Jee Le Zara 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 31st March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv telling Saanchi that Prachi should enjoy her life, once she becomes a mother she will be busy. Saanchi says, I am not younger. I am eager to have kids. Dhruv gets shocked. Saanchi says, I understand, but Doctor said that complications do happen after 30 years. Dhruv says, we got married recently. Saanchi says, Doctor said clearly about the complications. Dhruv says, it is already late. I don’t think if we wait any longer then it will be a problem. We should spend time with each other. We can think about kids later. I am not even 30, I can’t take kids responsibility now. Saanchi is shocked. He asks her to chill and everytime will be fine. He goes to change his clothes.

Saanchi recalls her conversation with Dhruv. Dilshaad comes and asks her, what she is

thinking? Saanchi says, I talked to Dhruv and he said that he doesn’t need kids at the moment. Dilshaad says, he will understand. She explains her that guys are not eager to have kids. She asks her to make him understand with love. Saanchi smiles thinking about the baby. She asks her to sleep.

Saanchi asks Prachi not to take any tension as Doctor said she can conceive. Dhruv comes and says we shall celebrate. We should give something to Prachi which makes her happy. Saanchi asks, what? Dhruv says Sunil. Saanchi says, he didn’t call Prachi even once. Dhruv says, he might have some personal reasons. He calls Sunil. Sunil comes there. Everyone turn and see him. Saanchi stands and looks angrily at him.

Sunil asks Prachi, are you fine? Prachi nods in a yes. Sunil says, I know you are upset with me but I really loves Prachi. I came to take her back. She is my responsibility. Saanchi says, I really don’t know. What about your family. They are not accepting her. Sunil says, I am taking her to my house, not to my mom and dad’s house. Sunil says, I started my work. Saanchi asks, who are investing? Dhruv says, don’t take his exam. He came to take Prachi back. Give them blessings. Saanchi agrees to let Prachi go with Sunil. Dilshaad tells him that Prachi is fine, give good news soon. He hugs Prachi. Prachi goes to do the packing. Dilshaad says, I will also leave.

Dhruv asks Dilshaad to stay. Dilshaad agrees and says you are my true love. Dhruv gives her flying kiss. Dhruv and Saanchi pack the gifts for Shruti. They go to Isha’s room. Isha asks, what happened? Dhruv says, we came to wish Shruti Happy Birthday. Isha says, I forgot because of the tension. Saanchi gives her gift to Isha and asks her to give it to Shruti. Isha thanks Saanchi. Saanchi says, we are family. Dhruv says, lets go and wish her. They sing Happy birthday song. Shruti wakes up and thanks them. She asks Isha, did you keep surprise party for my birthday? Isha says no. Shruti says, then I can’t my gifts to my friends. Saanchi says, we will have party tomorrow. Call all your friends. Shruti names her best friends. She asks, will my papa come tomorrow? Shruti’s brother wakes up and asks, about her father. Shruti says, we want to meet papa. Dhruv promises them that they will meet soon. Isha asks them to sleep. Dhruv sees Isha’s call and keeps it in his pocket.

Isha thanks Saanchi and Dhruv for making Shruti happy. Saanchi asks her to sleep. Saanchi tells Dhruv that she is feeling bad for kids. Dhruv says, jiju is in trouble right now. We just have to wait. I will do something. Saanchi says, I know. Dhruv thinks to throw a big party. Saanchi says, we shall have a small party. She says, I will plan everything for the party. Dhruv smiles.

Dhruv wakes up in the night and calls Arvind from Isha’s cell phone. He says, I know you are very tensed. He tells him about Shruti’s party and asks him to come to the party. He says, I have a pleasant surprise for you. Please give us a chance. Suparna hears everything and gets an idea. She messages Ankita that she got a plan to throw Saanchi out and invites her for party.

Ankita calls Police from Saanchi’s cell and address herself as Saanchi Goel. She informs the police about Arvind coming to their house at 7:30 pm. Dhruv is seen coming towards the room. Suparna looks tensed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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