Jee Le Zara 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 29th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sanchi realises she is imagining DV..! She keeps her hair open and rues what is wrong with her! Sanchi goes to the jeep and sees DV standing near it! She says.. not again. .what is happening to me? She prays.. go ..go from here! She closes her eyes..! She opens them but DV is still standing in front of her! She goes to get on the jeep! DV says hi ..says.. leaving early? Din sleep whole nite..! Sanchi says have work! DV says..coz of work or coz u wanna run from me? Sanchi stays mum and gets in the jeep! Sanchi says he is ok.. and back to babbling! DV asks should i fall sick again? Sanchi says no..and then realises and keeps mum! DV says came to say thank u.. Sanchi says say thanks to Doc! DV says.. he did.. but she fed him ..held his hand.. n put patti.. so thank u ..! Sanchi

says no need to say so much that u fall sick again! DV says if this is the way to spend time with u. .may i fall sick every nite! Sanchi doesnt react..! She starts the jeep and leaves! DV wishes goodbye to her! DVs moby rings.. its his mom..! She chides him for not calling her..! DV says.. my sweetheart is different from others.. she is caring and patient! His mom asks if he will come to meet her? She says he had gone for 10 days and its been 2 months! DV Says stuck with some important work! She says he had gone for vacations.. then where did this work come from? Come is empty without u! DV says. .better shop and fill up the house! She asks if there is some tension with his dad? DV says. .no..! He says will bring some surprise gift for u! She says no.. just u..come back! DV says smile for me.. n she smiles! He says. .my good girl..!

Part 2

Farm workers come at the office! They say wanna meet Sanchi! Sanchi asks the matter? They say we know that she has lost the land but now what?? Sanchi says we have to leave the land! The worker says.. if this land is gone..what will we do? The others say.. since her father ..they have been working there.. what will they do? Sanchi says losing land does not mean stopping to work.. will transfer to industry… for jam making..! She says if not strawberry..we can make jam from other fruits..! ‘Aabhi tak nahi aab kyun rukenge?’ They say.. u take care of us like kids..God bless! They leave from there!

Addu comes and says came to search for DV .. since he comes here often! He says Dils is worried.. his phone is switched.. off and he is missing! Ulka says something is wrong..where is DV since morning? Aaji-Nani are worried too and pray for his safety! Sanchi comes home and says will make tea! Ulka says guess DV is gone..! Something is wrong! Sanchi says dunno what all u say! We will find out where he is..! Maybe he has gone back home ..he was unwell..! Her cell rings. .its Dils and she says.. there is bad news.. please come fast! Sanchi asks what happened? Dils is in tears..! Dils says.. someone called from Police Station .. they found DVs wallet near a young boys dead body! Sanchi is shocked! Dils says.. they are saying its hit and run case and have called us for identification! Sanchi runs..! Sanchi-Dils arrive at the hospital …! Dils says hit and run case! Nurse says. bodies kept in morgue for identification! Dils-Sanchi walk towards the morgue..! Cops ask them to identify the body n say body is in bad state..! Dils breaksdown.. Sanchi is shocked and in tears too..! They come near the body ! Dils breaksdown completely..!

Part 3

The cop starts to lift the cover from the body..! Sanchi says stop ..i cant do this..! She runs from there! She breaksdown ..! Cop asks Dils to do the identification! Sanchi keeps remembering DV ..and cries..! Dils looks at the body and cries some more! DV comes there at the hosp..! He walks towards Sanchi..! Dils is relieved realising the bdoy is not DV..!

Sanchi is in tears..! DV comes to her..and turns her around with his hand on her shoulder! Sanchi hugs him tightly ..and says.. thank God.. ur safe..! She hugs him some more! DV hugs her back.! Sanchi says dun go anywhere.. leaving me.. dun wanna lose u..! They are both hugging…! BG – Mehsoos karti ho man hi man. kyun kaha jaye na.. kehne ki koi zarurat nahi.. ye kaha jaye na..! Sanchi smiles some more..! She says Thank God.. tum mil gaye! DV says Thank God ..aap mujhe mil gai! Sanchi says now dun go anywhere! Dils comes and hears.. DV say. .now that u have expressed ur will i go! Sanchi realises what has happened.. and is panic stricken.! She walks away from him ..! DV asks what is wrong? DV says why are u shying away from the truth? U support truth. .why scared of it? He says please say it.. what u din say yet..! DV says ur tears said.. but u din.. my heart heard ..what u din say urself.. please say it..! Sanchi runs from there!

Precap — Sanchi says what she said was not love only concern..! DV says saw what was in ur heart ..that is what u expressed! Sanchi says no! DV holds her arm and says.. ur heartbeats increase.. when i hold ur hand. and they increase only for me!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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