Jee Le Zara 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 9th October 2013 Written Update

Dilz see Rishi lost in his own thoughts and colliding with the waiter dirtying his clothes but still being happy. She asks him why is he so happy. DV says that he is happy that Rishi’s truth came out and Prachi’s wedding also did not break. Dilz asks him what is his truth. DV acts innocent, so Dilz asks to ask himself why is he so happy that Prachi’s wedding did not break or Rishi went away, Rishi went away or Sanchi’s engagement broke off. Sanchi’s engagement broke off or that she is still single. She asks if he has started dreaming of Sanchi. Rishi replies in his dream its not Sanchi ji, but only Sanchi who smiles with him, who feels shy on his mere looks, who works for others but at the end of the day is only hers and is hers first in the morning and then dividing

her day for the whole world returns only to him in the evening. He admits that yes, not maybe, not perhaps, but definitely I Love Sanchi. Dilz asks then what is he waiting for her. He should tell her the truth. DV says how should he, when he tool so much time to tell this to himself. He turns around and sees Sanchi and he and Dilz get tensed. She comes and says that how could she do like this. DV is always like this, but Dilz should at least understand her asks Dilz how could she think this way for her. Dilz says that its necessary for her to listen. Sanchi asks what, and Dilz says what DV was saying. Sanchi asks what was DV saying, and then DV realizes that she had not heard them. Sanchi then says that she is waiting for them for Prachi’s bidaai and they are busy having chit chat here. They both go down with her. Prachi’s bidaai takes place. After she leaves, Sanchi goes inside and DV shows her a recorded video of Prachi where she has asked her not to cry. Sanchi says she does not know what would have happened if he had not been there. DV jokes that Panchgani would have flooded. Sanchi says no she wants to thank him for everything especially for exposing Rishi else she would have been engaged to him today. DV says, he is sure her scolding would have improved him, but Sanchi says that no he was not the kind of people who change as he had very bad thinking. She tells him that he had said that DV loves Sanchi. How could he think so low. He is her friend and she is older to him, then how could he even think this way. DV replies sadly yeah how could he love her. Sanchi says, anyway let’s not think about him, he is not worth it and leaves from there.

DV is lost in her thoughts when he gets a call from his mom, who understands immediately that something is wrong with him. She tells him that she misses him and asks him to return home. DV says yes he will come back now.

In morning Sanchi reaches her office and finds Mr. Garg is waiting for her. She apologizes for being late, but Mr. Garg loses his cool and asks if the case is not important for her. He has been waiting for 1 week and even today she is late by 5 minutes and he was already working on discount rates for her, but now she is taking him too much for granted and so he won’t take this case anymore. At home, DV is packing his stuff and Dilz asks why does he not tell her everything and DV says that Sanchi made clear that she can never see him this way, and if he stays here, he would miss her more as he would always be reminded that she can’t be his.

Precap: DV is leaving and Sanchi is coming. She asks Dilz for DV who replies that he has left.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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