jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 1)


jee le zara..

hi frands ,this is my first attempt on writing ff .so i hope u will support me.
the story mainly focuses on ragini and the pairs will be ragsan and swalak .
before starting some points i want to clear
1.sanskar went away from the maheshwaris for just one year not five.
2.sanskar has confessed his truth.
3. no one knows about ragini’s truth.
4. ragini has realised her mistake.

my story start with the wedding day of temple thing . in the baadi
the baadi is beautifully decorated with various kind of flowers just like a bride suitable for a wedding.
inside the baadi(in mandap)
the groom ,our laksh was looking no less than a prince in his golden coloured heavy embroidered sherwani.
the groom was sitting with his eyes down playing with his fingers as if lost in his own world of thoughts.
(so lets see what he is thinking)
laksh’s monologue:
finally today i will get the love of my life my swara will be with me as my life partner.
(he reminsiced all their moments ,her first encounter when swara’s face was completely red not bcoz of blushing but anger.when he kidnapped her,and feeded her with his hands.
every moment with swara was flashing in his mind and automatically a smile made way to his lips)
some days earlier i was going to lose her by not trusting her.i curse myself for not trusting u but ragini came to me before the sangeet and made me realise what i was going to lose
.she made me realise that why i love u; for ur nature, ur truthful,ness ur bold behaviour that even if u commit a mistake u will accept it and not make any excuses.thanks to ragini that now we r togther.i hope she also soon get the love of her life.
but at the sangeet night came the shock of my life as on our sangeet my bro sanskaar who i thought was mentally retarded suddenly came & confessed that he was behind all was as if my whole world shattered .due to his planning i was going to loose u
i felt ashamed of myself that what if i would have blamed u and broke our marriage but at the same time i felt relief that i didnt do such kind of stupidity
but i promise from now on i will never do such a thing that will harm u or even bring a tear in ur eyes.
{note :ragini didnt confessed about her involvement coz she wasnt mentally ready as just hours before she herself killed the love in her heart and now she couldnt bear another shockor or say harsh words from the family that will leave her completely this was shwe was emotionally very vulnerablethat she had fear of losing everyone if her truth comes out}

laksh thoughts were distrubed by the pandit as he called for the bride.then laksh’s heart started beating fastly as if it will come out any moment now.and then his eyes fell on her angelic face his swara was coming from to the mandap all dressed in red and golden lehenga complementing laksh’s dress.he was just mesmerised to see her ,his all anxiety and fear flew away as he looked at her serene face with her eyes down .he thought she also must be feeling like him(laksh).

( so want to know swara’s pov lets take a look)
swara’s pov:
oh god i am hell nervous !!!!!! im going to become my laksh’s wife i will enter a new phase of my life as swara laksh maheshwari .i was so pissed off when even he doubted me for taking drugs. i was completely broken but then came his phone call ,I think he didn’t had courage to face me ,to tell me that he is breaking this alliance. but after 20 missed call ragin icame into the room and told me that he wanted to apologise to me .listening to which my dull face becames a 1000 watt bulb.but I thought that he should also be punished for not believing me and then after his 50 missed calls I picked up the 51st and then came a voice from other side –“I m sorry ,pls forgive me I will not do this again ,I m sorry ,if u want to punish me then its ok but pls talk to me”my all anger vanished into thin air listening these words in his heavy ,broken voice .i just could utter these word “pls don’t cry” yes he was crying for the fear of losing me and my heart just melt .i forgot everything and I wish if he would have been in front of me and I had given him a tight hug but what to do it was phone .at night when I went to take beauty sleep for my marriage as everything was alright now then some1 barged into our room(swarag room). I thought it to be laksh and it came true .he came to meet me at night . I popped up from the bed and hugged him.ragini seeing us bowed ger head down and made an xcuse of having water.i felt a little shy but laksh started telling the same thing he said on phone and promised that he wont break by trust anytime now .and seeing his puppy face a smile came on my lips . we talked for sometime and then he told me about ragini convincing him for me and also that she took a promise from laksh that this will be a secret. I felt myself to be the luckiest sis of the world.1st,she refused for marriage knowing about us and then she gave me my laksh back.thank you ragin tysm ,I cant tell u this bcoz of ur promise to laksh but I know I m really blessed to have a sis like u .
swara made her way to the mandap and swalak eyes met for a second leading to a romantic eyelock then they sat for rituals and 1 by 1 all rituals completed (saat phera,vermillion and mangalsutra putting and all)
every1 was happy and were showering flowers on them but there was some1 in whose eyes only guilt was to be seen .
we move a little bit away from mandap and see a figure leaning on a was sanskar .his eyes clearly tell how guilty he was for his doings.
Sanskar’s pov
What was I going to do god??????
I was going to separate 2 lovers just for my silly revenge . did I became that blind that I didn’t see that they will also go through the same pain that I am experiencing.kavitha I know u would have been ashamed of me if I would have done this,but thanq u I didn’t do this ,u words always echoed in my mind that –‘giving pain is no solution for just pushes u more to the dark side’.i realized it but what about ragini where is she ????,is she plotting something ??? I shud ask sorry from her too as It was me only who involved her in these dirty tricks of mine,who manipulated her!!!!!i m sorry ragini
(note-he doesn’t know that rags has realized her mistake)

Precap—ragini truth and familys reaction

Guys I hope u like it do comment ur suggestions .
How will the family react after knowing her truth??????????they will hate her right but wait I have something else regarding it
So I hope u will like it and sorry for grammatical mistakes and all
Bye frands

Credit to: sargam

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    hey wlcm to ff’s writer world and nice concept , story line, n actually i am a raglak fan so it might be not posssible fr me, but i think it’s good news fr ragsan n swalak fans so cont. soon n my best wishes r always with u dear sissie sargam

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  10. Megha123

    Awsm continue

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