jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 17) ragsan

Hey guys I m back wid episode 17.let’s start:

*Sanky room*
Ragini was walking towards him slowly wid a mischievous smile on her face while sanky is luking at her in disbelief but is feeling happy from inside.
Rags moves towards him and sanky closes his eyes in embrassment and then not feeling anything he opens his eyes to found ragini nowhere.
Sanky(brushing his hair)-ragini!!!!!!i jst started loving her but she became my imagination too.control sanskar!!!
Scene shifts to swalak room:
Raglak r luking at eo awkwardly and r avoiding eye-contact.
Laksh(hesitantly)-wo……actually I brought this dress(pointing to her suit)for swara so I thought she wud be here………(and trailed off)
Ragini(awkwardly)-oh actually I asked for a dress from swara and she gave me this in…….this misunderstanding………
It was getting really unusual for them ,so to avoid to situation further rags muttered a sorry hastly and went away from there fastly.
Laksh takes a sigh of relief and moves to garden to see swara there.
Laksh hugs her tightly muttering”where u went?’’
Swara smiled at his gestures said while hugging only”I thought to get sum fresh air”
Laksh breaks the hug and says to her cupping her face-u know na my day starts by seeing ur face and from now on u wont leave widout waking me up.

Swara nods and laksh smiles and thinks –there was a tym wen I wanted u to be wid me but now I cant leave widout swara,its true that sumtyms u find love from where u don’t have any hope”
Ragini was moving to her room wen she sees sanskaar struggling wid bandage.she sighed saying “he wont grow up” and moves to him.
Sanky looks up wen he sees ragini glaring at him .
Sanky(cutely)-wat???u came again now I wont be fooled,go away!!!
Ragini luks at him confused but thinks he is talking about last nyt and thinks”if he doesn’t want any help then y shud I bother”
She starts to leave saying”fyn”.
Its wen sanky realizes she isn’t imagination and shouts sitting on bed”aaaahhhh ragini help naa its paining,pls(pouting cutely)”

Ragini moves towards him giving an unbelievable look to him and ties bandages in his hand.
Sanky is adoring her cute face,chubby cheeks and the big eyes which change in a fraction of seconds showing her expressions and thinks”thank god I realized that she is here or I wud have lost her”
Sanky still lost-ohhhhhhh
Ragini(rolling her eyes)-wat oh??its done now say thank u !!
Sanky(luking at her in shock)-thank u??u will ask from me??but I m ur frand???
Rags(shrugging her shoulders)-frand??wen did that happen??now clear the balance and let me go.
Sanky pouting sadly “okay.thank you”
Ragini gives a winning look and leaves from there.
Sanky (in mind)-see ragini wat have u done to me.u filled colours in my gloomy life and the sadoo who was living my lyf from past many yrs has faded away jst bcoz of u.i hope I confess u my love soon………..but wait if she has same feelings for me??wat about her hubby???champ’s father???but she didn’t told about all this even once??will she tell me if I ask directly??wat to do now???

His chain of thoughts r broken by a call which brings a bright smile on his face.
Sanky(happily)-yes champ,gud morning!!!!
Kanav-hey sanku dost u didn’t called me today!!!
Kanav-ok tell me u had ur breakfast??i toh did .
Sanky(smiling)-I m going,…………..(nervously)ah kanav …………..actually I wanted to ask u sumthing may I ???
Kanav-wat’s the need for permission??u r my frand ask anything.
Sanky(taking a deep breath)-where is ur father??
Kanav-hmmm he is not wid us.
Sanky-he doesn’t cum to meet u???
Kanav-no I haven’t even seen his face.
Sanky-so u need a daddy???
Kanav-no I have my mumma who fulfills the reasponsibilty of both,earning money and taking care of me.but yes I need sum1 for mumma.
Sanky(his face turned from sad to happy hearing this)-oh so u wud be happy if ur mumma gets sum1.
Kanav-yes y not..
Kanav-bye sanku dost take care!!!
They hang up and sanky is again in thoughts.
Sanky-wat is her mystery yaar??kanav even doesn’t know about his father.i thinks he is not wid them,he left them,that’s y ragini remains lyk this.but don’t worry kanav ur mumma will get a husband and u will get a dad and me I will be really happy to make u my son,kanav sanskar maheshwari sounds good.but I shud atleast know her past to understand her present,wat shud I do???
In hall evry1 sits for bf and rags is also present there ,sanky is thinking all this only and figuring ways .rags finishes her bf and leaves from there.
While going from there she thinks-I have to handle everything well,wat happened today shud not happen in future anytym and stay away from sanskaar,but I cant be changed in a nyt so I shud graudually withdraw myself from him.

******the end********

Precap-sanskar’s quest to know ragini’s past,will he succedd or it will open ways for more trouble.???

Well guys 1st thing is laksh’s dialogue,wat do u think??sumthing in it??well keep guessing and yes a major announcement I will reveal raglak truth in episode 20.that is 2 episodes more to wrap up the marriage contract and all,till then enjoy sanky’s feeling and dilemma.
pic credit:i took it from fb page!!!

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  1. Jazzy

    laksh there is a big mystery behind him he has definitely done something but why sanskar doesn’t know about kanav when will u reveal it i m waiting

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    Wooow nailing epi cant w8 for nxt one ?

    1. Silent_writer

      Laksh feels for rags in past may b

  4. Ragz_teju

    awesome… loved it

  5. confused ragsan child is kanav but he doesn’t know how is that passiblw next part don’t take long gap

  6. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr chappy dear.. Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  7. Plzz Update next part soon…

  8. desperately waiting for mystery reveal

  9. Asra

    amazing dear….so confusing dear. … waiting for nxt one…loved it core….

  10. Akshata

    curios case of raglak story when are you going to reveal it. laksh character is full of suspense and mystery. did he love ragini in the past? and sanskar he just forgot everything. is he suffering from partial amnesia. iawesome update.

  11. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear…

  12. Nice epi….

  13. A.xx

    noice loved it.xx

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    Very nice … i just lov it bt i want to ask
    Will b there any raglak scene in the future or its all about past and future will b fr ragsan only ????????

    1. Sargam

      sorry dear no raglak scenes in future ,it is ragsan and swalak so only ragsan in future

  16. Fairy

    aweaome awesome awesome update dr!!!!! n d pic ws choo chueeet ragsan r lookng sooo cute….waitng eagerly for nxt part..keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

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