at them and says-its nyc to meet u,and swara I shud say u r lucky to have such a caring sis,and she is lucky to have a beautiful sister.
Swara blushed onthis while karan was staring rags only.sanky noticed it and felt a bit uncomfortable.
Rags dragged swalak to a corner and asked swara.
Rags-I hope u r nt dancing in sangeet(glaring her)
Swara(stammering)-no,not at all……………no
Rags(warning her almost)-swara don’t u dare to dance or I will complaint my neice about u and he/she will c u then…………..u have to take care of him/her so dont dance
Swara makes a puppy face.
Rags-don’t do that,I know u have that dance ka kida but baby understand(placing hand on her cheek)u have to tc of ur baby too,right?
Swara nods sadly .
Rags-but yes u can do the slow ,romantic types dance……….(listening this swara’s face brightens)
Laksh(to swara)-wow I was convincing u from the last nyt but u didn’t backed off but now………
Swara(putting hand on rags shoulder)-so u r my hubby but she ,she is my sis,and I can do anything for her.
Ragswalak smiles and swalak leave from there while going laksh turns and mouths a thank u to rags.(to convince her not to dance)
Meanwhile sankar were talking on sum sstuffs.
Kar(examining him)-waise she doesn’t make any1 frand easily
San(remembering everything)-ya I know,its really difficult to win her trust
Kar(coldly)-yes and if any1 breaks her trust,then forget about her I wont leave that person(eyeing him)
San-no I wont let any1 hurt her ……………woah I mean I will always see to that around her(rubbing his hair)
Rags came there and took karan to show him his room leaving sanky to ponder over his thoughts-who’s he?
But they talked normally keep aside their attitudes.

In evening ,the kara grp were standing lyk commandos of military while rags was roaming lyk commander near them. Wid serious looks on their faces.
Kar(whispering in sanky’s ear)-so ragu’s court martial starts
Sanky stood stiff and puzzled by his words.kar said-wait and watch
Rags cuming near rachhna-evrything is made,evry recipe done?
Rachna nods and rags move to kavya-the ppl don’t have any problem na?
Kavya-they had but I solved them(and smiled a bit)
Rags to karthik-the music,everything,furniture ,is placed rightly.karthik nods.
Rags to kabir-u have done evry1’s account ?
Kabir nods seriously.
Sankar were luking at there faces and now they cudnt handle more and burst into a laugh.
Evry1 glared at them and they stood straight.
Rags(sternly)-wat happened?
Karan(still smiling)-woah ask sanky
San(luked at kar and then rags)-woah actually u have lyk real serious ppl,the ppl who I have seen always chirping around,not a moment of silence,not at all serious then how cum they became lyk this?
Rags glared him and he trailed off while karan neared rags and putting arms around her shoulder exclaimed-cum on ragu,don’t scare him more,bali ka bakra bna diya na,bas ,now if u r satisfied wid his fearful expressions then(sanky luked at evry1 wid the most innocent expression while evry1 now had a smile on there faces)selfie!!!!!!!!!!
Evry1 posed fastly near san while he was still wid his puzzled expressions.
San(pouting sadly)-wat’s happening?
Karthik(funnily)-nothing,these 2 pranksters didn’t got any bakra so made u ,sorry bro but I bet u were hell scared by rags dreadful expressions.
Sanky bowed his head and blushed a lill while every1 laughed.he lifted his head ans saw a smiling rags which brought smile on his face but jst tilting his head he saw karan wid her and an unknown emotion captured a place in his heart,a kind of insecurity,jealousy.
In sangeet-
The garden of the palace was big enuf to accommodate 1ooo of ppl and it was turned into a well decorated hall wid a stage for bride and groom to sit,at 1 syd were all kind was musical instrument from sitar,guitar to violin,flute.and the center was left open for ppl to dance.the other syd there were mehendi walis for putting mehendi.
The function started ans soon evry1 started enjoying it.while our frands grp were playing truth and dare.
Sanky wasn’t present there.
Bottle turns and cums at rags.
Karan-so u have to kiss the 1st man who cums on dance floor
Rags –ok
Karan winks while she smirks. Evry1 departs from there and see towards the floor for the 1st 1 to dance and the light falls on a couple,they r swalak.ragini widens her eyes and nods in a no while evry1 luks at her intensely.
Rag(sadly)-no I wont do it.he is my BIL

Kar(insisting her)-oh cum on,saali aadhi gharwali hoti hai,go u cant back off !!!!!!!!
Rach-if she doesn’t want let it be.
Karthik-no she has to do it,u forgot the dare,1st man on the floor!!!!!!!!
Rags remembers sumthing and moves towards laksh’s direction,evry1 of them widens there eyes while she moves towards them and she…………………..
Kisses him on his cheek..
On sanky’s cheek who is standing ill far away from them where light is not much visible.sanky widens his eyes wen her soft lips touch his cheeks,it makes him go numb and loose his senses ,his stiff body relaxes by her pure touch,she also experienced this kinda feeling but parts away from him hurriedly.
Rags(to sanky avoiding eye-contact)-soory,it was jst a dare
Sanky(blushing)its………………ok……………fyn(his heart was beating fast by her touch that he cudnt even form a senrence to utter from his mouth)

Karan-y did she kissed him?(and gets into thinking)
Rachna-I know,actually before performances,sanky crossed the stage and me and rags were standing there,so logically its correct(and smirks)
Karan’s mouth hungs down in sadness.
All r enjoying the dance wen in last rags is pushed on dance floor and she doesn’t know wat to do.karan realizes it and cums to her rescue.they both start dancing on diliwali girlfrand chod chadd ke ,lyk ranbir,deepika did jst lyk that.
Seeing this sum1 felt lyk burining,it was sanky,the chemistry they showed in the dance,he cudnt imagine her to share it wid any1 else besides him but he convince himself saying-he is jst her frand.

The function went well.
The other day was haldi which was managed by ragini and karan which made sanky even more sad and his hope of making her love him was getting weakened wen she didn’t even noticed him.the shadi came nxt ,rags talked to sanky in b/w but was much busy in work.
Rachna saw sanky and came to him-don’t be so dull,she has evry1’s diff place in her heart,her equation wid evry1’s diff,and karan matches her nature very well so they mingle forgetting the world around,bcoz karan doesn’t stay much tym wid us and she has to cheer him up too so he doesn’t feel the absence of his family so that’s y.but soo u will also make a special place in her heart,I cud see that now only,so don’t loose hope.
Hearing this sanky was relieved and smiled to rachna and went away bcoz now he realized that ragini is not his alone but she is also a frand,a sis,a mother and a daughter and she will have to fulfill that resposibilites too.

************the end*******
Shadi over,I know its really boring but guys chill nxt will be dhamaka,I hope u remember waiting for it…………… me too……….i know I ended this abruptly but was out of ideas.
Waiting to see ur lovely comments and ya have a little patience sumthing’s cuming up.

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