Jee Le Zara 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 7th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi recalling about Anway’s insulting words for Addu and gets disturbed. Addu comes and hugs her. He cries. Saanchi asks him to stop. Addu says, I didn’t do anything. I just asked a question to Ankita. Saanchi says, I know. Just concentrate on your studies. Sleep now. She asks him to be careful with them as they are different from them. Addu says okay. Saanchi feels sad. Addu is studying. Yash asks Anway to come fast. Yash asks Addu to get Anway’s bag. Addu is shocked as he is treated as a servant. He asks Neena to get two cars. Neena asks, how Addu will go to college? Yash taunts Addu and asks Neena not to give him luxury. Saanchi comes. Addu says, I am getting sleep.

Isha’s kids calls Nani Nani Pani Pani…..Suparna sees Isha and pretends to pamper the

kids. Isha says, I have to go for urgent meeting. Tomorrow is Shruti’s exam so I can’t leave them alone. She asks Suparna to take care of kids. Suparna says okay. Suparna is talking with her friend. Kids starts fighting. Suparna disconnects the call and asks them to go to Saanchi.

Kids comes home and asks Saanchi to play. Shruti’s brother tells her that his mum Isha goes to Lawyer occasionally. Saanchi thinks, why she visits the lawyer. She can talk to Dhruv. She gels well with the kids.

Saanchi is shown with the vegetable vendor and kids. Suparna scolds her. Saanchi says, tomorrow is their exam. She shows the vegetable and makes them understand. Kids memorises the veggies name. Suparna thinks, Isha will be angry. Isha comes home. Kids shows the potato and says this is potato. They show the veggies and tell her the name. Isha says, I am impressed. Saanchi says, kids needs to learn from practical things. Isha says, Saanchi has a great thought. Saanchi thanks her.

Saanchi and Dhruv are talking with each other on webcam. Dhruv pulls her leg and says I got a good girl. He shows her pakodas and asks her to bring tea and have with him. Saanchi says, I will get pakodas for myself. She calls him but his phone is not reachable. Saanchi checks online and says he is not online too. She gets worried for him. She sleeps. She gets Deepali’s call. Deepali cries and tells her that Pradeep tried to commit suicide. Deepali tells her that nothing is fine. Saanchi comes to Neena and tells about Pradeep attempting suicide. She says, I have to go now to Panchgani. Addu comes and asks what happened to Dada. Saanchi tells him that Dada attempted suicide. Addu says, I will also come. Saanchi asks him to stay at home. And asks her to take the fees money from her almara.

Addu is studing. Ankita comes to his room with a wicked plan. Addu says, tai is not here. Ankita says sorry. She says, I over reacted. Can we be friends? Did you forgive me? Addu says, its okay. Ankita says, I am not bad at heart. Please forgive me. Addu says, okay. She hugs him. Addu says no problem. Ankita says, we shall start our friendship. She says, we will have pizza party. Ankita makes plan with Suparna. She says, Addu will suffer with Saanchi. She makes him eat for Pizza. She pretends to be coughing. Addu goes to get the water. Ankita takes the chance and steals the money. Addu comes and asks, what are you doing?

Neena tells that money is not there. Suparna says, I checked and money was their in Saanchi’s cupboard. Yash says, he lied to save his money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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