jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 16) ragsan


Hey guys thanks for ur response on previous episode and now episode 16.

All 4 reached mm and swara asked rags to stay there for nyt ,and having no choice she complied.they went inside .
Ragini-swara I want sum clothes I cant sleep in thse(showing her dhoti saree)
Swara smiled and said-cum I will give u.
Swalakrag went to swalak room and sanky to his.rags was given a white saree by her.
Ragini(shocked)-nooo I cant wear a saree yaar plsssssss don’t u have anything else??
Swara(pouting)-oh ragini I kept the whole wardrobe in front of u still u didn’t got anything,and this(showing the saree)is the lightest I have got so u have no option left.
Rags(pouting sadly)-ok…..
Laksh (in mind)-they look cute together ,I wish they stay forever lyk this.
Rags leaves their room and listens swara saying happily”lullaby” to laksh.she turns and finds swalak in bed wid swara smiling widely and lkash luking at her admiringly.
Rags was passing by sanky room but stopped for a moment ,thought sumthing and left.
Sanky cums out of washroom after freshing up and searches for light switch to open all dark in the room.
Sanky(irritated)-where is the switch,u only wanted to save electricity naaa now see……..
Suddenly his room’s door open and sum1 in white saree enters his room whose face aint visible.
Sanky(in mind)-whose it???at this hour????

Before his scream turns to a loud shriek sum1 pinches him to wall and covers his mouth and the switch also opens which was jst behind sanky.
He then notices that it was rags looking lyk a fairy in her white saree,no makeup and that sweet smile.
Rags removes her hand warning him-don’t shout now!!!!
Sanky-y did u cum here???
Rags-first aid!!(showing the box she got wid her)
Sanky-for wat???
Rags-buddhu ur hand,forgot so cum
Sanky sits lyk a kid on bed extremely happy by her concern towards him.
Rags does his bandage while he keeps luking at her smiling lyk an idiot.
Sanky(deep voice)-ragini do u care for me so much??
Rags(in mind)-wat am I doing ???nursing the one who gave me wounds???healing him who I want to see in pain???why??????
Rags(to sanky)(coldly)-no there’s nothing lyk care but jst that I wud have had that wound if u wudnt have cum and I didn’t wanted to keep a debt on my heart of harming u,now hisaab barabar.
Wid this she leaves but till then tears started forming in her eyes.and sanky noticed it but both didn’t had any answers.
Sanky(lieing in bed)-y I feel she wanted to say sumthing else but said sumthing else???yes she cares for me ,it was visible from her face.the way she first aided me.she was in pain jst seeing my pain.and also y do I feel so affected by her,her actions,her emotions,feelings everything……….do I ??………….do I love her???……….yes !!!yes!!! yes I love her.its this feeling only.(he smiles widely)oh god I love ragini!!!!i didn’t thought that I wud fall in love again after kavita……….(she feels sad)but she only said that ‘move on’.and she will be happy only to see me lyk this.ok so wen shud I tell her???no……….1st I shud realize wat she thinks about me.i always see a kind of uneasiness on her face around me,y is it???i have to find answers to these qs.
Wid this he dozes off.
Rags cums in her room and all the past memory resurfaces(of the 5 yrs)and she cries hardly covering her mouth wid a pillow so nobody hears her cry.she weeps for quiet a tym and then composes herself.
Rags(determined)-no I wont let any feeling cum in me for him,its jst hatred,revenge and anguish and nothing else………..
She too dozes off.

Sanky cums out of bathroom in only a towel wrapped around his waist showing his muscular body.he is whistling happily and thinking about ragini.
Suddenly the door opens and he sees ragini standing in front of him .
He feels embrassed and covers himself wid his hands on his chests and mumbling ‘y u came here?’ while his cheeks turned crimson red.
Rags was jst standing there giggling at his situation but she didn’t budge nor showed any signs of embrassment.
Laksh was walking in corridor and said-where is swara,she didn’t gave me a morning hug bad(pouting cutely)I will see.he then move 2wards his room.
In room he sees sum1 standing her back facing him.
Laksh smirks and thinks ‘oh so madam is here and wearing my bought gif ,nice………’
And he hugs her from back only tightly .
He loosens his grip wen he hears “laksh “in ragini’s voice.he suddenly loosens his grip and backs off horrified while rags turn around and both luk at eo awkwardly.
**********the end*********

Confused???there’s no mistake in how cum rags in 2 places???guess,guess!!!!!!!
Well keep guessing and thanks for reading and commenting.
Love u all!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Sargam

      thanks dear

    1. Sargam

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    Awesome update m very bad in guessing..hehe…..

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  3. Hi..i m a silent reader
    I think sanky is day dreaming abt ragini…

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      thanks dear for means a lot that u commented on the ff,i m really glad
      and ur guess well lets see!!!!!!

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  4. Sindhura

    One is imagination xear

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      thanx for commenting dear,it is absolutely right that one is dreaming but who???u will know in nxt

  5. Ya I feel sanskar is just hallucinating.
    Amazing update

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    Superb part…post nxt one soon!!!keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉

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  7. one is illusion

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  8. first is maybe sanskar’s imagination

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    One is swara n at laksh side ita rag n when will u open tge past plz tell ???

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      thanx for ur comment dear
      about past it will take sum tym maybe 6 or 7 episodes after that

  13. Saaaaara

    Hello dear actually i missed 2 or 3 parts in the middle due to some personal issues .. i just wanna know is the secret between raglak is released or not and if yes .. thn which part because i wanna know it vry badly

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      its fyn dear and yes raglak secret is not revealed fully but a major hint is given in part-8,u may see it.thanx for ur comment

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    That’s what I think Silent_writer… but if not then it’s his imagination and it’s someone else but he thinks it’s Rags.xx

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    awesome dear…loved it core….

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