jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 18) ragsan

Hi guys I m really happy seeing ur response on my ff.thank u sooooooooooo much for ur lovely now episode 18.
Sanskar was sitting in his cabin thinking sumthing.

His pov:
Its been 1 week since I realized my love for her but alas I cant show it becoz my lovely lady is not here.she has gone to the marriage venue,THE PALACE,where all the marriage things will happens,I haven’t seen her from total 1 week not even heard her voice and I m surviving only by seeing her pics.i mean wat was the need to go to a place where there’s no signal,nothing.but she also has to do it ,its her profession.for which she is very sincere which I lyk about this week I tried to figure out wat to do to unravel her ‘past mysteries’,I thought to ask swara but wud she be knowing and if she wud be then y will she tell me?or I have to give an explanation which I m sure I wont be able to blurt out.kanav is no chance,he is jst 5 I guess yrs old,he wont know about all this.her frnds ,they r also not here,went wid her so I cud approach them only wen I reach there.for that I have to wrap up all my meetings in this week only,and it has been a very hectic schedule for me,I have to work till late nyts ,I got dark circles,I have becum pale and also emaciated.see ragini wat ur distance has made me,tumhari doori ne kya haal kiya mera.i m totally a majnu now and it seems so hard to hide my smile wenever I think about u specially in meetings and then tell them sum reason for it or feel embrassed.if it wudnt have been about meeting u I wud have left this work and came running to u.but don’t worry I will get to that place tomorrow wid swalak and then my wait will be over.i hope I don’t do anything stupid in front of u.
***pov ends

In mm
Suji-jiji wat is the need of them to go that far place and y not we.?that too for 1 week I also want to go to this destination wedding.
Ap-sujatha its very far and swara will get a change ,and sanlak r going to accompany her,we have to go to shiv mandir na its very far so u cant go in marriage .now chill,let the youngsters enjoy ,they had been living a dull ylf from past 5 yrs but now atleast after ragini’s arrival they r happy so let us not spoil there happiness by being kabab me haddi.
Sujatha pouts sadly and says ok.
Swara is giving instructions to laksh on wat to pack eating a bowl full of gulab jamun sitting on bed relaxing.
Laksh-swara I packed everything now fyn.
Swara(analyzing everything)-yes,well done my hubby (offering a gulab jamun)
He move towards her to eat it smiling but swara puts it in her mouth quickly and laughs.laksh is mesmerized by her laugh and hugs her tight.

Swalaksan leave for the venue .they enter a huge palace lyk place and r awestruck to see it .
Swara-laksh lets go to room,I have to fresh up and then meet ragini.
Laksh nods and they head to an assigned room.
Sanky’s eyes r searching for sum1 and then he spots her ,there she was in a black simple lower and white top,luking simple yet elegant wid her messy bun .he automatically started moving towards her wid a wide smile on his face.she was instructing a worker and wen he left she turned around to find a smiling idiot obstructing her way .
It didn’t affected him but wen she jerked him he came to reality and find an angry woman in front of him.

Sanky(in mind)-did I do sumthing wrong?
Ragini(angrily)-I told u to get out of my way then y rnt u listening?
Sanky(still smiling)-wo I met u after 1 week so was jst seeing u(ragini glared at him and he composed)who thought ot meet u,jst that.
Ragini-now u met na ,so let me go to my work.
Sanky-accha wait atleast shake hand for frandship,u said we weren’t frands then atleast b my frand.(forwarding his hand)
Ragini-oh so u r asking my frandship,u have to earn it mr. I wont give it jst lyk that
Sanky-challenge!!then I m on
Ragini-consider wat u want now bye!!!
And she left him ,the smiling idiot.
Ragini(in mind)-now he will be busy in thinking and let me be with peace!!!
He was crossing from there wen he saw kabir and thought to approach him but imagined sumthing-kabir punching him right in his face and he holding his swollen red nose.he cums to reality and moves fastly crossing him.
Sanky-karthik,I wonder he wud be even knowing or not,kavya ,hmmmmmmm she can be of help to know her past and rachna,she also can help so lets search them.

He spots kavya shouting on sum workers for being lazy and moved towards her.
Kavya-hi sanskar!!
Sanky-u r luking really gud,tell me do u luk gud in anger only or u luk more gud than this in ur happy mode
Kavya(blushing a lil)-thank u ,waise u r laso luking gud.
Sanky-so lets be frands
Kavya-ya sure y not I wud be glad
Sanky-so since we r frands now can I ask u sumthing??
Kavya(smiling)-if I know it I will surely answer
San- from how much tym u know ragini??
Kavya-5 yrs
San-complete 5 yrs(she nods)so u helped her to setup all this.
Kavya-no I didn’t wo actually she(realsing his real intentions)actually I have lots of work so bye,catch up wid u later
Sanky-wait(but she ran)
Sanky made a sad face and thought y cud not I ask ragini directly.yes so that she cud murder me,no ways.but still rachna is left.

He goes towards rachna and smiles at her,she too does same.
Sanky-see I wanted to ask u sumthing imp.i wont beat around the bush,actually(closing his eyes)I want to know about rag’s past!!
Rachna luks on shocked and then composes herself.
Rach-y this sudden ques??
Sanky-actually………(making an excuse)wo I have seeing she is so changed,her behavoiur,everything but she hasn’t opened up and I need to know is there anything that changed her or that cud affect us too.pls cud u ?
Rach(stern face)-no I m sorry I think u shud talk about this to her only,she wud better be able to tell it if she trusts u.but I advice u don’t do this or u cud get into trouble.
Sanky goes away from there too disappointed.rachna cud see sumthing in him that he wanted eagerly to know about her and she melt too but she cudnt get weak especially in matters of ragini and her past so she thought to warn ragini.
Rachna(to rags)-I have to talk sumthing imp to u.

Ragini seeing her serious face nodded and they went to a corner.
Rach-wo actually sanky came to me today……………he asked about u,……………ahhh ur past,ur changed behavior.i think he has sum hint of ur past or he wants to desperately know it.he is suspicious of u ,so I thought to inform u.
Ragini(shocked)-ok thanks for telling and now don’t take my tension I will handle it.
Rachna left and rags turned angry on the top level and and she was searching for sanky to confront him .her eyes turned totally red due to anger,she tightened her fist to control her anger.
She saw him sitting on a bench pouting sadly and rags moved towards him,holded his hand tightly and took him to a little far place from the all happened in a fraction of seconds that sanskar cudnt react on it ,he was jst getting dragged by ragini.and then they were standing in front of eo wid rage,anger in ragini’s eyes and love,confusion and sadness in san’s eyes.

Rags(angrily)-how cud u?how dare u to know my past widout my permission?who r u to me to know my past?do I matter to u or u matter to me??y r u trying to interfere in my personal lyf?cant u understand I m not comfortable to share anything wid anybody jst lyk that(it hurted sanskar to hear’anybody from her for himself)who gave u the authority to know about my lyf?a person shud respect one’s space but no u toh r trying to jst enter my lyf more deeply?ok leave that jst tell me one thing,did I asked u anything about ur past 5 yrs back wen u came to take revenge??it was ur wish naa??then y not mine??r u too curious to know about me??do I look lyk a mystery box to u that u will unravel it and get a huge mr sanskar maheshwari no,I m not any thing or ur interest’s topic that will entertain u so get that straight(showing him her index finger)don’t ever now cross my way regarding this or the result will be worse than this.
She left from there huffing in anger leaving a dumbfounded sanky wid a layer of tears in his eyes.
He leaned to the wall beside to support himself and rewinded the previous moment.

Sanky’s pov:
Y?Y I hurted her?she got tears jst coz of me,she was stressing herself jst coz of me??y knowingly or unknowingly I become the cause of her pain?the face which I wanted to light up is dull jst coz of me.i jst tried to know her past to understand her but I think sumthing has happened which she doesn’t want to reveal.a wound of her past is made afresh jst by my silly mistake.she said right wen I didn’t told her my past then how cud I expect her to tell about her’ I wont let u get hurt bcoz of me,I wont let even a drop of tear to cum in her eyes.i promise now I wont bother about ur past,I will make my new memories wid u and get u out of that pain that u r hiding by giving my limitless love to u.
He then composes himself,determination cud be clearly seen on his face.and moves from there.

Ragini was analyzing if evry preparation has been done wen she gets teary eyed.she thinks-y did I felt bad wen I was scolding him?y did his hurt eyes affected me?y I felt the pain in my heart which I cud reflect in his eyes?y …………………y I have to choose b/w my mind and heart ?my heart says that he cant do anything lyk that?but my mind cant even disagree to the evidences?his presence it cudnt be a coincidene??i shud get the process fasted.
She gets a call from sum1 and she picks it up .she ends the call saying –yes message me that now,right now.her facial expressions changed from grief to a ping of happiness,hope and shock sumwhere.her mobile rings and she sees a video and gets shocked.her mouth formed a perfect’o’ with her eyes ready to pop out anytym.she stumbles a little and then rusdhes to her room hurriedly.

She sits on bed and cries woefully.
Ragini-it means…………it means he is innocent.sanskar is innocent,the person whom I thought to be responsible for many yrs is not the culprit but if he is not then who??
She checks the video again and gets a clue.she seems determined and then her worry is occupied by the way she treated sanky.

She goes out and starts searching him,it was sunset now,she searched the whole palace,every room,near hall,kitchen everywhere but found him nowhere.her patience was now giving answer,her mind was roaming around all the bad thoughts but still she searched for him till her legs wud work ,she wud look for him .and then she saw him sitting near the pool putting his legs in it and pondering over sumthing lost in sum thoughts unaware that his lady love who he was dying to reach to ,herself came searching him.
She took a sigh of relief seeing his face and much alive.she went near him and sat lyk him near the pool.sanky lifted his head to see her and was surprised wud be an understatement,he was jst luking at her smiling face and 1st thought to be a mirage bcoz she wudnt smile lyk this in real.only wen she tapped his shoulder he realized it and luked at her.
She bowed her head and he luked at her curiously.
Rags-zyada ho gya na??(closing her eyes)
San(thinking she is referring to his mistake)-hmmm………..i m sorry
Rags(luking at him)-duffer!!!i m talking about myself.i know I overeacted(biting her inner cheek)but u were also at mistake.but yaaaaaaaaa I m sorry!!!
San(amazed)-really u r asking sorry?(funnily)i thought u will throw me out of here tom.
Rags giggled at this and said-u think I m that bad?no I m not.(proudly)
San-ok so if u r not dat bad den accept my frandship(extending his hand)
He was trying to see even the slightest of change in her face but she didn’t and he hung his head down but soon his face brightened wen rags shaked hand wid him.

Rags exclaimed happily ‘frands’ and they talked for sumtym lyk frands do.sanky found her different,the real rags he assumed was this only,chirping,lively and yes sarcastic and bossy at tyms.rags did this as she regretted to consider him wrong and tried to mend her mistake,by treating him lyk a frand whom she thought needed the most to live a blissful lyf.
At dinner tym the ‘kara grp’ was sitting near waterfall enjoying the fud wen sanky came and rags welcomed him wid a sweet smile while evry1 else were amazed.she nodded to them through eyes and every1 talked happily wid sanky sharing skul memories,their legends of pranks,taunting eo and praising also.
At tyms sanky stole glances from rags and now both were smiling lyk they never was new to rags to clear her misunderstanding wid him and make him frand but sumthing attracted her to him from starting still she cudnt figure it out.sanky was feeling light after all this and SUMWHERE NOW HIS BELIEF THAT RAGS WUD LOVE HIM STRENGthened.
Precap-a cameo,sanskar to get lealous,ragsan frandship masti

So guys how did u find it??u all must have guessed that sanky’s innocent so y not rags also realize it ?so I thought to add it and show sum moments b/w them.but a new qs. Whose the real culprit??sum1 from family or her frands or sum1 else??keep thinking.
pic credit-aps creations
Happy belated festive season guys and I hope u enjoyed ur diwali safely.

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