jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 10) ragsan *revelation*

So guys here I m wid 10th episode.oh god 10th so treat toh banti h that’s y to answer ur questions I have revealed sumthing,yes u guessed right the name of kanav’s read the whole don’t scroll it down immediately ,have patience and read it.
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At swalak side
Lak was sleeping and having a dream in which a girl in bridal attire wid an infant was running 2wards him and he opened his arms to take her into his embrace smilingly.he came out of d ream listening to BOAAH if sum1’s scaring sum1.he got up nad started shouting bhoot bhoot but den saw swara wasn’t dre so thought dat ghost took her wid him ,he approached 2wards d washroom from where d voice was coming wid a bedsheet to grab d ghost and free swara.he den banged d washrum’s door and found no ghost but his wife wid her hair scattered over her face vomiting in washbasin.he got a lill relief and dropped d bedsheet.approached 2wards swara to comfort her by patting her back.dey luked at eo and smiled.laksh pov-I know y I got d dream it is my future my swara and my child.i promise u swara dat I ‘ll try my best to keep u happy.

Ragini frowned at the lady’s statement and shouted on her –how cud u think lyk dis,r we luking husband –wife to u,if u don’t know anything then don’t speak ,it wud b better.
The lady got scared and sanav were boggled to see her behave lyk dis.

And rags got the precise dose of medicine for her anger,her baby soothing voice and turned to luked at his scared face.she den came to normal and luked at d poor soul standing in front of her feeling guilty for saying lyk dis which hurted her.

Rags(calmly)-I m sorry actually who I was very disturbed and den u said lyk dis so…………
Lady-its ok beta sumtym’s we misunderstand which I did and I m sorry too to hurt u by my words but I hope dat u get a family lyk dis and stay happy (and she fled from dere fearing of rags outrage )
Sanky(wid concern)-rags r u fyn ???
Rags nodded and dey drove off to her flat.rags got down d car wid kanav and moved towards d building.meanwhile kanav went to sanky’s side and told him to cum out.
Sanskar-y wat happened???
Kanav-ohho…y r u questioning me don’t u believe me (rags stopped dere realizing kanav wasn’t moving wid her)

Sanskar-ok ok don’t dount me I m cuming out(and he got down d car)
Kanav-bend down (and sanky does ,rags was witnessing all dis silently)
Kanav kissed him on his cheeks and sanky luk surprised turns to his side and asks y dis????
Kanav-my way to say thank you for convincing mum to let me eat ice cream and being my frand (rags was feeling damn uncomfortable and tightened her fist to give her strength to see all dis)
Sanky-I don’t need ur thanks ,I did it for myself as I hadn’t ate ice cream from quiete a tym and being frand we were from earlier na ,den???
Kanav-yes dat we were but for namesake but now I trust u and I approve of u as my best frand .i must tell u its very difficult to gain my trust .

Sanky-oh so I m d lucky 1 .thank u mr. kanav for approving me (giving a bright smile)
On dis kanav hugged him and both smiled.rags was noticing dis all and now her patience gave answer.

Rags(coldly)-kanav now lets go,its late u have to sleep.
Kanav ran to her and holded her hand ,sanky smiled at her and waved gud bye to kanav wid a bright smile to which kanav complied.sanky left in his car.and ragnav went to d flat.
Kanav-mumma 2day I got a new best frand,yeah!!!he is so cool,I really lyk him a lot.
Rags jst smiled at him and was thinking –I have to send him tomorrow only ,d growing closeness b/w him and sanky cud be dangerous.if he gets to know THAT KANAV IS HIS SON ONLY DEN HE WILL TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME JST LYK HE DID EARLIER.(A FLASH OF BURNING CAR IS SHOWN)
Det went home and slept midnight rags was dreaming.
Dream-a car is shown burning.den a girl receiving a phone call and shouting NOOO and dropping the phone crying hard.den 2 corpses are shown and a girl falling wid a thud.

Rags woke up wid a jerk all sweating and den said-oh god dis dream,its haunting me since a long tym but I will get peace only after punishing him.she turned 2wards kanav who was sleeping peacefully and caresses his face ,she went ot kitchen to drink water.
Her pov-I wont let my kanav be harmed by any means ,for dis I have to send him away,den only I can focus on my plan.but wat kabir was saying was it right?yes he doesn’t seem to b aware of any thing,no guilt on his face,but how?
Mind-he is jst pretending u know na how he is well-versed at all dis.

Heart-but luk at his eyes ,I cud only c innocence in dem
Mind-its jst a petense he is playing to not let any1 b aware of wats going on im his mind.
And wid dis her mind won ,she cud think of only taking revenge and nothing else but her heart has placed a little doubt in her mind dat may b he is innocent.she looked at the tablet she had and scrolled sum inages of sanky reading-most successful young business man,heartthrobe of girls,a boy wid golden heart and she laughed at dis all sarcasticallyexclaiming-no one knows wat u have done,but wait the reputation u have earned I will shatter it by revealing ur sins in front of the whole world.
In morning
Kanav got up and saw rags packing his bag and asked wat happened mumma r we going bak to Mumbai???
Rags-yes ,but not me u r .
Kanav-but y mumma,I jst came yesterday only,y?
Rags-don’t give xcuses,u have ur skul ,u cant bunk it??

Kanav-but mumma how cud I go alone ???
Rags-u r not going alone kabir will go wid u ??
Kanav-y to stress dude I cud stay here ,it wint b a problem.
Rags-no,u r going bak and dats final.
Kanav realized dat her mum is damn serious so he didn’t argued.
Kanav-but mumma did u told any1 dat I m going bak???
Rags-whom to tell??

Kanav-sanku dost?
Rags-no need ,he mst b busy in his wirk and he wont bother about u ???
Kanav didn’t said anything and went to freshen up.
Rags was outside preparing breakfast wen kanav came out.every1 sat to eat bf.
Karthik-ragu is it necessary to send kanav bak???see how happy he is here??
Kanav smiled a bit thinking she might change her mind but she didn’t .
Kabir-yes it is ,how cud he miss his skul??
Rachna-but where will he stay???ragini think about it .
Kavya-I forgot to tell I talked to arnav bhai,he will stay dere.
Kanav-(sadly)-mumma……….i don’t want to go…..pls…………..
Rags(lovingly)-no baby u have to go ,see dere u will stay wid khushi mami and aarav bhai,he’s ur best frand na………pls………
Both mother-son duo were trying dere best of emotional atyachat to convince another but at last kanav had to surrender coz no one can beat rags.(arshi will have no important role jst demand of situation).
Ragbir and kanav were outside d building wen a car horn made dem to turn around.rags was shocked to see him.yes it was sanky.
Kanav-sanku dost!!!!!
Rags to kabir-who informed him???(angrily)
Kabir-I don’t know!
Kanav went to sanky and hugged him wid sanky twirling him around.den he put him down.
Sanky-thank god u told me or I cud have met u before going
Kanav-yes,I knew u were going to cum to c me off,c mumma he came.
Ragbir moved to him wid fake smiles and bid him a hi!
Rags-thanks for cuming ,so I think we shud leave now kanav.
Kanav(sadly)-ok mumma!
Ragbir moved to kabir’s car where dey saw dat the tyre was punctured.
Rags-how will we go now??
Kanav-mumma idea sanku dost ki car h na!!
Sanky-yes y not cum ,
Kanav-cum mumma(holding rags hand and moving towards sanky ,rags was hesitant but hided it)
Sanky-wait kanav before going I want to gift u sumthing.

Kanav-gift,wow!!!(sanky got a box from his car and handed it to kanav,kanav opened it in xcitement and his face glowed more after seeing wat he brought for him)
Kanav-wow football shoes and football ,thanks sanku dost I jst luved it (and hugged him )
Sanky(breaking the hug)-hey champ,listen if u wanna keep frandship wid me den no sorry no thank u ,ok??
Kabir-sanskaar how did u got to know dat we r going 2day??
San-wo actually kanav called me to tell me dis so I thought y not meet him !
Rag-kanav its getting late lets go
Dey all get into san’s car wid ragnav sitting at front although rags wanted to sit at bak but kanav rpersuaded her to sit in front wid him and let him b wid sanku dost for sum tym before leaving.dey got to airport.

Rags-kanav lets go now (lil emotional)
Kanav-ok mumma (hugging her)
Now tears formed in her eyes.sanky noticed dat and his heart ached for sum unknown reason.
Rag-baby tc of urself ok,eat at right tym and sleep at tym ,ok???
Kanav-ok mumma.
Kabir-ohho rags don’t worry he is grown up now ,he will take care of himself.
Rag-u too cum fast after getting d file(to kabir)
Kab-ok madam now shud we leave
Rags-(low spirited)-yes and left kanav’s hand
Ragsan saw dem leaving wen kanav ran bak and hugged sanky and sany lifted him ,kanav said sumthing in san’s ear.

Kanav-bye sanku dost I forgot to bid u bye,and yes keep ur promise
On dis san smiled whereas rags was feeling jealous as how easily kanav mingled wid san.finally kanbir went inside d airport.rags was teary eyed but controlled self assuring her dat its for kanav’s betterment only.
San-ragini cum I’ll drop u
Rag(coldly)-no thanks ,I’ll go by myself
San-rags pls cum I’ll drop u
Rags-I said na no thanks
San-u wont agree lyk dis ,ok I’ll tell kanav about ur this thing
Rags-where did kanav came in b/w?
San-he only said me to tc of u and inform him if his mother gets careless or disobedient,so shud I call him??
Rags-no,no I’ll cum

San-cum ur highness (he opens d car door for rags)
Rags sat in feeling appaled by his gesture but didn’t showed it on her face.still she was sad for divert her mind sanky started speaking nonsense.
San-rag although u seem to b strong but u r a cry baby ,c how u r crying
Rags-wat how cud u say lyk dis??
San-y cant I hmmm?wait I’ll also tell dis to kanav
Rags-(irritated)uhhhhhhhhhh y r u bringing kanav in b/w ?i jst hate u ?
San-ok ok I wont if u stop crying ,will u ?

Rags nod and dey drove to her flat.a song plays on d radio-aaj phir tum pe pyaar aaya h
Ragsan luk at eo and den turn away feeling damn awkward,san tries to change d channel but to no avail.rags seeing his waste attempte bangs her hand on d radio and it stops and dey luk at eo and burst into laughter ,yes rags was laughing whole-heartedly dat too wid san.san was jst mesmerized to c her lyk dis.after sum tym she stopped and turned to san and den turned her face outside to feel d light breezes on her face and a wide smile spread on her face.san was jst admiring her.dey reaced her flat where rags was unable to untie d seat belt,she being stubborn didn’t asked for san’s help but our hero noticed it and bent 2wards her to help her .rags luked at him awkwardly but he signals dat he can help or she will b trapped here only.mistakengly sans hands touched rags and a current passed through each one’s and they luk at eo ,an eye lock which stays for atleast 5 mins wid dis tym rags not having any-ve feeling .
She gets into reality and breaking d eye lock bids him ty and gud bye and leaves 2wards her sanky was jst thinking of her deep ocean lyk eyes which want to say many things but rnt able to.
The end

Precap-business meet

So finished wid dis .do tell me wat do u feel,and yes some1’s guess turned tell me wat do u think about d story.
i read all of ur comments thanks guys for such a gr8 response ,ihope i m not boring u.

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