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Hi guys I m back wid another episode.thanks for ur comments on previous one.

Episode 14-
“I love you sanskaar,r u listening to me,I love you”
This shocked sanskaar and now his all attention went towards ragini who was drenching in rain enjoying it much to his disbelief.ragini luked at him to see his reactions and now she was relieved that her plan got successful.
Ragini”sanskar come naa lets drench in rain,come”signaling him through her hands.
Sanky hesitatingly came out and now he almost forgot his fear of thunders.
Rags-come on sanky,open ur arms ,enjoy the rain,don’t be such a bore.
San(hesitating)-ragini……wat u said …………..was that true???
Rag(casually)-wat…….oh,that I love u ,wo sorry sanskar but wen I cudnt find any other way to distrsct u ,I had to do this,I m sorry if I hurt ur any feelings!!!
Tears emerged in sanky’s eyes but they were washed away by the rain.rags noticed it and her heart ached but she was helpless.and now rain stopped.
San(broken voice)-ragini……………the
Ragini-yes sanky
Sanky-ragini……….the mechanic came
And rags turned around and saw him and went towards the mechanic.
Rag-bhaiya,pls fast repair the car
And mechanic got to work wid rags standing besides him and sanky was still standing at his position.
Sanky(in mind)-y did I felt bad wen I got to know that shedid it jst to distract me,y I felt gud wen she luked at me and smiled.y I felt disheartened???y???
His thoughts broke by ragini’s voice”lets go sanskar”
Sanskar moved forward wid expressionless face and they sat in car and drove off to her flat wid out speaking even a word.she waved him bye and went inside.
Rags came home and saw rachna standing there.
Rach(strictly)-where were u this late???
Rag(biting her tongue)-wo I went to baadi.
Rach(coldly)-if u went to baadi y r u drenched??
Rags(bit scared)-wo sanskar’s car broke down and we had to stay out for sumtym so……so I drenched
Rachna started laughing seeing her scared and confused.rags luked at her confusingly but then realized that she was pulling her leg.
Rach(giggling)-wat??only u can show the hitler avatar can’t i??(burst out laughing)jst luk at ur face………awwww my ragu(pulled her cheeks)
Rags sniffed and sneezed suddenly on which rachna got worried and asked her to change clothes.
Ragini(inroom)-did I hurt him by saying this??but I did it only for his gud.i hope I didn’t hurt his feelings…………but y m I caring about him???wen he didn’t cared wen he hurted them then y shud i??
Rags came out of room and saw rachna standing wid 2 cups of coffee.they went in balcony .
Rag-every1 slept.
Rach-yes they were too tired after preparing for the function so slept early.
Rach-tell me ,u don’t lyk getting drenched in rain then how???
Rag-wo actually sanskar…(she told her everything)
Rach(amazed)-wow ragini u did the thing u hate most,drenching in rain,jst to comfort sanskar,who u say is ur tbiggest enemy.i didn’t expected it from u.…..i jst did it on humanitarian basis and nothing elese.
Rach(calmly)-whom r u telling ragini,I know u better than urself,u wont help a person who has ever harmed ur family.wat’s the matter??
Rag-no actually the reason I hate him,its jst ……..its jst…..ok I m telling u ,sont tell this to any1 else.(rach nodded wid utter sincerity)actually I have sum doubts that he actually did that.!!
Rach(shocked)-wat u mean u r changing ur opnion??
Rags(doubtfully)-no not changing jst trying to see from other’s persepective also.
Rach(playfully)-I m so happy that bhagwan ne tujhe itni akal toh di.
Rag-u know very well how to lighten my mood(smiling)
Rach-y not after all I m ur rachu di!!!(feeling proud)
Rags hugged her and then they went to sleep.

********in swalak room******
Swara(excitedly)-and laksh u know she told me about her srrival in Mumbai,I m really happy she shared it wid me.
Laksh was smiling sheepishly and nodded his head only.
Laksh(in mind)-lagta h iska tape ek hi jagah aa kar phas gya h!!saying the same thing again,train,Mumbai,kanika,arrghhhhhhh,stop her or she’ll eat ur head.
Laksh(to swara)-swara now its very late u shud sleep!!!
Swara-but laksh………..
Laksh-no more talks jst sleep………my baby is irritated by ur non-stop talks ,he wants peace!!!
Swara(putting hands on her waist)-how do u know about baby???he’s in my womb ,I know better ,he wants to listen,isn’t it baby(touching her belly)
Laksh-don’t manipulate my kind wid ur emotional atyachar,and its not he,its she.!!get that!!!!
Swara-no its he only,apni mumma ka rajkumar!!!
Laksh-swara she will be her papa’s princess!!
Laksh-yes!!(giving death glares to eo)
And turned their faces to opposite directions.swara luked at him through her eyes and saw him sitting miffed.
Laksh(wid attitude)-wat now????
Swara-baby wants to eat ice cream!!!
Laksh(turning to her side)-wat??at this u will catch cold.
Swara(puppy dog eyes)-pls…………….
Laksh-ok..ok don’t show this puppy eyes,I will get it from kitchen.
Laksh went out and remembered how he has to get every thing,bhelpuri,golgappe,gola,their ingredients to fulfill the wishes of swara and quench her cravings.he reached the kitchen and took a ice cream from the fridge and thought that how theie kitchen has turned a food stall and the ladies nagging over that they also want to have the food but laksh gave them strict instructions to not use all this as swara wud be angry.
He came back and saw swara’s twinkling eyes by seeing her favourite choco-pista ice cream.he smiled at her and swara lyk a small kid grabbed it from him and starting eating it.
Laksh was jst admiring her childish behavoiur and thought 1 day another chotu swara will cum in our lyf and make it more beautiful.
Swara luked at him and offered him the last spoon ,laksh luked at her dress and mouth which have ate more ice cream than she did.laksh very plotely refused and swara ate the last spoon wid utter happiness.
Laksh-swara now sleep!!
Swara(smiling)-ok laksh
Laksh switched off the lights and slept while swara rewinded all the day’s moments and sumthing clicked her mind-if ragini left from railway station then how cum laksh or papa didn’t saw her,they left immediately,right?rags also went in nyt only…….so how??did any of them saw her and didn’t stopped her?no its not possible…………but wat if???i have to ask laksh.
And she dozes off to sleep.

*******engagement **********
The hall was beautifully decorated for the engagement of ria malhotra and rohan agnihotri.y not it is decorated by our KARA.all the guests started cuming and praised the arrangements to which the bride’s and bridegroom family were very happy.
Swalaksan came to the function and were luking as usual beautiful,handsum.they greeted mr malhotra and went to a side.
Laksh(luking around)-really the arrangements are fab
Swara(proudly)-y not its done by my sister and her team.
Sanky(desperately)-but where r they???
Swara-they must be here only.ensuring that evryting’s he is(pointing towards karthik)
Karthik came to them and passed a smile to every1.
Swara-where’s ragini??
Kar-she wud be here only,scolding sum1 or helping in sumthing.
Laksh-the arrangements r really gud.
Karthik-it has to be afterall we had put all our hardwork on it.
Meanwhile sanky was lost in his thoughts-y m I feeling desperate to see her??where is she??how she mst b luking??god wat’s happening to me??
His thoughts were broken by rachna voice-here we are!!!
He along wid swalakar turned around and saw rachkavrag standing there dresses in Indian dresses.rags was luking stunning in her navy blue dhoti-saree wid sliver blouse and matching earrings.
Sanky was in awe of her and kept admiring her while rags was talking wid swara.
Swara-luking gr8 u all
Rachkavrag-u too swara!!!
Laksh(whispering in swara’s ear)-u r luking no less than an angel in ur hot pink my control me or else sumthing will happen!!!
Swara elbows him and blushes hard which is noticed by rags.
Rags-seems lyk sum1 is blushing!!!
Kabir has returned back and is standing on stage gathering evry1 for engagement.every came and engagement went smoothly.all the tym sanskaar was staring at her stealing glances from her.
Evry1 went home happily and rach called ragini to leave but kabir stopped her.
Rach-wat happened??
Kabir-we shud go,she’ll cum wid swara.
Rach-but kabir
Kabir-see she’s so happy wid them,we shudnt disturb her.
Kabir(in mind)_the more tym she spends wid them she will be able to know him better.i hope he is not wrong and I m also doing right.
Wid this they leave and rags is to go wid swalaksan to which she sadly complies.
In parking-

Laksh-guys the tyre punctured
Swara-wat??noooooo I am really tired
San-we shud search for a taxi
Rag-at this hour,its 3 am,where will we get a cab
San-lets go out and then see,
They came on road and waited for sumtym while swara was nagging and blabbering stupid things out of irritation.laksh has holded his head to prevent it from bursting and rags was trying to stop swara.
Sum goons came towards them and started passing comments on swarag.sanlak were really angry now and went towards the goons out of which one took out knife and other smirked.
Sanlak went towards them thinking ragini will also show her karate moves but wat happened was unexpected.

Precap-fight???realisation of love

Wat do u think fight will happen???and who will realize luv??do comment ur views.
Guys I hope I didn’t bored u tell me how was it and yes HAPPY ONAM eyery1.

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