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Hi guys I m back wid another update.its episode 12 sorry last 1 got as epi 10 it was 11 as u all must b knowing.thanks for ur comments lets start:
Sanlak reached to a huge building wid name malhotra &co.
San-u have preponed d meeting right?
Lak-yes I did,cum lets go
Dey went inside and receprionist showed dem way to conference hall(ch)
Rags left from home wid all her frands except kabir.she got a call from kabir dat dey have reached Mumbai and he will cum back soon.rags came at d same place.till den sanlak had finished dere meeting but were in ch only talking to mr malhotra(an aged man of 50’s).rags reached at reception and receptionist instructed her way to go to ch.
Outside ch
Rags-guys I’ll handle everything ok??? Evry1 nodded and dey went inside.
D gate opened and sanlakrag saw eo.they were shocked for a moment but den mr malhotra made dere formal intro.
Mr malhotra-meet dem mr maheshwari,d famous event organizers of Mumbai,KARA.(proud at his choice)dey r here to organize my daughter’s wedding.
They were introduced and mr malhotra insisted sanlak to stay dre to give dre opinion on d presentation.they resisted but were convinced later on.
Sanky’s pov
Mr malhotra introduced me and lucky to rags,yes we kne her but here she was totally different ,luking a perfect business woman in her black trousers and white shirt wid a high pony wid a confidence on her face.and most importantly mr malhotra praising sum1 it means he/she has sumthing really special,I know rags is special.light were off and rags started her presentation wid full confidence in her voice,which even after experience of yrs one cud hardly get,she gave a splendid performance and seeing mr. malhotra’s face I must say he was impressed,she answered evry query of his very patiently and confidently,I stood amaze at her body language,her work,yes I thought she wud be a gud enterprenuer after all she is a gud daughter,a gud mother and a gud sis but dis was d most unexpected part from her.she finished d peresentation and I was jst staring at her while she noticed me only once.sad…mr malhotra and evry1 clapped while I got busy in my phone chatting wid sum1 and smiling idiotically whereas evry1 else appreciated her.
Pov ends.
Rags was feeling extremely happy on giving a bang on presentation which she does always but sumthing distracted her,it was sanky gaze on her all d tym and wen it was over den his smiling face which irked her,she thought how cud he b happy wen she and kanav rsuffering jst coz of him.she decided to find out wat he was doing in his malhotra called her to his house for further discussion wid d bride and bridegroom’s family which only suggested to have KARA as wedding planner nad yes dis was also a reason she came to Kolkata to plan a wedding which will b a huge profit for KARA and secure dere future.sanlak gave her a sweet smile and went away .yes sanky wud have appreciated her more excitedly but now he was busy on his fone which further angered rags.
Sanlak reached to dre car in parking area where lak received a fone call from swara.and san stood dere wid his convo ended and in a dreamy world he was lost in.
On fone
Swa-yes lak u r cuming to pick me up??
Lak-yes swara I have confirmed meeting wid gyanac so b ready
Lak-u know wat???(excitedly)
Lak- I met rags here,she jst left us astonished wid her amazing sense of business .
Swa-wow I didn’t knew rags dis syd anytym ,wait I will slowly get to know all from her as she’s back
And dey talked about random things.
On d other hand rags was luking at sanky hiding behind a car(no 1 was dere)
She thought of sumthing to get him away from his fone which was lying in d car so she picked a stone and threw at a far parked car hearing a smashing sound den a dog’s painful cry which rags imitated he rushed 2wards dere.thinking dis as a chance rags came 2wards d car and took d fone and thought of a password to unlock d fone ,she thought for sumtym and den punched suji’s name to which much to her distraught it opened as for her he don’t care about ANY1 not even a mother .she hurriedly searched his fone and came to a pvt. No. she was now thinking only wen she heard sanky’s voice-“ragini” he was calling her.she turned to face him in nervousness and hided d fone in her hand behind her bak .rags grinned feebly at sanky at which he felt a lil doubt.he noticed her posture,her hand behind her back and she was mumbling sumthing.
Sanky(moving 2wards her)-wat r u doing here?
Sanky-is it??(moving )
Rags hitted the car as now dere was no space to both were quiet place and sanky aska again’r u hiding sumthing?or u r running from me?’(the song nazdeekiyan fromshandaar plays in bg)
Raaton ke jaage subah miley hai
Resham ke dhaage yeh silsile hai
Laazmi si lagne lagi hai
Do dilon ki ab nazdeekiyan
Rags-no y wud I run,r u sum kind of monster?i don’t feel nything 2wards u(nervously)
Dey were too close dat dey cud feel eo’s hot breath .
Sanky-so I don’t create any kind of emotions in ur heart(flirtious voice)
Rags-no…no (trying to move )
Dikhti nahi par ho rahi hain nazdeekiyan
Do dil hi jaane lagti hain kitni mehfooz nazdeekiyan
Sanky holded her arm wid his 1 hand and starting running another on her belly .while rags had closed her eyes and stood silent in frustration and fear of getting her truth out that she’s spying on him.
Sanky finally touched her waist while rags was shivering wid his touch.his grabbed her hand and took his fone smoothly from her hand .rags now opened her eyes and luked at sanky in disbelief.
Rags(in mind)-I was wrong ,he didn’t took advantage of me but rather did it for his fone……..fone!!!oh shit!!
Sanky was going through his fone and sayong’wat were u checking?’
Rags tried to snatch d fone to delete history but sanky lifted the fone in sky and rags too jumped to reach for d fone.
Rags was too close to grab it but sanky stood on his toes and made it higher and den wat rags did was unexpected.she jumped on him to get it but he still had his hold on d fone while his bak hitted d car now (in d position in which rags was earlier) and rags front hit his chest wid dere hands twirled 2gether in air.sanky cud feel her hot breaths on his neck which were giving him chills of excitement while dere eyes were locked wid eo.
Zariya hain ye aankhein zariya
Chhalakta hai jinse ek armaano ka dariya
Aadate hain inki purani
Ankahi si keh de kahani
Parchaaiyan do judne lagi hai
Dekho hawa mein udne lagi hai
Pankh jaisi lagne lagi hain
Do dilon ki ab nazdeekiyan
Dey came to reality after sum tym and sanky said calmly –ok I’ll tell u wat I was doing in ch’.he den showed her his convo. Wid kanav (yes he was talking to kanav)in which kanav ask him about his mum .telling old incidents and san complaining about rags and sum casual talks.
Seeing dis rags took a sigh of relief and den got into thinking dat although she sent kanav away but dre bond is growing strong,oh god pls help me!!! Thank god he didn’t saw anything den she realized she had deleted d history wen was holding d fone back.
Lak came dere and congratulated her once more and asked her t omeet swara once.
Rags nodded and left from dere.
Swalak visited d gynac and everything was normal.
1 week passed lyk dis while rags was busy in her marriage preparations but everyday she went to baadi and met swara dre only,she talked to her and both laughed whole heartedly by which the whole gadodia house came alive.every1 was happy.

Precap-sanky’s thunder phobia and rags support to him

Guys I cud write only dis much in 1 hr.thanks for ur precious comments and love u showered on me .
Guys keep supporting and thanks once again.

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