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Hi guys ur sargam back again.
I just want to say have a little patience till the revealation,pls guys it’s a request till then enjoy the blossoming of love b/w ragsan and swalak moments.but wait u noticed that I m giving u hints in the past few episodes,I hope u noticed its about glimpses of past and related to revelation.

Episode 13
A deserted place,a godown
A man is lying bleeding profusely looking really weak.another man(man2) comes there wearing a black hoodie ,his face isn’t visible.he approaches man 1 and sits beside him on the table.
Man2-tell me did u told this to any1???

Man1(gathering courage)-till now I hadn’t but soon I will
Man2(his lips are shown smirking evilly)-yes u can but…..but…but if u will be alive
Man1(baffled)-wat ru talking,u cant kill me
Man2 gets up from his place and shoots man1 right in the head with his pistol.
Man1 dies and man2 smirks evilly exclaiming’no one can defeat me’ and lets out an evil laugh.

Scene changes*at baadi*

The baadi was lively after a lot of tym.there were giggles of girls and evry1 was smiling.
2ladies r talking(same who taunted rags and got an anwer back)
Lady1-see after ragini came ,the raunak of this baadi came back,the gadodia family which was dead more than alive are now the most happiest of all !!!!
Lady2-yes dis girl changed so much ,her looks,her manners but still she is golden at heart.the both girls(swarag) came together then it has to be lyk dis.
The camera moves towards inside the house:
Swarag and sumi are having a killer laugh while dadi is standing there embarrassed must be due to sum joke.

Swara(laughing) –dadi u better speak marwadi only,bengali’s not ur cup of tea.
Sumi-maa u said the words wrong and it(bursts out laughing)
Dadi-so wat I m not alone who doesn’t know Bengali,laado is here and moreover if my DIL cum daughter and my grand daughter knows then wats the need.
Swara-correction dear dadi not only 1 grand daughter but both know Bengali
Dadi-wat laado u know to speak Bengali??(lill shocked)

Ragini(lill embarrassed)-yes I know it but not fully.
Swara(cutting her)-oh come on,dadi u know wen I went wid her to accompany her in shopping for marriage,there we met a Bengali shopkeeper and she explained him everything in Bengali,very well versed,the right accent and expressions,I wonder if she never knew Bengali or was trying to hide it.
Ragini-no….its nothing lyk that……I know many languages .
Ragini-marathi,Punjabi,gujarati,and yes tamilian.

Dadi(eagerly)-laado where did u learnt it???
Ragini(smiling lill)-no dadi ……..actually I had costumers from evry culture so while conversing wid them I mixed up well so I use their language only.u know it increases ur business”s repo.
Swara(praising)-smart woman!!!
Sumdadi went in kitchen wid excuse of cooking food.swarag were left alone.
Swara(hesitatingly)-ragini if u don’t mind may I ask how u reached there???in Mumbai………….ahhh(and bowed her head)

Rag(lil startled)-ok I will tell u jst this much
Swara(surprised)-hmmm I know u need tym but atleast I m getting this much,so pls proceed
Ragini(sum flashes cum in her mind-a boy shouting pls don’t go and falling down and a girl shouting ‘I’ll have to,for our betterment)(avoiding them she starts)-actually I went from here to railway station where I called my frand kanika ,she’s a musician in Mumbai,so she asked me to cum dere and I seeked her help ,wen I reached there she helped me and I got a job.(flashes-a girl-ragu pls wear this showing a modern dress,rags resists but the girl convinces her by her cute antics)(dis brings a smile on her face which swara notices)

Swara-so I think she is sum1 special in ur lyf(getting a lil jealous)
Rag(energetically)- u know she was jst lyk my sis ,I didn’t felt ur absence,she always supported me,made me live lyf and she is my support system.
Swara(getting red hearing sum1’s praise from her sis)-ok call her sum tym ,I also want to see her
Rags(getting sad)-she cant cum…………………..(teary eyed)she’s dead!!!
Swara was shocked to hear it and sad for her sister.she kept her hand on rags shoulder to console her.rags wiped her tears and said”swara u know b’coz of her only I m living this lyf ,if she wudnt have been i wudnt be standing in front of u……………but now no more crying as I promised her that I wont cry “and she smiles through her tears ,swara huga her and rags controls her tears.
Swara(in mind)-ragini how many wounds u have???ur pain,I cant see u lyk this.i know sumthing’s not right but chill I will make verythnig right.i m happy atleast u opened a layer of ur emotions to me.
Swarag broke the hug .swara receives call of laksh.
Laksh(inquiring)-swara did u ate medicine??
Swara(assuring him)-yes laksh.
Laksh(ordering herand pleading)-u ate the green 1,I know its bitter but pls eat it,for my sake
Swara(frustrated)-I knew u wud do this that’s y I ate it so I don’t have to bear ur senti talks.i m becoming mother but it luks lyk u r having mood swings.
Laksh(startled)-mood swings and me??yaa y not ,I m also becoming a father so I can share it wid u.our mood swings
Swara(being fed up)-laksh………………u again wid ur senti talks ,leave it tell me r u cuming to pick me up.
Lak-no swara actually an imp. Meeting is lined up but wait sanky’s free I will send him.
Swara-ok!!but do cum home at tym and eat ur food at tym
Lak-ok swara,u too take care and yes don’t demand anything in mid way and also don’t disturb sanky.

Swara-laksh bye!!!(cutely irritated)
They both smile luking at the phones.
Sanky in car driving towards baadi-
Oh god I will meet her again.yes!!!(excitedly)wat wud I talk,will she reply to me???if she wont be there ??(worriedly)wat I m thinking she must be there(a bright smile appears on his face)(he was dancing in his mind)god sanky wat r u thinking about her,its not roght,u r going there to take swara,thank god laksh told me to get swara home or I wudnt have got chance to meet her(rag)I know she must be there wid swara at baadi.after many day I will meet her,see her,last wen I saw her (he remembers their last meet)it was sumthing different ,unique,I don’t know but sumthing changed.and about lucky I didn’t even thought he cud handle marriage word but see how gracefully and sincerely he is taking all his responsibilities,his child,swara,he cares about them very much.i wish he stays happy.sanky now stop blabbering and drive or u will surely commit sum accident and if not then sum will send u to jail thinking as a mad!!!

At baadi-
Swara-maa I m leaving
Sumi-ok beta,tc
Rag-wait swara I m cuming too.
Swara nods and swarag hug sumi and dadi bidding them bye and leave.
Outside baadi
Ragini sees her scooty’s tyre punctured and exclaimed “no god”.swara sees her and forwards help to drop her home.ragini agrees thinking that laksh will drop her ,she doesn’t know anything about sanky.she hesitates a little but agrees then.
The car cums and sanky blows the horns to which swara turns and rags see sanky.sanky sees her and gets happy and his wild horses of imagination runs in full speed.she gets uncomfortable.
Swara-ragini cum

Rag-no………I will go by myself(sanky gets sad hearing her)
Swara-ragini no need of formality
Rag-no swara believe me I will go(trying to avoid the situation)
Sanky(annoyed)-swara u cum if she’s not interested let it be
Rags face turned into anger and she wid out uttering a word sits in the car that too in front while swasan watch her shockingly.swara too sits in the car and they drive off.
Swara-sanskaar leave rags till her home!!!
Rag-no ……….no need I will go by myself
Swara-ragini ssssshhhh(putting finger on her lips)(rags complies helplessly)
Swara gets down at mm and now ragsan r alone in the car.sanky tries a lot to talk to her but cudnt get even a word out of his mouth or rags ignores starts playing the radio which reminds them of their previous misadventure.and brings a smile on their faces.but rags hides it at the nick of tym before sanky noticed it.the cars stops suddenly in middle of road .
San-wat happened to it??(Luking at rags)
Rags(rudely)-how wud I know??

Sanky gets down and opens the bonnet and sees that ignition wire is broken.he tells this to rags.
Rags-so wat r u waiting for??call a mechanic
He calls mechanic and tells rags that he will be cuming in half an hour.they sit inside the car while it starts to rain slightly.but wid tym it increases and rains heavily wid a lot of thunders.rags wasn’t a fan of rain much but she liked hearing the thunder sound,it was lyk music to her ears and she was seeing jst outside from the window.then she luked towards sanky once and saw him all pale.
Sanky frowned hearing the striking of thunder ,then he stiffened,his face expressionless,he started mumbling hanuman chalisa and kept his ears closed tightly wid his the second sound of thunder he literally jumped off his seat and then hopped back in it shutting his eyes.rags luking outside all this while.

Rags luked at him astonished and came to know he is scared of thunder.she saw him muttering sumthing inaudible ,his lips were dry,his eyes tightly shut and he stiffend at his position.for a while she enjoyed luking at him lyk this,helpless,coward and getting scared by these small things,she laughed it out for a moment and then luked at him again.he was breathing heavily which startled her and she didn’t know wat to do.she looked at him horriefied for sum tym not reacting at all but her humanity pushed her to help him.she placed her hand on his shoulder and sanky luked once towards her but again turned to reciting hanuman chalisa and moving slightly in fear.she cudnt handle it anymore so she got out of the car wid umbrella ,wat she hated the most to get wet in rain but this guy was doing everything to irritate her,directly or indirectly.
Rag(in mind)-god I don’t know how to handle such situation but this man is putting me into it only,I shud do sumthing or he will die out of fear or suffocation.
She moved 2wards his car’s side and opened the door and took sanky out wid all her force as he was so stiff to move.she took him into the umbrella while sanky still had his eyes closed and his hand hand had tightly clutched rags hand.

They got to a nearby shutter and rags tried to distract him by reminding him of his sweet moments,childhood moments to share it,and wen it failed she tried to irritate him by speaking illogical things and non-sensical acts.still sanky was not responding ,he had his eyes closed.
He shouted on rags once that y she got him out.seeing no other option she gave up and was luking continuously at him thinking wen will he stop his drama.
She then got out of the shutter and screamed loUdly drenching in rain”I LOVE U SANSKAR MAHESHWARI,I LOVE YOU.I LOVED YOU FROM I FIRST TYM I SAW YOU”

Precap- ragini’s enagement contract ,function,action,masti

So guys how did u find this chappy,do tell me.thanks for reading.

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