Jee Le Zara 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 8th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rishi saying that he didn’t do anything. Saanchi says she can’t listen anything and says it is about trust. She says she can’t do the engagement. Rishi is shocked. She requests him to go with folded hands. Sunil’s mom says stop your acting and says she trusts her brother. She says she is groom’s side and they are more than bride’s side. Saanchi says sorry and says Rishi ji will have to leave. Sunil’s mom says he will go but not alone. We all with go with him. She says you are breaking one relation. She says she won’t allow her son to marry her sister after all the insult. Saanchi requests her to not break prachi’s marriage. Sunil’s mom says you people made us realise that we are nothing for you. You are just interested to marry off your sister with

my son. Saanchi says they love each other. Sunil’s mom says Sunil will never be happy. Aaji is about to fall, Saanchi holds her. Nani says sorry on Saanchi’s behalf. Sunil’s mom says this marriage will break and you will repent all your life.

Mugdha blames herself. Sunil’s mom asks Sunil to come along with her. Sunil is about to go, Dhruv stops him and says he wants to talk to his Dad. Sunil’s dad says what is left to talk. Dhruv says it is very important and asks him to come. Sunil’s Dad asks what do you want? Dhruv says people will talk if we don’t talk and resolve the issue. He threatens him and says this matter can even go to the police station. He says why you are sacrifising your son’s happiness for Rishi. He says girl’s teasing is a serious offence. Your image and family reputation will be stained if police comes in picture. He says I am sure whatever you will decide is for everything happiness. Sunil’s mom asks him to come. He calls her and says if they files a police complaint then you will repent tomorrow. What will happen to our respect. Neelam says they did insult them. Sunil’s dad says they didn’t insult them but insulted Rishi. He says we all know about Rishi’s doings and if they file the case then Rishi’s doings won’t be spare. Then what will happen to our respect, and what will happen to Sunil. He says we have to get this marriage happen. Dhruv says I know you will understand me. you took the right decision. Sunil’s dad asks Rishi to go from there.

Sunil’s dad says it is for their own good that Sunil’s baraat don’t return empty handed. Rishi agrees and tells Saanchi that he will never forget the moments spent with her. And says there is no need for you to search a groom as there is someone who loves you a lot, can do anything for you. Saanchi looks puzzled. Rishi says he is Dhruv. Saanchi asks him to leave. Saanchi looks at Dhruv and silently thanks him. Saanchi goes to bring Prachi. Dhruv and Dilshaad smiles. Sunil and Prachi’s marriage rituals starts. Sunil’s dad tells his wife Nirmala to calm down and fulfill the duty of a mother. Saanchi ties the gatbandhan, Dhruv looks at her while the Jee Le song plays in the BG.

Saanchi wipes her tears and gets emotional seeing Prachi getting married. Pandit asks the couple to stand for pheras. While the family is busy throwing flowers on the couple as they are taking the pheras/rounds, Pradeep searches for the farm papers. Pandit says that the pheras are completed. Aaji asks about the shagun cover, Saanchi says she will get. Pradeep hides as Saanchi comes. Saanchi takes the shagun cover and leaves. Pradeep smiles while he was holding some paper. Pradeep asks Sunil to put Sindoor and Mangalsutra. He declares them husband and wife. And asks them to take the blessings of elders.

While Saanchi is busy with the preparation, Dhruv offers his help. And says you have to be with Prachi as she is nervous. Saanchi thanks him. Dhruv says no need to thanks. Saanchi says you are close than any relative. She thanks him. Dhruv smiles.

Same as yesterday, Dhruv confesses his love for Saanchi in a poetic manner.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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