Jee Le Zara 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 7th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Addu saying Saanchi that you are too late, Dhruv went. Saanchi is shocked. Neena says, he is my son, he can’t leave his marriage and go. Saanchi runs outside the house. Dhruv call her from behind. Saanchi is happy and smiles…..Jee Le Zara plays………………..Dhruv comes infront of her. Saanchi says, I…..Dhruv is not in a mood to listen…..Saanchi tries to woo him and says I……Dhruv says what is this drama? Why don’t you go from here. Saanchi is boggled. Dhruv smiles and says what did you think that I will leave you so easily. I went to your home to bring you to the mandap. Saanchi says, I want to asks you something. Dhruv says, I die on your Adaa…….Saanchi bends down on her knees and proposes romantically to Dhruv. She asks, will you marry

me Mr. Dhruv Goel, please. Dhruv smiles. Jee Le Zara plays………..Dhruv says, I will live with you for the next seven births. I love you Saanchiji. Saanchi is happy and professes her love. They hug romantically…………..Jee Le Zara plays……………..Dhruv compliments her beauty. Aaji asks Addu to bring Panditji back with the guests. Everyone are happy. Neena asks Dhruv to bring her bahu…….Dhruv holds her hand……Jee Le Zara plays………..

Panditji starts the mantras and gives them garland. He asks them to do the antarpat. Aaji is very happy to see Saanchi’s marriage. After the antarpat Saanchi and dhruv exchanges garland. Everyone shower flower petals on them. They sit for marriage. Panditji asks to do the gatbandan. Neena does the gatbandan. Panditji asks them to stand for the pheras. Dhruv and Saanchi is taking the pheras and everyone is happily showering the petals on them. Neena gets Yash’s call but she didn’t pick the call. Panditji asks Dhruv to make the girl wear the mangalsutra. Dhruv fills her maang with Sindoor.

Panditji says, this marriage is complete and you both are married now. Dhruv and Saanchi takes the elder’s blessings. Neena blesses her and asks her to take care of Dhruv. She says sorry to Saanchi for hurting both of them. Saanchi says, I know I will fulfill my responsibility with full truthfulness. She asks Neena to become her maa and not mom in law. Neena happily accepts her. Dhruv tells Aaji and Nani to be in his team forever. He says, I couldn’t win without you both. Nani says, we have won a trophy. They bless Saanchi and Dhruv. Aaji cries happily. Nani asks her not to cry. Dilshaad congrats her. Aaji says, lets go inside. Dhruv says, but I am getting my shoes, did anyone see….? Nani says, let it be…

Yash asks Suparna about Neena. Suparna says, I don’t know. She tells Yash that servant told her about Dhruv coming home to meet Neena. Yash wonders why he came home. Dhruv asks the grannies to do the rituals of grah pravesh. Aaji says, grah pravesh will happen at your house. Dhruv goes to get the things needed for the grah pravesh. He says, this is my marriage also naa. Aaji asks Nani to do the rituals. Aaji does the tilak and aarti of the newly weds. Aaji says, you brought happiness in this house and asks them to step inside the house. Saanchi is about to fall because of the oily floor but Dhruv holds her. Jee Le Zara plays………………….Everyone laugh. Aaji asks them to take blessings of Saanchi’s parents.

Yash calls Neena. Neena picks the call. Yash asks, where are you? Neena says, I am here at Panchgani. I will come back after the work is done. Yash asks her to carry on. Yash is happy and tells Suparna that Neena is bringing Dhruv back. He says, lets celebrate. Prachi brings the shoes and asks for 21000 Rs. Addu says, it is a big amount. Dhruv says, it is shoes. You keep it. Prachi says, it is small amount for it and asks him to give the money. Nani gives him 500 Rs. Dhruv gives the money to Prachi. Prachi says, it is a cheap thing. Everyone laugh.

Saanchi and Dhruv sit for the ring searching ritual. Dilshaad asks them to find the ring. Saanchi and Dhruv looks at each other romantically. Dhruv finds the ring. Everyone smiles.

Saanchi touches Dhruv’s feet. Dhruv holds her and asks, what are you doing. Saanchi says, I am thanking you as you waited for me patiently. Although I am elder than you but you showed more elderness.

Update Credit to: H_Haasan

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