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I m back again guys.thank u so muchhhhhhhhhhh for ur support and response on my ff.
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In previous episode I told about sanky being kanav’s father and rags came to take revenge on him,any1 guesses y ?
well d nxt episode
at swalak side
swara was sleeping in room when she noticed d tym was 8:10.she rushed to d washroom,freshened up and came downstairs,she was in much hurry dat she was about to slip but handled herself.thinking of getting evry1’s scolding she moved really scared 2wards d dining table where every1 sat after the aarti.
Swara(in mind)-oh god I got so late 2day ,even missed d aarti,y I slept so much???
Swara(to every1)-good….good morning
Evry1 gave her a sweet smile much unlike her apprehensions.and asked her to sit.she noticed laksh wasn’t dere.
Swara(to ap)-maa where’s laksh?
Ap-beta he’s in kitchen
Sujatha-haa chori dekh apne pati ko ek hi din me khabar milte hi kaise badal gya aur yahan toh kitne log h jo abhi tak apni patni ki parwah hi nhi karte(taunting rp)
Rp-yes yes y not if sum1 gets a wife lyk swra den y will he not care?but see wat I got ??
Sujatha-jao ji kya main itni buri hoon?
Rp-yes of course!!
Sujatha-jiji dekho na!!!(to ap)
Ap-ohho y r u fighting lyk kids,rp stop teasing her and suji concentrate on ur food.
Evry1 was enjoying dere tom-jerry fight while swara got into her sweet moments of last night.
After swara vomited lak took her to bed and both slept but swara opened d lyt and turned lak to her side .
Lak(half sleepy)-wat happened swara???
Swara- I m not feeling sleepy lak
Lak-so wat shud I do???
Swara(thinking after sumtym)-ummmmmmmmm ..yes sing a lullaby for me !!
Lak(shocked)-wat me ,and lullaby???no ways……..u know na I m a horrible singer
Swara-come on lak ,pls(wid twinkling eyes)
Lak-no means no
Swara(lil angry)-yes yes u will only sing songs dat too wen flirting wid girls even after our marriage
Lak(in mind)-oh god ,ma told dat she’ll have mood swings but dis no………
Lak-ok………. Swara I’ll ,now happy
Swara-yay 9wid much xcitement)
He took her head in his lap and started singing a lullaby in his not so surili voice but enough for swara to b relieved and go to sleep while laksh was caressing her hairs.wen he saw her slleping he kept a pillow below her head carefully as to not disturb her sleep and stared lovingly at his chand and den thought about his chand(swara) and the to be sitara of dere’s(child).swara again got up after sumtym wen she noticed lak wasn’t dre but rushed to bathroom as was feeling vomiting.she came back and was damn angry dat he went sumwhere leaving her to struggle to vomit ,lak entered den only and saw swara in fully anger mode.swara saw him and barged him wid her qs.he gave her a sweet smile wen all d tym she was complaining of her nausea,vomit and all but stopped seeing no response from lak and luked 2wards him .he was standing drew id loads of buks to which swara thought for a moment dat has she gone into college again or lak is thinking of persuing further studies and asked him about books.laksh gave a sweet smile again and told her dat’s its for him.
Swara-but y??(holding one book which read ‘expecting baby’)
She luked surprised at him and took another buk’being a father and good hubby’and many buks lyk dat related to she was teary eyed(mood swings)
Lak came to her wiped her tears and said-dis is not for u ok(teasing her),its for me ,afterall I m also going to become a father so I need to know wat my baby wants and wat baby ki mumma wants,understood???
Swara hugged him at dis and said a thank you.
Lak(breaking s hug)-so u r saying me ty den ty swara for being my wife,my life,for handling my family well despite ur family isssues,being a perfect wife,trusting me,encouraging me wenever I got sad,for making me a dad ,for……
He was counting all dis on his fingers wen swara putted a finger on his lips to stop him from talking and hugged him saying-ok babba I understood,now I wont say soory or ty.
Wid dis dey both went to bed and slept cuddling eo thinking of a new morning wid dere new ehsaas and new role of father and mother.
————————-fb ends———————————————————————————————————–
Remembering dis a smile creased on her face while her cheek turned red due to the blush of it wid added glow of pregnancy.seeing her suji exclaimed
Suji-c jiji here we r fighting and she’s enjoying our fight .
On dis evry1 luked at her blushing beauty and gave a sweet smile.
Laksh came out of kitchen in a chef hat and aprin around his body wid a tray full of suitable food for a to b mother ,he came to swara and bid her a good morning wid d most charming smile and placed d tray in front of her.
She luked at him den at food and asked for permission from him to which he nodded.
Swara ate d food and complemented on his cooking skills.lak smiled and turned to ap to ask –where is sanky.
Suji-who chora he left early saying he had to catch up wid an old frand.

Every1 finished dere bf .swalak came to dere room .where lak finishing his call turned to swara who was busy eating besan ladoos.
Lak-swara b ready till 4 ,we have to meet a gynac
Swara(with ladoo in her mouth ,eating lyk a child)-but lak u have a meeting at 4 ,isn’t it?
Lak(wiping her face)-oh my chotu baby,I have preponed it so we can go to meet d b ready ,ok???
Swara nodded and he left to arrange for a meeting .
Rag reached home wen sanky dropped her and was thinking of d seat belt incident
Rags-oh god wat was dat???y I behaved lyk dat?i m softening 2wards him?wat I thought it is going to b more difficult than dat.(wid determined face)no I wont let even myself to spoil dis plan?ragini now keep ur eyes skinned and ears opento see enev smallest details of him………………..but keep ur heart locked .
Sanky came home and swalak asked him where he went as he didn’t met any frand from dese 5 yrs nor any1 came to meet him.
Sanky-who I said a lie ,I went to meet kanav and see him off.(scratching his head,feeling guilty for lieing)
Lak-c him off??
San-yes didn’t rags told u about it(to swara)
Swara-no ,I think she must in in b/w sumthing or she wud have told me.
San-ya u talk to her,I m going ,cum lucky
Swa came to room and dialed rags.rags picked up d call.
Rags-hi swara
Swara-hi rags(angrily)so wats happening?
Rags-nothing much jst preparing presentation.
Swara-oh so m I dreaming dat kanav left Kolkata?
Rags keeping hand on d speaker-god who told her,now she’ll b super angry ,mst b dat sanky ,koi baat nhi pachati in ladko ke pet mein, handle dis enfruriated swara.
Swara-hello rags u dere?
Rags-ya…yes…who I was going to tell u …………….
Swara-stop giving explanations,I know dat he left ,I called u to tell that I m really angry on u dat u didn’t told me anything,go I wont talk to u.
Rag-ohhhh……so u r angry on me,ok den but I wonder den wid whom will u share ur feelings,talk about how u r feeling now,being pregnant,laksh’s attitude 2wards u,who will give u tips (after a pause )ok so I think I shud cut the call(pretending)
Swara-nooo ………..woh actually yes ………..ok now listen u wont hide anything from now…get dat
Rags-ok to be mommy..
Swara-listen(blushing)i….i…. wanted to share sumthing
Rags-ohhhooo blushing and all ,well let me guess laksh did sumthing for u ,right?
Swara-yes,how do u know
Rag-by ur voice dumbo
Swara-hey I m not dumb……….well leave dat u know he………(and she told the night incident)
Rags eyes were filled wid tears but she didn’t let it appear in her voice.
Rags-awwwwwwwwwww u have got such caring hubby.
Swara-yes I consider myself lucky to have him
Rags(to avoid any further talk)-swara u shud go rachna’s calling.
And they hung up.
Rags monologue-u r really lucky swara to have sum1 beside u but u wont b knowing the pain who didn’t have any1 to look after her……..i wish u don’t even face such situation.

Precap-business meet and ragsan moment

I know I didn’t wrote wat I said as precap,sorry for dat,but surely nxt will have it.sorry for this tiny update but do tell me do I write gud evn wid swalak???sorry for disappointment.
If any1 has any queries ask pls…I have answered evry1 personally in last update.
Thanks for reading my lovely readers and commenters.
Thanks tu for updating it.

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