Jee Le Zara 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 5th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv asking Saanchi to answer for her refusal. Nani says, we didn’t answer you anytime. Aaji says,it is your stubborness. Dhruv says, I want to know why you are refusing to marry me. Why you are running from me and marriage. Saanchi says, I don’t have answer for your questions. I won’t marry you. She leaves. Dhruv is sad. Saanchi comes to her room and cries miserably. Dilshaad asks her not to cry. Saanchi says, it is not easy for me to refuse everytime. Why they are not understanding. I am broken with my dreams. Dilshaad asks her to get up and gives water to drink. She asks her to rest for sometime. Dilshaad gets wrong number call. She checks Addu’s message that Dhruv is inviting her mom for his marriage. Dilshaad replies, let her come and everything will

be clear. Milk and water will be seperated.

Nani says, I am getting headache thinking about Saanchi’s refusal. Aaji says, she is not telling us. Dhruv says, she is hiding something. Nani says, I don’t understand whom to support. Dhruv says we are one. Addu comes and Dhruv calls her sala/brother in law. He asks for his phone as his phone battery is low. Dhruv reads the message on Addu’s mobile. He calls Dilshaad. Dilshaad says, Saanchi is crying miserably. Let Dhruv’s mom come, that promise talk will come out in open. Dhruv asks, what is the matter? And what my mom will clear. Dilshaad gets shocked and disconnects the call. Dhruv asks Addu, what did my mom do? He asks her to tell the truth. Addu says, how can I say when tai and Dilshaad didn’t tell you. Dhruv asks him to say the truth. He says, it is my responsibility, don’t feel guilty. Addu says, In Mumbai, your mom took promise from Tai and asked her to go from your life. Dhruv is shocked. Addu says, yes. Dhruv says, are you sure? Addu says, yes.

Dhruv sits in his car and leaves. He comes home and calls for his mom. Servant informs him that she went to the temple. Dhruv goes to the temple. Neena says, I was praying for your happiness. Dhruv says, you thought to hide your secret with me. Neena asks him to come home. Dhruv asks her to tell the truth about the promise. Neena asks, what? Dhruv says, why she is rejecting me again and again? I will get mad. Neena says, Saanchi is not at fault. It is my mistake, I asked her to go from your life. She is fulfilling her promise. Dhruv asks, but why? You hurt my heart very much. Neena says sorry. She says, I didn’t know that you loved Saanchi to the core. Dhruv tells her that Saanchi is living seperately from her home and family. Neena asks her to go to Saanchi and agree her. She says, money doesn’t matter if there is no love. Neena gives her blessings. Dhruv promises her that Saanchi will become her daughter in law.

Aaji and Nani asks about Dhruv. Addu says, don’t know. Aaji wonders what might be the thing. Addu tells Dilshaad that Dhruv asked him about the promise. Aaji asks them to tell the truth. Addu tells the grannies that Tai promised Dhruv’s mom that she will not marry Dhruv. Dilshaad says, Dhruv went to talk to his mom.

Dhruv comes to Saanchi and asks, why you are punishing both of us. Saanchi says, I don’t understand. Dhruv holds her hand and says you decided it yourself. Didn’t tell me anything. He asks, why you hurt me? Saanchi wipes his tears. Dhruv says, I cried a lot because of you. He says, you are fulfilling the promise made to my mom but what about the promise made to me. I talked to mom and she agreed for our marriage. Saanchi says, she can’t believe him. She asks, where is your mother. I understood your tricks. She asks him to leave. Dhruv says, I am adamant to marry you and only you. I promised to marry you. Will wait for you to come for our love which you won’t forget. You will come for sure. He leaves. Saanchi is teary eyed.

Dhruv sits for his marriage. Saanchi looks at him from her balcony. Panditji asks, when will the bride arrive? Dhruv says, she will come after making me wait for her. Saanchi looks at her mehendi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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