Jee Le Zara 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 7th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mugdha leaving the Prabhu niwas in a hurry. Dhruv stops her and says they will tell Saanchi. Mugdha says she don’t want to tell anyone and tells Dhruv that if you care for Saanchi and this family then you have to ignore this. Sunil’s mom tells the grannies that Rishi said yes to the marriage proposal for Saanchi. Aaji says that the guy is good. Nani says he is a diamond. Sunil’s mom says your girls acquired two diamonds. Nani says if you like our Saanchi then it is ok. Sunil’s mom then praises her family to be a big etc. She calls Rishi and asks him to take the grannies blessings. She tells him that I told them that you said yes to the proposal. Rishi asks did Saanchi says yes. Nani says they will asks Saanchi first. Sunil’s mom says what is the need to ask

Saanchi as she has no options. Rishi says Saanchi is independent girl and he needs to know her opinion. Ulka says she will call Saanchi.

Dhruv comes to Saanchi and says he needs to talk to her something important. He says don’t think me as wrong. Ulka kaki comes and says they are calling you. Saanchi says Dhruv is talking to him. Ulka takes Saanchi forcibly. Dilshaad asks what he wants to talk to Saanchi. Sunil’s mom tells Saanchi that she wants her yes. Saanchi is in thoughts. Sunil’s mom says Rishi is like a lucky draw from her. Dilshaad is shocked and says are you sure. Dhruv says yes and Mugdha was shocked and left from here. Dilshaad says she has to tell this to Saanchi.

Rishi says when the girl takes so much time to tell her decision that means it is no from her side. He says he respects her decision and he can accept her no. Saanchi says it is not like that and says she wants to marry someone who don’t only know me but my responsibilities. My family and my business needs me. My life partner have to share me with my family and business. Rishi says he is a business man too. He says he wants a wife who don’t roam after him all the time. He says he knew she is the one whom he was searching. Saanchi doesn’t say anything. Sunil’s mom says it means Saanchi agreed for marriage. Ulka goes to get the sweets. Rishi and Saanchi takes the elders blessings. Ulka comes and gives sweets to Dhruv and Dilshaad. She tells them that Saanchi’s marriage is fixed with Rishi. Dhruv says it can’t be true. But we have to be conscious. He says he will think something and he can’t see her fall in the dead valley. Ulka says Saanchi is lucky to get the good guy. Aaji says happiness came in their life. Dhruv says tomorrow is Saanchi’s engagement. Prachi says Sunil’s mom is talking to her sweetly even since she agreed to marry Rishi. Ulka kaki asks Saanchi to smile and happy. Saanchi is not happy though. She says she can’t feel anything as everything happened so fast.

Dhruv and Dilshaad says they shall leave now. Saanchi stops him and says you was telling me something naa. Dhruv is tensed. Saanchi asks him to tell. Dhruv says he wanted to tell that she is looking beautiful. Saanchi smiles and says this is important thing for you. Dhruv says yes. Saanchi looks on. Dilshaad tells Saanchi that she will help her and asks her to get ready for the engagement. Dhruv comes and says congrats to Mugdha. He informs her that Saanchi said yes to marry Rishi. He asks her, whether she will do nothing and let her marry the wrong bad guy.

Mugdha says she can’t tell anything to Saanchi. Dhruv says that means you want to throw her in trouble. Mugdha says she respects Saanchi. Dhruv takes her in some room and tells her that she has to tell the truth to Saanchi. Mugdha says what will happen if she tells the truth. She is just an employee, who will believe her. Dhruv says that Rishi is low valued guy and asks her whether she will allow Saanchi’s life to be in trouble. Mugdha says what she will say that he misbehaved with her. She says what proof she had and says she can’t tell the truth. Dilshaad comes with Saanchi. It seems Saanchi hears everything and is shocked and angry.

Saanchi walks down the stairs while everyone looks at her. She comes down, Sunil’s mom asks Saanchi to forward her hand. Rishi tells Saanchi that he will hold her hand for forever and she will remember this moment happily. saanchi says she will remember this day always as it brought the toughest test for her. She says at one side, there is relations and at the other side there is you. She says I don’t know, whatever had happened between you and Mugdha. I know that the relation between us is on trust and it has broken before getting concrete. Rishi is shocked. Dhruv smiles a bit.

Dhruv confesses himself that he is in love in a poetic manner.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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