jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 15) ragsan

Hi guys after long tym I m here to present jst a small glimpse of my ff,sorry its short.

Episode 15
Sanlak were standing in fighting mode calling for their kung fu master ragini too.
While our ragu was held tightly by swara out of fear and not letting her go.
Swara(holding rags hand)-pls ragini don’t go…………….pls…………no…don’t fight.lets jst run.
Ragini(realizing her hand)-swara don’t worry everything will be fyn .ok u don’t want me to fight na,ok I will jst cum.

She moved towards the men and took out pepper sparay and sprayed in the goons eyes resulting them falling on floor rubbing their eyes and cursing the four in front of them.
But our sanlak didn’t expected it and before they cud realize rags went away shouting “bhagoo” to the boys and held the hand of a perplexed swara not even luking once back towards them and fleeing away.
Sanlak realized it and then they also ran after their ladies.
Ragini was running slowly so as not to harm swara as she was pregnant.

But the problem didn’t ended the goons got up and were following them threatening to kill them and teach a gud lesson to our swaragsanlak.
They ran and ran while swara was tired and ranted a 1000 of curses for the goons,the timing and of course to her sis and hubby who now were irritated .
They knew they needed to rest so they saw few trucks lined together wid space in b/w them.they quickly got in a space where swalak were holding eo’s hands at the left syd while rags was keeping an eye on goons from right side wid sanky in mid of them.
Laksh was trying hard to calm his frustrated wife while sanky saw a shadow approaching towards then that’s y he kept his hand on rags which will be visible to any1 from out and he didn’t wanted to risk it all.

Rags luked at him widening her eyes wen his hand touched hers creating a sparkle in both of their eyes.
But before he cud wid draw rags hand a goon almost stepped on her hand or say his hand covering hers wid his spiky shoes(that football one) which weren’t in a gud condition.sanky closed his eyes feeling the pain and hissed silently not letting any stone unturned to get his dear ones to safety.

Meanwhile rags luked at him teary eyed seeing his pain ,she thought wat wud have happened if he wasn’t here.she luked at his innocent face which was more enlighted by the moons beauty and lost herself in it.
The goon left from there seeing nothing of his interest much to remaining luck of sanky.he wid draw his bruised hand back and looked at it while tears formed in his eyes.

He then noticed rags luking at him and his eyes met hers ,which were teary too as if feeling the pain which he incurred jst for her……………
They had an eyelock whick was broken by rags sissy exclaiming in low tone”I think they left”.

They came out of their trance and stood up ,walked out in search of a taxi but found they decided to walk as the house was now jst few streets away .
Every1 agreed while swara was tired and then laksh lifted her in his arms and they started walking.
Swara was luking at the sky which was brimmed wid silence giving a serene feeling to them.
Rags was thinking of the incident that occurred,y was she affected by it??did sanky affected her???y cant she see his pain???she had lots of qs for which she had no answers.
Sanky on other hand forgot his pain thinking that he mattered sumwhere for rags,the concern which he was today in her eyes,he felt it soothed his pain,took away all his worries and gave him a strange satisfaction.
Swalak were walking and talking.

Laksh(pouting sadly)-swara u have become heavy!!
Swara-oh my baby(sarcastically)I didn’t said u to lift me up ,u did it urself,wanted to be a hero then be see!!!!(smirked a bit)
Laksh-wat if I leave u ??(acting to drop her)
Swara(genuinely)-I have more trust on u than myself , I know u wont do this!!!!!never break my trust.
To this laksh blushed a bit and they started walking again.
Swara-laksh y didn’t I have a baby bump till now???
Laksh-I don’t know (shrugging his shoulders)

Rags-hello people(waving to them)wat do u think baby starts growing in the 1st month only ,it takes tym atleast 3 months.
Swara(to rags)-rags u r a mother tell me wat it feels to be one…
Rags(dreamily)I really don’t know,u jst cant define it in words,the happiness,its jst out of world.sumthing which u don’t experience even wen u r in love.its the most amazing feeling for a woman.

(sum flashes r shown,a girl screaming in pain due to labour pain,a woman helping her,a girl took the infant in her hand)
Rags(teary eyed)-but it becomes freally difficult if u don’t have any1 by ur side,u r really lucky to have laksh.
Swalak luk at eo wid utmost love thinking of the feeling which rags told now and laksh touches hos forehead wid swara’s smiling.
Sanskar listened to all this attentively but then he thought-ragini didn’t even once told about kanav’s father,was she alone during her tym,y is she so mysterious to me???she has sum hidden pain which I will surely find out.

*********the end**********

Done episode 15.i know u want ot kill me for not cuming for a month.i jst cud say sorry.i hope u still remember me and my story .
Well nxt part I don’t know wen will it cum but surely with sanskar’s realization of love and…………(guess guess)
Thanks for commenting guys.well I must say here r many good guessers.

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