Jee Le Zara 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 4th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Suparna notices Addus luggage and asks to stay? Addu says yes! Suparna asks..came alone or others are coming? Addu says alone! Suparna asks..they will come later? Addu says.. no am alone! Sanchi is chasing DV around and Suparna comes and says.. Sanchi u thot of adding to the family and din tell us? Sanchi asks..what? Suparna says.. u din give us the good news. .but gave us surprise..! Right then Addu comes and Sanchi is delighted to see him! DV welcomes him ..! Suparna fumes! Sanchi asks why u din tell me? Sanchi guides Addu inside..! Suparna tells Yash-Nina that.. here is our new family member! Addu walks in! Yash asks gonna stay here? DV says … yes .. Addu’s pilot training will start soon so ..and we have a big house..! Anvaye says.. yes .. has

built this house to help people! Yash says.. now we will pay for his fees too .. well DV do.. what u want.. with dedication … especially charity! Addu-Sanchi are taken aback..! Yash says.. charity begins at home..! Addu thanks Yash!Nina asks..where to keep Addus stuff? Suparna says.. store room! All are shocked! Suparna says.. only the luggage.. as house is under repair..! Nina says.. in guest room..! Suparna says..i use it for yoga..and Anvaye for work! DV says.. stay in our room … as Sanchi sleeps early ..n we can play PS3! Addu says.. no ..i will adjust! DV says.. not asking u.. just telling u.. u will stay in my room! All are annoyed..! Sanchi smiles..!Anvaye says.. to Yash relax.. we will get rid of this trouble too! Suparna says. .dun take him lightly .. he may be a kid..but has big plans..! Suparna says.. dun think Sanchi dinno..! She says.. am sure.. Sanchi. .put this idea in DVs head.! Addu overhears..! Anvaye.. says we need to do something about the sister too! Addu is shocked and drops his luggage..! Yash and all turn n glare at him! Yash says.. in this house.. eavesdropping will not be tolerated! Addu says.. wasnt doing that..! Anvaye tells Addu to go upstairs ..! Yash swears to make Sanchi regret …her decision!

Part 2

DV tells Sanchi that if they join the couches will make for Addus bed! Sanchi nods..! DV asks the matter.. why she is upset instead of being happy? Sanchi says am troubled! DV says .. why? Sanchi says.. u called Addu here.. but did u ask others? DV says.. its a surprise.. ! Sanchi says.. we stay in joint family .. should ask parents atleast! DV says.. taking guarantee of my parents … they have bigger heart than the house! Sanchi says.. they do but its not right on their part to do things unilaterally ..! DV asks why she is being all sulky .. he did all for her.. to surprise her.. to make her happy! Sanchi says she knows that but should have discussed with others and taken permission!

DV says.. i did all for u.. but u dun seem to care..! If i did wrong.. did wrong! Sanchi says ur misunderstanding  me! Right then Addu knocks on their room’s door and DV welcomes him! Addu says ur house is so big.. got lost! DV says.. u  did but will soon find ur way and will adjust here…!
Next day morning … Addu wakes up and Sanchi says so early? Addu says.. have orientation so.. n doesnt look good to sleep late in ur place! Sanchi says dun worry.. u have sleeping competition here..  DV..! Sanchi tries to wake up DV ..and he turns his back on her! She talks of Addu and DV greets him ..! He asks ready so early? Addu says yes..! Sanchi offers to get tea for him but DV says no thanks.. Addu likes chocolate milkshake so ..i will drink that too! Nina comes to the breakfast table and notices all are glum ..! She asks the matter? She asks Addu to eat.. n he says.. will eat anything! Nina says.. but ur plate is empty..! Yash taunts.. why dun u give him anything then? All are shocked!
Yash tells Addu.. if u dun eat now.. when will u eat? Dun stay hungry..! Yash asks plan for the day? Addu says orientation! Yash asks how will u go? Addu says.. bus..! Suparna says.. even our servants dun go by bus..! Nina chides Suparna! Yash asks Nina to arrange for Addu to be dropped by car..! Addu says will go on my own! Yash says.. i will make sure.. u go..!

Part 3

Yash says.. its the first day at ur college/orientation.. go at ease..! DV thanks Yash..! Yash says.. DV to meet him in the study..! Yash tells Anvaye.. wanna meet u too .. next! Yash wishes Addu gud luck..! Sanchi asks DV to pass the sugar..! DV asks Suparna ..! Nina is surprised..!Sanchi wishes Addu gud luck… ! Addu touches Sanchis feet.. and hugs her..! Sanchi asks Addu if he is nervous? Addu says.. my dreams have become all ur dreams.. n dun wanna fail u..! Sanchi says.. my Addu is a genius.. u wont disappoint me..! He says… have to fly high now..! Sanchi says am with u..! She offers to accompany him ..! Sanchi says lemme just ask Nina! Nina comes n says..u should go with Addu! Sanchi thanks her..!Yash watches her.. rush upstairs and says need the flight now!Sanchi comes to inform DV … n Anvaye says.. DV is busy with dad.. n Sanchi says just tell him … going with Addu..! Anvaye says will do that..! Sanchi thanks him n leaves!

Yash is discussing about forex clause and other important things about locking an important deal with DV … Sanchi is calling DV .. n Anvaye receives it .. n cuts the call ..! Addu-Sanchi reach his institute.. n receptionist asks to switch off all cells! Sanchi tries to contact DV but still his phone is busy! Sanchi is worried! She leaves a message for DV .. but Anvaye deletes it..! Yash watches Anvaye.. n smirks!Yash gets call from someone who tips him that their client has received another offer.. so they cant delay the matter! Yash tells DV that he wants to lock the deal. but not change any terms. .n asks DV to go to London the same day! DV is shocked!

Precap – Sanchi is searching for DV and Yash asks the matter? Sanchi says cant contact DV .. he was with u guys? Yash says yes. .but now he is gone.. ! Sanchi asks when will he return? Yash says two weeks later..! Sanchi is shocked..! Yash says.. he has gone to London ..! Sanchi is stumped!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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