Jee Le Zara 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 2nd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rishi coming to Saanchi and gives her the lost earrings. He tells her that it had fallen when you bump into me. Saanchi says sorry and thanks him. He says pleasure is mine. Sunil’s mom and greets him. She tells Saanchi that he is the one. They greets each other while Dhruv feels bad. Sunil’s mom introduces him to Aaji and Nani. Dilshaad looks at Rishi and says he is so handsome and introduces herself to Rishi. Meanwhile Saanchi, Aaji and nani are talking with Rishi, Dhruv feels restless. Dhruv then dances on the song Salame Ishq. Saanchi too dances on the song. Prachi joins them but sensing her inlaws presence, she goes back to her place. Rishi joins Saanchi, much to Dhruv sadness. Dhruv bumps into the waiter and he gets hurt on his hand. Dhruv says he will

pick the broken glass pieces but Saanchi says waiter will do it. Dhruv gets wound on his hand.

Saanchi rushes to him and says she will apply the medicines as blood is flowing out. Dhruv refuses but she takes him with her. She tells him that he is a kid, he should have taken care. Dhruv says he is not a kid but it is just that he was thinking something. Dilshaad comes and asks her to go. Dhruv tells her to go. Dilshaad says she will put the bandage. Saanchi leaves. Dilshaad asks Dhruv, are you fine. Dhruv nods.

Meanwhile Rishi is staring at Saanchi. Sunil’s sister comes and teases him for staring at Saanchi. He asks her when she is returning to US. She says after Sunil’s wedding. She asks him, whether he likes Saanchi. He says he will talk to his sister. He looks adorably at Saanchi.

Pradeep and Deepali comes, Saanchi greets them. She introduces them to Sunil’s family. Advait asks Saanchi, whether to tell the caterer to serve food. Saanchi go to the caterer. Sunil’s mom asks Prachi to serve the plate to Sunil.

Dhruv looks at Saanchi and thinks Rishi will keep you happy, my happiness lies in your happiness then why I am not happy? Sunil’s mom gives instructions to Prachi to hold her pallu and takes the blessings of the elders.

Sunil’s relative comes and Saanchi introduces her family. She introduces Dhruv as their neighbour. She asks relatives are not much, and she is meeting the neighbours only. Ulka gets angry, Dilshaad calm her down. Sunil’s mom asks Prachi that she didn’t see her relatives. Dhruv excuses himself.

Nani and Aaji are serving the food. Rishi comes and says he will serve the food and asks them to sit and have food. Aaji says they will do but he insists. Nani asks Rishi about his work. Rishi says he have small business. Advait says he is also a flying pilot. Nani tells him that Advait will bother you. Rishi says he will handle him. Meanwhile Dhruv feels lost. Dilshaad asks Rishi about him. Dhruv asks her to sit beside him and he shifts to the other chair. He looks at everyone smiling. Aaji asks Saanchi to show the farm to Rishi.

Meanwhile Rishi is talking to Saanchi. He says lets go. Dhruv feels bad looking at their closeness as Saanchi bangles entangle with Rishi’s suit. Dilshaad again tells Dhruv that he is so handsome. Rishi tells Saanchi that he dislikes strawberries. Saanchi tells him that her family and farm is very important for her. He asks her to open her hairs as it looks good on her. Dhruv looks at them and tears roll down on his cheeks. Dhruv remembers telling Saanchi to bind her hairs.

Dhruv says this is not right. Dilshaad says Saanchi knows right and wrong and asks him, why he is worried.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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