Jee Le Zara 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 30th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi asking Advait to have breakfast. He says he will have it in the canteen. Prachi says she wants to lose weight before her marriage and is dieting. Nani wonders where is Aaji? Saanchi says she might be upset with me. Dhruv comes and says Dilshaad selected some hairstyles for you all. Dilshaad says she will take care of everyone looks. She asks Dhruv to show Saanchi her look. Dhruv shows the wrong page of the magazine and Saanchi is shocked to see the dog’s pics. Dhruv then shows her some hairstyle photo and asks her to try this hair style. he says you looks pretty in this hair style and your features will be clear as well. Saanchi says she will think about it but right now she have to think about Aaji as she is angry with her. Nani says she might have

indigestion. Saanchi sends Prachi and tells Nani that she asked for her jewellery from Aaji for Prachi’s marriage. She asks nani to try to understand Aaji. Nani says she isn’t understanding. Nani says Aaji is not angry but sad. Dhruv looks on.

Dhruv and Nani comes to Aaji and Dhruv says conspiracy is going on against you. He says Nani selected some design and will give her tough competition. Aaji says that hair style won’t look good. Aaji asks them to go. Nani says she won’t leave her at this time. Nani says Saanchi needs the jewellery and requests her to give the jewellery. Aaji says she won’t give on any insistence and says it is not jewellery but dreams. She has seen the dream of Saanchi’s marriage and giving jewellery means giving away the dreams. Nani says Saanchi will get marry soon and someone will love her and not her jewellery. He will get jewellery for Saanchi. Dhruv looks on and thinks something. Nani asks Dhruv to speak. Dhruv says Nani is right. He tries to make Aaji smiles. Saanchi looks at them and is in tears. She says she would have send nani and Dhruv to her as she is hungry and didn’t have breakfast. Saanchi makes her eat. Aaji smiles. Saanchi says she will go to the jeweller and sell off the jewellery. Dhruv asks how much money you will be getting. Saanchi says she didn’t talk to the jeweller yet. Nani asks her to select her hairstyle. Dhruv asks her to try that new hairstyle. Saanchi says she can’t try to look beautiful. Dhruv says you are indeed very beautiful. Saanchi tells him to joke and flirt with Aaji and Nani and not with her as she is older.

Saanchi binds her hairs while the saawarlun song plays. Dhruv comes and signs that her hair style is good. Saanchi smiles and leaves in her jeep. Saanchi comes to the jeweller, looks at the jewellery and recalls how her mom said that she will make her wear this jewellery on her wedding day. Saanchi tells the jewellery that she wants to sell it. Saanchi feels sorry and says she couldn’t wear it and thanks her Aayi for the jewellery. Dilshaad says she will do everyone makeup. Saanchi says she brought the clothes and gives it to Aaji and nani. She then calls for Prachi. Advait binds her eyes and prachi brings clothes for Saanchi. Nani says Dhruv has won. Advait says Dhruv says that you will like this dress. Saanchi likes the dress. She asks Dhruv, Dhruv says he know it is for you only. Nani says we got it for you. Saanchi gets Mugdha’s calls and she says she will reach office soon. Prachi asks her to stay at home. Saanchi says she has so much work to do.

Sunil’s mom comes there, Prachi goes inside seeing her. Sunil’s mom asks whether the preparation started for them. Prachi comes and greets her. Sunil’s mom asks whether they got the jewellery and asks them to get new designs jewellery. She asks about Saanchi. Aaji says she is in office. Sunil’s mom asks what is Saanchi’s age. Aaji hesitantly says 34. Sunil mom says she was thinking about Saanchi’s marriage. She says she has one cousin who is still unmarried, he is settled. She says his name is Rishi. Ulka kaki says it is a good idea. Aaji asks about the groom. Sunil’s mom says he is 45 years old. Ulka kaki says age is not the problem. Sunil’s mom tells them to think about the proposal and she will talk to her brother. She gives lectures to Prachi then and leaves. Ulka says they will talk with Saanchi. Aaji says it is not easy to talk to Saanchi. Prachi says she knows, who can talk to Saanchi.

Nani and Aaji comes to Dhruv and hesitates to tell Dhruv. Dhruv asks them to say. Nani says Sunil’s mom brings some marriage proposal for Saanchi. Dhruv is shocked. They asks Dhruv to talk to her. Dhruv says no, he can’t talk to her as it is her personal matter. Nani says she is getting aged. Nani says that guy is 45 and the proposal seems good. Aaji and Nani says he might be good. Dhruv is still unconvinced and says it is impossible. Nani says Saanchi didn’t know about guys and they have to find out the guy for her. Aaji asks Dhruv to convince Saanchi to marry. Dhruv says he will try. Nani and Aaji gets happy. Dhruv thinks they are right and thinks about Vishwas sayings that he lost his heart to Saanchi. Dhruv thinks he will make Saanchi say yes and will prove that Saanchi is just his friend.

Dhruv tries to agree Saanchi to meet the guy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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