Jee Le Zara 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 30th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv asking Saanchi to confess her love for him. Saanchi leaves without saying a word. Dilshaad asks, where were you? Dhruv says his wallet got stolen and he went to the police station. And they send him here. Dilshaad says they were very afraid. Dhruv tells Dilshaad that he is absolutely fine and head back to work. Saanchi comes back home, Aaji asks about Dhruv. Saanchi says he is fine. Aaji says she did the mannat for him as he is their kid. Saanchi recalls hugging Dhruv and thinks she has gone mad. Dhruv is very happy and says Saanchiji confess her feelings. Dhruv says he wants to go to her and tell the truth.

Saanchi thinks she shall tell the truth and is going to Dhruv’s home. Dhruv comes to her home, Saanchi says she didn’t mean it and said

everything as she is scared. Dhruv says he saw her fears. Saanchi says she feels concern for everyone. Dhruv says you are lying. He holds her hand and says your heart beat have increased for me. What about that. It beats for me and only me. Saanchi asks him to go. Dhruv asks her to say I love you. Dhruv says but you heart beat, breath, eyes speaks the truth and your mouth says lies. Prachi comes home, Saanchi asks about Sunil. Prachi says he went somewhere and says she will relax. Saanchi thinks she is hiding. Dhruv says Prachi needs you at the moment and leaves.

Prachi gets Sunil’s call but she disconnects. Saanchi comes and asks her to say the truth. prachi asks, can’t she come home? Saanchi says it is your home and you can stay here as long as you want. Prachi says Sunil went suddenly and she planned to come here. She says she wants to sleep now. Sunil calls again and she disconnects the call.

At the dining table, Saanchi is lost in thoughts. Aaji asks, did Suman had food? Saanchi says yes. Aaji asks her to eat properly. Saanchi says she is thinking something. Sunil calls again but Prachi doesn’t pick the call. Aaji asks her about her trip. Prachi gets angry. Advait hears Dhruv’s playing guitar and says he is fun loving, Saanchi have the dinner.

Pradeep is talking to someone and says that Saanchi is making the documents failing our plans. Builder asks him to do the work and find a way out. Deepali asks him, what is the matter?

Advait tells Aaji to asks simple thing from God. pradeep comes and says you are always demanding from God and Saanchi. He speaks badly with her and says Saanchi will not get marry. he says my aaji is speaking in her favour. He says when the opposition party can vanish the papers then think what they can do? He asks her to stop Saanchi else…Aaji is shocked.

Aaji and Advait returns back home and are tensed. Saanchi asks Advait, about the happenings. she asks Aaji, why she is serious? Aaji says she had done something. Saanchi asks, what she has done? Aaji says you asked for the duplicate copy of the land. She asks him to return the land to pradeep and says they don’t want that land else you have to see my dead face. Saanchi is shocked.

Saanchi is selecting a saree for her. Dhruv selects some saree. Saanchi tries that saree by putting on her. Dhruv comes and says she looks good in every saree. Saanchi says she mistakenly chose the saree. Dhruv says it is love..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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