Jee Le Zara 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 4th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Nani tells DV to call his parents! DV says can tell my mom but if dad finds out from her this wedding cant happen! Addu worries that if DVs mom comes.. it will be all over! He messages Dils..! DV tries his moms moby its switched off..! He tries the landline .. Sukanya picks up..! DV cuts the call ..! Sukanya thinks its some staffs call misusing their facility! Anky comes and looks sad! Sukanya tells her not to be so sad and offers to take her for shopping or cook something for her! Anky says no! Sukanya says know u r missing DV. .he will be urs..! Anky asks how? She knows DV loves Sanchi..! Sukanya says love is not everything .. this is Yash Goyals house.. and here everything is business proposition and from that view.. no one can be better for DV than u.. so just wait..!! Anky

asks till when? Sukanya says not for long.. ! She says that Yash has sworn to destroy SaRuv love and he will do it at all costs!

Prachi asks Aaji what? Sanchi is getting married to DV? Sunil is surprised to hear..! Prachi says guess dun have luck to attend anyones party..! She rues that when it was our party all were pouting but when its Sanchis wedding all are excited! Sunil says we should attend! Prachi says.. no .. am upset with them! Sunil says if this wedding happens its our party! Prachi says.. its all on DVs level . his family hasnt approved! Sunil says.. a ship without water is also of lacs. .! He says.. ur sis is so lucky .. DV is a big catch.. n she is gonna rule.. so go participate in the preps..! Prachi reluctantly agrees!

Sanchi is walking on the road and notices that her house is all decked up with lights and flowers..and so is Dils balcony!

Part 2

Suddenly the music starts… BG- Tenu leke mai javanga..! Sanchi shuts her ears and says.. dunno when DV will go from my thots..dunno why i think about him! She turns to leave and finds DV standing ..! She notices.. her entire family waiting for her …! Prachi pulls Sanchi to join them for a dance..! Aaji makes her dace..! DV dances with her and Sanchi is uncomfy..! Sanchi tries to leave but everyone blocks her way..!! She screams STOP IT..PLEASE! Sanchi asks what drama is this? Why doing this? She says. .u all said u will explain to DV things? DV says din break my promise.. 3 days.. ! Sanchi says u are going back? DV says going.. but u din let me go..! She asks where did i stop u? DV says u stopped me..! Sanchi asks how? DV shows her .. the mehndi on her hands with his name on it..! Sanchi is surprised..! DV says the next step is tattoo ..! Sanchi fumes and runs from there..! DV watches with a smile..! Aaji is worried! DV asks her not to worry n says .. she will agree..! ‘Mehendi hai.. rang to laegi’

Part 3

Aaji-Nani discuss Sanchis bridal attire and remember Sanchis moms wedding attire..! Aaji says.. Sanchis bidai will be in Maharashtrian attire! Both Nani-Aaji are crying! DV comes and says.. its my haldi n u r sitting here.. come ..! Aaji-Nani say coming! Nani says..its Sanchis haldi too..! DV says correct..! Aaji decides to go to Sanchi with Shagun-ki-Haldi..! Sanchi is on her way to office and Aaji comes to her and says.. u dun stay with us.. so brought this shagun thal for u..! Aaji asks Sanchi to marry DV ..n says all this is our blessing! Sanchi says am not that lucky .. i cannot marry DV..! Aaji asks why? DV is like a shining light in all the darkness..! He lights up ..our life.. saved our house.. farm..! Aaji shares how DV talked to Bank Manager and told him to couf up the papers.. as Sanchi is true! Sanchi self thot. .how much more will u do for us DV? Sanchi says agree DV has done a lot for us.. but i cant marry him! Aaji says.. i crossed years lonely . .n in that lonely life.. i had ur grandpas memories..! She says entire life cannot be passed alone..! Aaji says.. by marrying DV ur life.. will be complete.. but rest is ur decision ..we cant force u to marry DV but we cant find a better boy than DV for u..! Aaji leaves the shagun thal there and leaves..!

Sanchi self thot. .how to say yes after saying yes to DVs mom ..! She rues that how to forget all that u taught me.. i cant destroy DVs moms family to settle my family!

All are applying Haldi on DV and Sanchi comes to return the Shagun thal ..! She fumes seeing DV…! Right then Addu-Prachi pour Haldi mixed water on Sanchi ! DV says sorry to Sanchi..! Sanchi keeps glaring at DV ..!!Aaji-Nani apply Haldi on Sanchi..! Sanchi returns the Shagun thal to Aaji-Nani..! Sanchi says to them that she cant marry DV ..! All are confused..! Aaji-Nani-DV insist Sanchi to tell the truth..!

Precap —DV has Addus moby and checks the message from Dils saying let DVs mom come! Right then Dils calls Addu and says let DVs mom come all the truth about that promise will be out in the open! DV asks what has my mom got to do with all this? Dils is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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