Jee Le Zara 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 6th March 2014 Written Update

Suparna asks if she has given a shopping list to DV to which Saachi does not know how to answer, and Yash quips that DV never told that he is leaving, else she would have given the shopping list. Isha and Suparna tease that DV is slipping away from Saachi’s hands. Neena then asks Saachi to call Aadu for lunch and Isha is unhappy to learn that he is living here. Aadu refuses come down and makes an excuse. At the lunch table, kids are happily enjoying the meal when Saachi calls for dessert- kheer and Suparna comments that she has given her a cheap and simple gift. But Isha likes that her kids ate whole heartedly which they never do at home. She also likes Kheer and thanks Saachi for the same. When Isha is about to leave, Ankita comes and stops her. Suparna asks to send coffee for them as Isha treats

Ankita as a family member.

Saachi brings food for Aadu while Ankita finds DV online. She starts chatting with him while DV asks her to make him chat with Saachi. Ankita makes an excuse that her dad is calling and disconnects the net. She then goes to Saachi’s room and deliberately lies to Saachi that she chats with DV daily and also deliberately teases her about his appearance. Saachi feels upset. Aadu says not to worry and that he would download the chat site for her. Aadu downloads it for her and then Saachi is able to chat with DV. They start chatting and get emotional. DV and Saachi tell each other that they are missing each other. Ankita sees them chatting and feels jealous. She goes and disconnects the wi-fi wire. Aadu sees it and is shocked. He asks why she disconnected the wire, but Ankita ignore him and start leaving. Aadu insists that she tell him why he did that, but Ankita started calling out for Anvay and Suparna and tell them that Aadu is insulting her and putting false blame on her. Aadu said he himself saw her breaking the wire, but Ankita makes an excuse that she was about to fall and thats when the wire came in her hand while she was looking for support. Anvay and Suparna start insulting him and shouting at him. Aadu tries to defend himself, but Saachi asks him to keep quiet and apologizes on his behalf. But Anvay insists that Aadu should ask apology and not her as its he who made the mistake. Neena handles the situation and ask all of them to let the matter go.

Precap: Saachi is waiting for DV to come home when Deepa calls up Saachi and tells her that Pradeep has attempted suicide.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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