Jee Le Zara 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 31st October 2013 Written Update

Sanchi is perplexed what she should do, just then DV comes and Sanchi asks him not to increase her troubles, but DV says he has come to share her troubles not increase them. Sanchi asks him to leave her alone, but DV asks how long will she fight alone now that even her Ajji is not supporting her. He tells her that Ajji had called him home to take back the application for the duplicate powers. Sanchi is crying, and DV says she is a brave girl, who shouldn’t cry. Sanchi says how will she complete her orders and pay Diwali bonus to her workers. DV says everything will be done once she gets her land back… but Sanchi says no she won’t fight for the land at the cost of losing her Ajji. DV says everything will still be ok and makes her smile.

Sunil calls Prachi and they

both have an argument, where Prachi complains about his mother’s headmistress’ attitude, but Sunil refuses to listen anything against her mom. Prachi asks him to promise that he would support her else she would not come home, but Sunil says she can come if she wants as else she can stay at her sister’s home, but he won’t give into any condition. ( typical spineless mumma’s boy )

Addu comes to Prachi and sees her upset, he surprises her with a chocolate box. They have fin sharing them. Prachi recalls their childhood days and Addu says how busy we all have become that we don’t even take time out to spend with each other. Addu promises that he would always find time to spend with his sister.

Ajji asks Sanchi again if she had taken the application back and Sanchi says yes. Ajji says that she knows she is upset that she had snatched away her dreams and her promise to her father, but she had done that so that she stops thinking about farm and land and start thinking about herself and her marriage. Sanchi says the farm is not separate from her, but Ajji says that no she is sacrificing her life for others’ happiness and this way she is insulting her own life. But Sanchi says that this was her dream, but she can sacrifice it for her Ajji as its not more important than her Ajji. Ajji asks her to choose a dark shaded saree for her herself when the saree seller comes as she lives a colourless life and she should now fill some colour in her life.

DV is restless when Dilz comes and asks him what’s the matter. DV says she is ok, but she must still be smiling in front of her family so that they do not come to know her pain. He informs that Sanchi has decided to take her application back and Dilz is horrified and asks what about Sanchi’s dreams and farms, and DV says no, now he is with her and he would not let her dreams shatter like this. Dilz goes to Sanchi’s house to choose Saree and DV goes along to help choose. There DV is drooling over Sanchi. Sanchi asks him to leave as someone might see and DV says oh does that mean she would have no problems in his staring her if they were alone

Everyone is having good time pulling each other’s leg while choosing the Sarees. Ajji asks Sanchi and Prachi also to choose a Saree for themselves and Sanchi asks Prachi to choose one for her MIL too and Prachi loses her temper on this. Dv keeps rejecting every Saree Sanchi picks up and finally picks up a Beige coloured Saree for her. Ajji says its good but Sanchi keeps it back, DV is a lil’ upset. Finally Sanchi ends up taking the same saree and is checking it out in front of mirror and DV comes and says that she is looking very very good in this Saree, and Sanchi gets conscious and says that it came to her by mistake and she was going to return it. DV says she would look good in any Saree but will look his in this one. Sanchi says she said that it came to her by mistake and DV says that this mistake is called love. Sanchi leaves from there and DV sings “Pal Bhar Ke Liye Koi Humein Pyaar Kar Le” and then says that one day Sanchi would love him, not for a moment but forever and not Jhhuta but true love.

Precap: Ajji asks DV that he does so much for Sanchi, why he does not look for a boy for her. DV says that he has a boy in mind and Ajji asks him to initiate talks with him and he says he has already done this

Update Credit to: Bournville

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