Jee Le Zara 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 6th February 2014 Written Update

The wedding preparations are on with full enthusiasm, while Dilz, Nani, Ajji and Aadu are worried that Saachi is still not here. The panditji asks them to bring the groom. They are all nervous what to do, when DV comes all dressed and sits in the mandap. The panditji starts narrating the mantras and Saachi comes in the balcony. DV looks at her and she is crying. Panditji asks where is the bride and he says that she will torture maximum today, but will come later. Saachi looks at him then at her hands with his name. Panditji again asks for the bride and DV again says, he will wait for her more, but he knows for sure that she will come. Saachi goes inside and starts crying. She takes DV’s picture in her hands and says sorry DV. She is crying again when DV’s mom comes there.


looks at the saree which Nani and Ajji had sent for her and asks if this is the saree her family has sent. Saachi assures her that she won’t wear it. But Neeta says no don’t do that as her son is waiting downstairs for her. She says she has come here for repentance. She said she thought that DV will be happy without her, but she had seen him dying every moment without her. She says that DV has moulded himself completely in her lifestyle and that if she says no to marriage, then they both will lose DV. She asks Saachi to become her mad son’s bride. Saachi and Neeta hug each other. At the wedding venue, guests are worried, where is the bride and if anything is wrong, Dilz goes and assures that she is just taking time to get ready. Panditji also asks for her, and DV assures him that he will get his good fees. Prachi loses her temper and says that Saachi is creating drama for all of them.

Upstairs, Neeta is getting Saachi ready. She also gives her their family bangles and says she is looking very pretty. She proceeds to take her downstairs where all the guests have started to lose patience. Ulka says that Saachi is very stubborn. she will not come. Ajji is now tensed while Dilz tries to assure her that saachi will definitely come and that DV’s attempts will not go waste. Guests start leaving, while Nani says to wait, and that she will come and at least wait for their blessings. Ulka also says noone has ever been able to convince Saachi. Everyone leaves and Prachi also starts bad mouthing how she has insulted all of them. nani asks her to shut up, but she does not. DV is stressed but he is still laughing. Ajji asks him to get up from there. DV asks her to have faith that Saachi will definitely come. She says that she is facing the truth. DV finally gets up, and everyone is heartbroken. He finally leaves the Mandap and just then Neeta brings Saachi to the Mandap. they all are shocked. Rest of the guests leave too and so does Panditji. Neeta tries to stop them, bit noone waits. Saachi looks for DV but does not finds him there. She is heart-broken. Prachi’s MIL says that everyone left after waiting as they came too late. Neeta calls for DV, and Aadu says, you are too late. DV left. Saachi is crest-fallen.

Precap: Saachi bending on her knees and asking DV to marry her.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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