Jee Le Zara 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv giving his wedding invitation card to Saanchi. Saanchi is shocked. She reads her name as the bride. Band starts playing. Addu asks her to say yes. Saanchi looks at Dhruv. Dhruv says sorry for printing her name without her permission. He says, truth is that I can’t print anyone else’s name on the card. Saanchi asks him, why you are increasing my problems? Why you don’t understand? Don’t marry if you couldn’t marry anyone else. Why you are not leaving me alone? Don’t do this. Dhruv asks her to relax. He says, don’t get angry. Saanchi asks him to leave. She says, there is a difference between their worlds. She says, please understand marriage is not a childhood game. Marriage don’t happen this way. But you don’t understand as marriage is joke

for you. Aaji shouts at Saanchi and says you are saying whatever is coming in your mind. Why you are hurting him. Just looks at him. Saanchi says, what about me? You cares for him.

Dhruv is heartbroken. Neena is trying to call Dhruv. Yash comes and says Dhruv falls from their hand. He blames her for Dhruv’s doings. He says, you are his mom. He will listen to you. Neena says, I don’t want him to come back if he is happy there. I can’t see his condition. Yash says, Do you like him to marry Saanchi who is seven years elder than him. Neena says, I want his happiness. Yash says, it is bad move. You will lose him if this happens. Neena says, if you like him to come then you have to handle him with work. He is independent and very efficient. He left home for love and if he comes back then it will be for family’s love. Mugdha and Yadav uncle comes to Dilshaad’s house to meet Saanchi. They show some courier to Saanchi. Saanchi reads the apology letter of the bank. She says, it is written that the loan is paid long before. Saanchi says, factory is ours. She asks Mugdha to call the workers back. She thinks to inform Aaji and Nani.

Saanchi comes to the house and sees it getting decorated. She recalls about Dhruv’s words that he is marrying within 3 days. Addu asks her to come inside. Saanchi comes inside and hugs Aaji. She cries. Nani asks, why you are crying? Saanchi says, I am very happy and shows apology letter of the bank. She says, bank said that already we paid the loan. Saanchi says, we will get our factory and farm back. Everyone is happy. Nani asks her to eat sweets. Saanchi says sorry for the yesterday night. Nani says, we forgive you. Aaji says, we want to talk about something. Saanchi asks them not to talk about Dhruv. Aaji says, we are not talking about him. Nani says, we are sending him back home. We asked him to forget you. Nani and Aaji say that he will leave. Nani says, don’t worry. We will send him. Saanchi says, I have to get ready for office. She gets sad. She sees Dhruv coming from outside. Jee Le Zara sad song plays……………..Dhruv looks at her with tears in his eyes. Saanchi gets tears in her eyes as she looks at Dhruv. Yadav uncle says, I will come with you today.

Saanchi is recalling Aaji’s words. Yadav uncle goes to get sweets for the employees. One girl asks her to get the mehendi applied on her hands. Saanchi offers them money. That lady says, I don’t accept money without work. She insists to apply mehendi on her palms. Saanchi agrees to get the mehendi done on her hands. Dhruv is looking at her and sings a song Doli Sajake Rakhna……Nani and Aaji argues over the sweet at the weddings. Dhruv comes and informs them that Saanchi has applied mehendi for him. Dhruv asks them to invite all Panchgani. Aaji asks them to invite his parents for the wedding. Dhruv says, but if I invite them then this marriage won’t happen. Nani says, a mother will never get angry on her child for long. Dhruv says, I will invite her. Dhruv thinks, what will happen if mom tells about my marriage to Dad.

Dhruv is sitting and all the ladies applies haldi to him. Saanchi comes and a bucket of turmeric water falls on her. Nani and Aaji go and applies haldi on her face without letting her know.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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